The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 8


Adaah was ecstatic once she came to know about the death of Harsh. The idiot had the guts to touch my ‘little girl’. Imagining the lecher’s hands on ‘my girl’ makes my blood boil even now. She didn’t know I had ordered my men to kill him and keep his friend locked up for years to come. The leeches had to suffer the consequences of man handling ‘my girl’.

Two days after.......

Tomorrow I have a charity ball to attend with a ‘date’. A year back situation was different. I would pick any random girl to such function and then end on the bed. Tots clung to my arms like magnets and fantasized to be my date. But now l am not attracted to any such deeds. Everything changed since the time Adaah arrived in my life. I stopped trysting with girls and ironically my life is more enjoyable now. I spend much time with my family and my relationship with them is blossoming into a deeper level.
A few years back I never wanted my mom or sister to stay with me as I preferred privacy for a reason. I would hook up with any random girl and my family was an obstruction to my adolescent attractions. I went home welcomed by silence and darkness and thought it as a best way to live life. My life now shapes to difference. It is full of activity and drama and when my little sister joins the tiny monster in the house, it hosts mischief making 24/7. I smile jocosely about the rampant change my life has undergone which I wouldn’t have thought even in my dream a few months ago.

I am now sitting in my office glancing boredly at the phone numbers of various girls with whom I was involved earlier. Briskly trying for a date after a lot of homework my eyes settle on a certain number. “Sheela, how are you?” I start a conversation and invite her to my house to have a casual talk.


“Adaah, go to your room and study. I am expecting a guest now.” I tell my ‘little girl’. Her face scrunched up listening to my statement clearly indicating she did not like the idea. After a few minutes I hear the ring of the doorbell. “Hi” Sheela blushes, her face caked up with makeup. I wonder how I could stand this girl a few seasons ago. She encased her arms around my neck and pulled me to a kiss which I did not think of reciprocating. My acts disappointed her but she immediately covered it with a smile.

I took her to a nearby sofa and asked Maria to serve us juice. To my surprise Adaah reached instead with a tray of two glasses filled with Orange juice. “Baby girl Maria could have served the drinks.” I whispered to her as I felt hurt to see her little hands at work. While serving Sheela, Adaah accidentally spilled the juice on her dress. Sheela’s eyes got wild once she saw the juice on her dress but she was shrewd enough to cover it up with an innocent smile. “It is okay. Why don’t you go to your room and mind your business instead of disturbing us here.” Sheela spoke with annoyance. Nobody has the right to speak rough to my ‘little girl’. Misbehaving is a far ahead version. “Mind your language Sheela.” My voice came out in caution. “I know it clearly what sort of a woman you are!” I held out my voice running out of patience. “Oh sweetheart there is nothing for you to bother, I just....” I did not allow her to complete and dragged her out of the seat to the entrance. She tried to bring herself closer to me. Pulling away her hand from my face I let her out when she was about to kiss me on the lips.

I went and sat beside Adaah on the sofa where she was sniffing and wiping her tears. As soon as I reached her she pointed to the exit and mellowed “I don’t like her.” I raised my brows amused by her behaviour and ask her softly the perceptible truth. “Didn’t you try to spill the juice on her dress intentionally ‘Little girl’? Her eyes widened at my question. “No it....” I didn’t let her complete and spoke softly “I know every ounce of you baby. Though Sheela turned to be a bitch you were no less naughty too. Don’t try to deny it.”

Her face was sight to see with her lips puckered out and eyebrows creased. She then reveals “I don’t like any girl in this house with you other than me.” My eyes blaze in surprise. My little girl is jealous. I smile at her cuteness and run a hand on her long black hair. I don’t know what more surprises God has in his platter to offer. But whatever it is, I am happy to taste every bit he profers.

Adaah swings on the sofa with her hands on both sides holding the seat and raising her legs up and down. I observe her with a slight smile and ask her something more in curiosity. “What about Rhea? Do you feel the same with her also?” She jumps from the sofa to run to her room and squeaks without turning back “I like her. She is my friend.” I smile at her pretty acts and speak aloud behind her easing out of the comforter “Don’t run. You will fall down baby girl.”


I follow Adaah to her room. Leaning myself to the headboard, I brought her between my legs. I combed and braided her hair into two long tails. Guiding her head to my chest I pushed away a few tendrils which were falling on her face and asked her thoughtfully while rocking her to sleep “now who will accompany Ajit to the Charity ball?” Rubbing her eyes she tries to rid sleep out of her eyes and goes active ones again raising her little hands in excitement “Yay! “I will come to charity ball with you.” I smile at her winsomeness and kiss her cheek. My little girl wants to be my date for the ‘ball’ when she doesn’t even know the meaning of dating. I caress her cheeks adoringly and dulcet. “That is not a function where little girls like you can come. It’s adult’s party.” I try to make her understand. “But you came to my friend Mercy’s birthday party?” She reasons out with a cute pout on her face. I fall once again for her adorbs and kiss her forehead.

It is a futile effort to make a child understand things bigger than her age. I silently rock my ‘little girl’ to sleep on my chest. The next night I went to charity ball alone putting Adaah to sleep after handling a long time family drama.

Adaah is the most impeccable cutesy pie I have ever met.

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