The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 7


Like every day I got up in the morning to go to the school but the thought of seeing Harsh disturbed my peace of mind. I could not sleep yesterday because of the things I faced because of the dirty despoiler. Ajit was with me all the night trying to soothe me of the pain the defiler had caused. He dropped me in the school teaching me the ways of self protection and bravery which every girl had to imbibe having reached a certain age.

Soon it was the time for the assembly and our principal greeted us. Then there was an announcement. We were informed about the unexpected death of our school mate Harsh and the missing evidence of his friend Arun. As soon as I hear the enchanting news my eyes twinkle in happiness. I was making a merry dance in my mind that finally I got rid of the pervert and his companion.

I went home in euphoric mood and was restlessly waiting for Ajit to share the glee. As soon as he stepped inside the mansion, I ran to his arms and hugged him tight to break the cheerful news. He looked down at me with a smile and ran a hand on my head by pulling me to his middle. Kneeling down to me he kissed my cheek and listened to everything that I spoke with patience. Nevertheless sensing the way he reacted I was more than sure that he already knew about the news. However I brushed my thoughts away and enjoyed the whole day watching my favourite movies ‘Repunzel’ and ‘Cinderella’.

Three months later....

Ajit’s birthday is just a month ahead and I want to buy something useful for him. Though I think of many ways of gifting him I still do not find an idea on the methods to earn money. As I think of the various options available to me, something strikes. A few days ago there was an announcement in the school. Students willing, can volunteer help to the disabled children and as well earn money. I felt it as a welcoming opportunity to realize my plan and decided with the help of writing notes to a physically handicapped student who lost her right arm in an accident.

Within a month I was successful in earning the money I required. I used to stay awake late in the night and complete her works. Ajit caught me writing a few times and reprimanded an answer but I swayed the topic away holding an excuse of incomplete work.

Today I bought different colours of wool from a nearby market and started knitting a sweater for my ‘most precious person’. I knew knitting since I was six years old. My mom used to knit sweaters and gift them on charity. Both my parents were orphans and faced a tough life residing in children’s home so my mother used to knit sweaters and gift them to old people and children to help them in winters. Delhi’s winters are very severe and I know Ajit doesn’t have many sweaters. Whenever he is supposed to go out he pulls out a jerkin. I wanted to gift him something different and useful.


Finally it’s his birthday today. I went to his bedroom and nuzzled my head on his chest. He kisses my head and whispers groggily “Baby Girl you are up early in the morning, it is Sunday today and you can sleep for some more time.” I shake my head in reciprocal and sing to him a happy birthday song. His eyes open abruptly to my greeting and immediately he sits up erect squating on the bed. Pulling me by my stomach he gets me to his lap and rubs his eyes to get rid of sleep. Then he murmurs softly, “baby, you sing beautiful.” He kisses my cheek. “How do you know today is my birthday?” He asks me pushing away the hairs falling on my face. My eyes beam in excitement and I pull out of his lap. Jumping out of the bed I squeal in animation “I have my ways” and run out of the room. “Careful” he shouts behind me and stands out of the bed to take a shower.

Later that morning both of us eat the breakfast filled with laughter and cheer. I made it a point to apprise Maria of the special dinner menu. I couldn’t afford a costly restaurant for his birthday. But I ordered his favorite Black Forest cake. I invited his mother and sister for dinner to make his day more lively. I know he would feel very happy once he gets to see them. After we complete our breakfast with his favourite menu prepared by Maria, I try to pull him out of the seat with my little hands which are far much smaller than his to drag him to the bedroom where I placed his gift.

He shakes his head smiling amused by my childish deeds and finally pulls off his seat to my relief. “You bought a gift for me ‘little girl’?” He asks me clearly surprised. I nod my head answering his question and his eyes glisten in glee. “Now I understand how you got the money. Didn’t you work late nights to earn this?” His eyes point to the present. Shimmering in joy he unfolds the offering and tells it to himself in a whisper “you knit the sweater for me.” Hugging me to his belly he speaks with an emotion “you shouldn’t have taken so many efforts to knit it.” I wrap my hand around his torso and he pulls me more to him and both of us stay like that for I don’t know how long.

Later that night we have a hearty dinner with his family and as I predicted his joy knew no bounds. He cuts the cake and pulls me and his little sister to his lap kissing our cheeks. That night, he was putting on the sweater I knitted for him and underneath it he wore the shirt his sister purchased.

I could see happiness radiating his mother’s eyes as she spoke “I make a note from today forward you have not one but two sisters who care for you so much.”

Within seconds the spark in his eyes was lost and I could clearly see there was something up which I clearly couldn’t assimilate.

Dear Readers,
Oops! How is the twist given by Ajit’s mom?

Does Ajit love Adaah in a sisterly way like his Mom thinks or his love is like the love of a man towards his girlfriend?

I also request my readers through this chapter please be helpful to the physically challenged.

Thank you all for following my novel.

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