The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 46


Working in the office without Adaah felt like a punishment to me. I felt her unlikely in not coming to office till 11.00 am. She never misuses her power of being the boss’s girl friend. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I cancelled all my meetings and ordered my secretary not to disturb me till tomorrow morning. Jumping into the car I drove straight to my home. To my flaring anxiety I found her nowhere in the house. I began pulsating as dangerous thoughts about her history began to overpower me. I called the police and filed a missing complaint about her. Ringing up her friends brought me with no fruitful result. My pressure was increasing with each passing minute. I immediately dialed the security and put the engine on fire to search for her in every nook and corner of the city. It was already 10 in the night and the worst scenarios began to play in my already clogging brain. Oh God please help me.

Pacing in one of the balcony’s of her flat I was charging on one of the security of his incapability in tracing her when I could hear footsteps inside. Our eyes meet and my orbs twinkle like a 100 watts candle. Seeing Adaah at that moment felt like a welcoming rain after years of famine. But she had to be questioned for her careless attitude. Doesn’t she know that she has to inform me or Maria about her whereabouts? I reprimand answers from her.

Her behavior towards me felt weird in the first glimpse itself. She was utterly impolite in answering me back making me absolutely perplexed with her attitude. Finally I take a hold of the rope and give the answer to her question about which I was dreading to reply since quite some time. “I am the husband yours.”


I felt short of words in answering Ajit back. Unable to believe my own ears I stare at him tongue tied thoroughly intrigued. After a few minutes I recollect myself and felt responding him as I understand, he holds a position in my life. Yes, I am now all the more determined I need replies to all my questions. “I was in one of the parks of the city.” I give him a rejoinder and he was not a least pleased with my reply.

I look at him to the eyes and then my vision scrolls down to his shirt buttons. Somehow I had an untamed urge to play with them. I know it was my eeriness. Something my hands were itching to do since the beginning in easing me to extract a response from him. Why was he with that woman in the office when he is already married to me? Yes I agree, I lost all the memories about our beautiful past and that situation might have torn him to bits but it doesn’t give him the leverage of cheating on me. Isn’t it?

Instantaneously he moves forward enabling me to play with his buttons. He understands me minutely knowing my inner most secrets. I bite my lip to hear him say. ”Certain things never change. Though you lost your memory, your habits and requirements remain the same little girl.” Holding my wrist with one of his hands, he tips my chin upwards with his finger of the other to look at him. “What do you need, baby girl?” He asks me endearingly. His tone felt like a melody, the one that holds towards a child. I meet his gaze and mutter. “Answers”

He narrows his optics unable to understand my question “Answers?” He repeats my question. “Why were you intimate with that woman in the office?” I ask him pouting over my lips. He tugs a few traces behind my ear. “Jealous?” He asks me with a teasing smile tipping his head down to look at me. His eyes were filled with warmth and affection.

“I was not cheating on you little girl. I would never do that for; you are the most important person in my life.” His declaration brought butterflies dancing in my stomach and I peer at him with a shy smile. “Half knowledge is always dangerous my Angel.” He dips his head down continuing to hold my wrist and kisses my cheek. My whole body went on fire as soon as his lips made their contact with my body. It is only a kiss on the cheek Kyaara...Get your head out of the drainage. My conscience intervenes.

His looks then turn serious. Tipping his finger up, he teaches me. “Baby girl, the one thing which is most essential for a successful relationship is ‘trust’. You have to trust me for what I am and vice-versa.” Rubbing my cheeks mildly with the pads of his thumbs, he holds my head in his large, warm hands and spiel doleful. “When you were any how watching us, you should have observed till the finish and saw that I turned her down.”

I was illuminated by his response “You did?” I ask him in mirth unable to find my own voice. He nods and pulls me to a jubilant hug. “She was one of the fb’s I held in the past.” I pull myself out of his embrace and face him quizzical. “What is an fb?” He gives me a soft smile. “I have to congratulate myself for bringing you up so innocent. But this is unfortunately not the time to celebrate my brought-up and your naivety.” His features held stoicism. ‘Fb’ stands for a fuck buddy.”

I look at him stone cold. “You...” My words trail off in air unable to believe what I just heard. He brings me back to an ebullient hug and runs a hand on my lose tresses comforting me. “I am very sorry for hurting you so much baby girl. Regrettably I cannot change my past but I was and am always truthful to you since the day you entered my life.” He answers me with sincerity in his voice. “I don’t hold any feelings for the women I had sex in the past. It was always an erotic sex with no strings attached. Rihaana was one among them. I never cheated on you because I stopped all my coitus dealings with woman the moment I met you.” He declared with confidence in his voice.

My lips unknowingly turn to an inverted ‘u’. Suppressing my exploding tears, I start rubbing my eyes trying to hide my shreds doing which I was barely successful. “But she still manages to sit upon you.” I complain like a five year old kid of losing his pencil to his teacher. “That is a place which belongs only to me.” I point to his lap puckering my lips out. “Jealous?” He asks and chortles kissing my temple. Slowly his arms encircle around my waist. “Baby please don’t cry...” He beseeches me. “l am sorry. Things like that will never ever happen in our lives. I promise.” I raise my head and look into his eyes. They were red and I realize if I was crying he was breaking too.

He wipes away my tears tenderly and then.... I find my lips being encased in his. Crackles burst my extant. The room fills with the sweet sounds of his kisses and my moans. I lay there stationed in his arms inhaling his masculine scent, absorbed by his compassionate touches and felt the earth stop rotating.

Can there be a better place for me than this in this world?

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