The Sinful Seduction

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Her hands were trembling with fear trying to reach me as she extends her vibrating hands forward. I understood my stiff expression was bringing her more into agitation. To ease her, I bring her closer to my chest and leap my hands around her for a comforting hug.

I run my hands on her loose tresses and ask her in my soft voice. “Baby girl are you pregnant? Did you get yourself checked?” She lets out tears which instantly cover her fragile cheeks with marks of shreds. Her eyes were turning red afflicting exertion. “Ajit I am sorry. I came to know about my pregnancy a few days back but I was worried to let you know the news as we always practiced protection yet I became pregnant.” Her breaking words shatter my heart to segments. “I don’t want to abort this child Ajit, though it was unplanned.” She urges me in her pleading voice.

I pull her delicate body more into me and lift her head tenderly to match mine. “Who told you that I did not plan for a child? I am on the verge of crossing thirty one I want a child, heir for Arihant group of Industries as early as possible.”

“But you...” I did not let her complete putting my finger on her lips. We did not practice protection all the times that we mated. Last month when we made love it was without protection as my condom broke while pleasuring you. Both of us were so absorbed in ecstasy that I did not bother to wrap us back and moreover I wanted a child as early as possible. Now that you are recouping and back to health, it is the best thing to happen.” I declared to her.

Later that day we went to visit the doctor and she confirmed Adaah’s expectancy. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I pulled my little wife to a hug and then lifted her in my arms. Swaying her around in the hospital room with a huge smile crossing my face, our happiness was very contagious. Adaah’s doctor and even the hospital staff were clapping, smiling widely in our merry making moment.

After that day I took utmost care in protecting my wife. Somehow I wasn’t still able to get over our past. There was a tinge of anxiousness even when everything is right. The mafia no longer exists and Adaah’s life is completely safe now yet when I think of her pregnancy it strains me to fretfulness.

As days passed by Adaah was able to recover her memory though she was still not able to recollect about her abortion because of the state of coma she was in. I am happy to note that it is a blessing in disguise for her. Holding fears and tensions during pregnancy can affect the growth of the child.

One day as we were sitting in our bedroom balcony watching the chirping of birds at the dawn of a spring morning, my wife turns to me and speaks “Ajit you are euphoric to have heir for Arihant Industries. What if we have a daughter first instead of a son?” I chortle at her inquisitiveness. “Then I will welcome my princess staying equally hearty. I don’t think I have to learn anything new as I am already prowess in rising up one.” I snigger in jesting her off. “How come?” She asks me while tapping her finger on her chin. So adorable that she looks doing that.

She is too innocent in finding the answer for my statement. Lifting her off from the chair which was placed beside mine, I pull her to my lap and nib on her cheeks. Then it finally strikes her. Her eyes turn wide in realization as she faces me squarely.

It was a complete entertainment looking at her reaction, so ambrosial and lovely. Taking all my energy to suppress a smile I look at her in amatory. “You are laughing at me?” She challenges excoriating all her daintiness. “A husband doesn’t have a right to gibe on his wife.” She declares in her savory voice making me raise an eyebrow enjoying all her perkiness. “And again you called me a child when I am going to be a mother of one.” She accuses which dawns a spirited smile on my lips.

Ten years later

“Daddy Aniketh is always intrusive on my school matters. He is again changing into an over controlling brother in the presence of my friends. They keep teasing me that I am his puppet and he is my possessive bodyguard.” My six year old daughter Akshara whines rubbing her eyes which welled tears.” I pick my cute little daughter into my arms holding a smile. She is a drama queen just like her mom so innocent and captivating. Her small curly pig tails swaying on either side were making her more adorable. I hold her head and pull her face closer to my lips to kiss her chubby cheeks.

I look down at my nine year son Aniketh full of pride who is smarter than his age. He is the most intelligent student of his class and always grabs the first mark in all his subjects. The teachers shower us with praising for him whenever we go to a PTA. I am pleased of him always. He is a replica of me both in personality as well as the features except for the grey eyes which he inherited from his mother.

He was least disturbed by his sister’s tantrums. Doing a science project on genetics it is his ambition to become a doctor. “Daddy Aarav is a play boy. He again tried to act naughty with Akshara to kiss her. I just taught him the lesson he needed for meddling with my sister.” Aniketh sits straight and answers me firmly doing the activity he was allotted.

I see myself in my son. I don’t have to worry about my daughter’s future. He will take care of it. While I was analyzing the situation in hand my daughter who was still in my arms turns my face forcefully towards her and gives me her puppy eyes. She kisses me on my cheek and whines so cutely “daddy”. She surely knows the ways to turn me to a puppet of hers. But my son is smarter. He never grumbles or craves for an attention unlike my daughter. Before I could utter any words, he lifts himself up and faces me. “Daddy I will handle my sister.” He gives me a confirmed answer.

“Aksh, get down of daddy’s arms and come with me to your room.” My son commands his little sister in his ruling voice. As though under a spell, without saying a word my daughter slips from my arms obeying her older brother. Gone were all the tantrums she held a while ago. No sooner her feet touch the floor my son holds her small hands in his slightly larger ones and pulls her to her bedroom.

I am still under the confusion of what happened inside when my son comes out of the bedroom within a few minutes. Holding Akshara’s hand just the way he took her inside, they get back to the reading room. My daughter sits besides my son like an obedient tot with her books on the study table as though nothing happened. A sense of pride holds my mind. My son is capable of handling everything including my daughter’s fussing howls and the vast empire of Arihant group of Industries.

Just then Adaah comes out of the kitchen wiping her hands on the apron. “Guys dinner is ready. Let’s finish the meal and watch the movie we planned today.” She cheers looking at each one of us with expectation. While Aniketh was teaching mathematics to Akshara I walk towards my wife. “I know what that look says.” My wife beams once she catches my gaze reaching the kitchen. We stroll to one of the corners of the cooking room and I start kissing my wife passionately. She moans in excitement and speaks “I think we have to cancel the movie plan for today.”

This is my life full of surprises, bliss, happiness and prosperity. We finish our dinner and I usher my beautiful wife to the bedroom to continue what we paused in the kitchen a while ago.

The End

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