The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 47


“You thought of running away from me?” He asks me tenderly with his vision directed to my cheeks. Nibbling my cherubs benignly with his long slender fingers, his eyes meet mine. They were red with moisture which held so much affection and pain. “I am sorry.” I mumble with my hands on his firm chest. Tears brim my optics for hurting him so much without knowing the facts. I rise to my tippy toes trying to reach him encapsulated by his muscled arms. My hands cup his bushy cheeks as I plant tender kisses on his hairy plumps, nose and chin. He gives me an enamored smile knowing what I was going to do next. “Let’s go home before we end up in the bed here.” He speaks in a rugged tone pulling me out of the flat.

He drives us to the mansion within fifteen minutes. Heat pools in the lower part of my body, a prolepsis of erotic thoughts cloud my libidinal mind as soon as we reach our bedroom. Ajit opens the closet and pulls out a small box. A beautiful black beads chain comes into view as he uncovers the lid. “This belongs to you. I had to remove it when you were supposed to get operated.” He told me with doleful orbs gazing at me. Turning me around, he locks the chain to my neck and then looks at me through the mirror. His eyes were filled with unlocked devotion. Opening the lid of a small red diamond box sitting on the bed he exhales a heavy breath as though he was absolved from impassioned strings and smears the sindhoor (red powder) on my forehead. As his eyes train to my temple, a soft smile begins to surface on his thin lips with appreciation. “You now look more beautiful, my little wife, married and mine.” He whispers to himself stressing the last three words. Holding my upper arms firmly he brings me closer to his carved chest. Brushing away the soft tendrils on my frons with the pads of his thumbs he looks at me with so much of care and kisses my brow in satisfaction.

“Dress up in this while I shower.” He places a sexy black dress on the bed. I take a quick shower in the room next and apply minimal make-up wondering where he was going to take me at this late hour. After a few minutes he comes out of the steaming bathroom. His towel was dangerously low exposing his sexy loins to his inviting abs and his muscular chest. Wetness caved my lower region just by looking at him. My heart thumps hard as I try to compose it from his lush mien.

He towel dries his hair and applies a gel on his thick mane. His virile scent fills my nostrils making my nerves go titillating. Dressing in a plain sky blue shirt and grey sweat pants his apparel was incredibly sexy with the first two buttons of his dress shirt undone. “Come I will take you to a beautiful place I know.” He suggests me thoughtfully pulling me out of the room. “Where do you think we can go?” I ask him softly unsatisfied with his decision as I look down at my much revealing attire.

He gives me still smiles with his eyes twinkling in happiness. “I am possessive about you more than you can imagine baby girl. Nobody is going to see you in that dress other than me.” His eyes point to my attire in getting me assured and then walks me to the vast garden of our back lawn. A few steps further we were in front of an artificial pond in the midst of long lush green trees. Beside the pond was a bed made with cream color linens and a blanket to cover ourselves. I sit on the platform built around the pond with him beside me. The ambience was amorous with the enchanting fragrance of flowers blooming around. I play with the water in the pond. It was beautiful with attractive lotus flowers scattered everywhere. I look at the reflection of our rings with our hands placed beside one another. The mirroring of the full moon image alongside made the picture more amatory if it was possible.

I turn to my handsome husband, and rest my hands on his strong chest. Closing my eyes in admiration, I enjoy the feel of his hairy skin under my soft holds. Moving my hands sensually on his massive chest, I trace my palms on his well defined abs and muscled arms. Inhaling a heavy breath he stops me to explore him further when I open my eyes and meet his enigmatic browns.

My husband cups my cheek zealously in his warm hands and kisses me with vigor. My hands grip his soft hair in anticipation for more. He traces the seam of my lips with the tip of his tongue and then slips it inside exploring every corner of my mouth. Our tongues swirl and turn fighting for dominance. My body shudders by his pleasuring touches. Moving forward my fingers move on his chiseled jaw and then trail to his lower lip tracing the brim of his luscious rims with my forefinger. My optics now filled in the want of coition, a thirst of copulation and an ultimate necessity of fornication which only he can satisfy.

As if in a reflex he pulls down the strap of my sexy black dress. I wasn’t putting on any bra as the dress was hugging my body like a second skin. One of my bristols go exposed to him. His sharp eyes gaze at me with hunger. Slowly lifting up his arms, he rolls his finger on my pinkish brown buds making them hard because of an arising passion. He sucks, rubs and nibs each one of them after pleasing the other giving them individually an undivided attention. “You have perfect breasts baby girl.” He complements me.

I unbutton his shirt hastily while he frees my dress of my body leaving me only on my black thong. He lifts me to the cot and leans me to the head board while he places himself opposite to me. One of his legs was stretched completely on the bed while the other was folded to the knee. Pulling my legs apart he pulls my thong beside and slips his finger inside me while rubbing my clit. I close my eyes enjoying the feel of his fingers. Appreciating his soft caresses, I squeal out his name in electrifying moans as I reach the peaks of pleasure. My legs stay part facilitating him, as he licks me in the centre of feminism. My liquids drip giving him the encouragement to explore me more.

I then pull out his pants along with boxers. Stroking his shaft a few times his member stands erect giving me the license to pleasure ‘him’ more. Tracing my finger on his rosy tip he holds soft groans in gratification. Holding his ‘long’ in my soft hands I place it in my mouth and move my lips up and down in delectation. He closes his eyes in rapture holding my head in his strong arms while I try to please myself exploring his manhood.

After a while of a heavenly make-out in the serenity of nature under the gentle moonlight he grunts jerking off inside my mouth. Pulling me to a hug he inserts his member inside my vagina laying me down on the soft mattress. His shaft digs deep inside me and pulls in and out in vibrant moves. Moans of pleasure leave my lips in trails while he growls my name in contentment. After a few more penetrations and long sexual exercise both of us reach our peaks and he spills his seeds inside me.

Next day morning


The incessant ringing of the alarm clock on the bedside table wakes me up from the deep slumber. Last night was a lot of exertion for me and my little girl. Yet it was the best steamy night we had after our marriage. My eyes gaze at the beauty sleeping beside me. The kinky business left my little girl completely tired. Her legs gave up and I carry her back to our mansion from the woods. Even after reaching our bedroom we were still filled with undying hunger so we did a series of make-out sessions sometimes in the bathroom, bedroom and even in the kitchen when I went to the fridge to get us some water to drink.

Finally we retired to bed. My angel was reluctant to put on a night dress as she was already worn out. I covered her curvy body with a blanket. Tomorrow before the servants enter she can dress and continue to sleep if she wants to rests further. Turning beside I watch my angel’s comforter slip down a bit as I steal a look at her perfectly shaped perky breasts.

Her pointed pink and brownish nipples were pleading me for an attention and I couldn’t wish to deny them anymore. I flip my finger on her rosy buds and when I was still unsatisfied, I latch my lips to them sucking them like a baby. My angel moves a bit and opens her beautiful grey eyes to meet mine. Her fingers move to my soft hairs giving me a facile entry to seek more of her bosom. After enjoying her teats ones more to my satisfaction, I give her a peck on her sweet plump lips and mumble a good morning. Just as I was about to speak further, she cups her mouth with her hand and staggers to the bathroom.

My eyes turn quizzical in an instance and my legs tail her to the washroom. After emptying the contents of her belly into the pot she cleans her mouth and turns to me with dreading eyes.

My body goes stiff. “Are you pregnant?”

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