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My life was as ordinary as life can be. I wasn't known nor was I forgotten The mirror cracked And I belonged to a man I had never known Luna is a young girl just turning 18, Her life isn't great, but the path ahead is bright. An unusual dream plagues her mind, she tries to push it away but it never leaves. Suddenly a man comes for her and she is taken from her home and forced into the role of a slave. Will she rise up and conqueror or will she only be a doll to him.

Romance / Horror
Madison Wright
4.1 12 reviews
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Chapter 1

I wake up suddenly with sweat dripping down my face, breathing heavy and hard, I felt my heart slowly start to decrease from its rapid pace while I swallowed thickly taking a few deep breaths. This was the third night in a row, third night I was plagued with that nightmare.

It always started off the same every time, I was tied down to a chair, my wrists and legs bound with rope, and my long hair taped to the back of the chair so I couldn’t move my head forward. The room around me is completely doused in dark all except the same shadowy figure his black eyes almost completely absorbed by the darkness, however, the small glimmer in them made it possible to pick them out. I would hear his slow footsteps, his slow footsteps drawing closer to me, encircling me like prey.

Then with an almost glitch, he’d be right in front of me, his pitch black eyes locking me in place just like the room, his eyes the same black void, his skin was almost grey like a dead person...or a demon. He would grin at me his hands behind his back his teeth almost glowing in the darkness, he always wore a suit as well, crisp and clean. And of course, it was black. He would smirk at me as if he just won some game I wasn’t aware of.

Then he would walk closer to me and every time it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest with every step he took getting closer and closer to me. I could begin to see the black facial hair that outlined his jaw and slight redness under his eyes like he had taken a red pen and drawn it under his eyes. My breath would hitch in my throat as he became close enough to breathe onto my face. It smelled like chocolate peppermints and a dark misty woods, like running through the woods in the middle of the night with the fresh breeze smacking you in the face. I don’t know how I knew that, but I did. His face would be that light grey color that would become even more apparent the closer he became. He would whisper something into my ear, his voice was like a million voices mixed together and I could never tell what he said

Until tonight

I remembered what he said very vividly, his deep monotone voice still ringing in my ears.

“I’m coming.”

A knock at my door shocked me from my thoughts. I nearly screamed, but I swallowed it and made my way to my bedroom door opening it only to see my mom smiling brightly with a plate of waffles.

“Happy 18th Birthday!” She yelled loudly into my face her blue eyes tired but still so bright, if I had to guess she probably was working again till 3 in the morning, you see she did a lot of odd jobs, after my Dad died she was the only one that could support us, she refused to let me work, making me focus completely on my studies so I could get into a good school.

I gave a weak smile trying not to show how shaken up I really was.

“Thank you, Mom.” She smiled warmly and handed me the plate as I could see tears in her eyes as she ran her hand down my face.

“My little baby’s growing up so fast. I can’t believe you’re 18 already...Oh hurry up and get dressed and eat, I’ll drive you to school today.” I smiled at my mom as she pulled my head down to kiss me on the head gently and turning back to the kitchen. I slowly closed my door setting the waffles onto the side of my table and looking at myself in the mirror.

My icy blue eyes stared back at me clashing with my deathly pale skin. My hair was long knotted and deep blue, originally it was blonde like my moms, but the color never matched me so I dyed it when I was 10 and have kept it this way since. I grabbed my brush and ran it through the knotted mess, it felt even more knotted today than usual...almost like tape had been over it…

I looked down at the brush before quickly taking a deep breath and brushing rapidly through my hair ignoring the pain it gave my head. After that, I threw it up into a high ponytail and put on my usual sweater and leggings accommodated by my famous high heeled black boots. I wore them every day so much that I was surprised they hadn’t broken. I looked myself in the mirror and shrugged. I didn’t feel like wearing makeup today, I didn’t care about the bags under my eyes or the uneven coloring of my face. I never liked wearing that stuff anyway feels like an iron mask.

Suddenly a deep chuckle flew through my hair and a face glowing in the mirror. I gasped loudly and stepped back tripping over my chest and onto my back. I groaned and shook my head. That stupid nightmare has gotten me way too shaken up.

I didn’t look in the mirror anymore after that.

I walked into the kitchen to see my mom biting her nails and looking over some papers. I smiled at her and spoke in a teasing tone

“That’s a bad habit.” She grumbled in response making me grin before going to the fridge and pulling an ice tea out of it taking a sip.

“Still not gonna let me skip school? Not even on my 18th birthday?” I asked with a frown and my mom finally looked up her eyes gentle

“Sorry dear not gonna happen, besides you can do all the partying you want later at the diner.” I groaned at her words and twisted around.

“You know you don’t have to keep throwing me those diner parties, I’m not 5 anymore.” My mom frowned a bit “I thought you loved the parties.”

“I used to, it’s just I’ve grown up, I’m 18 now, don’t you think I should be doing something more mature for my party?”

I watched my mom look down at her papers obviously thinking about this before speaking in a quiet tone.

“Molly and Andy love throwing those parties though and everyone’s so excited to celebrate it with you.” I bit my lip looking away from her feeling guilty for not being thankful, I knew we didn’t have the money to throw parties and such, but I just wished for once I could actually do something different, everything was always the same.

Can’t my 18th birthday at least be different?

“It’s alright Mom, nevermind, I’ll love whatever we do.” My mom turned and smiled at me with watery eyes and mouthed a thank you taking my hand in hers and squeezing it. “Alright come on time to get you to school.” She told me standing up and grabbing her coat slipping it onto her body. I watched and walked up to follow her. It’s not that I didn’t have a coat, I just chose not to wear one, I didn’t like them they were constricting and I couldn’t move easily.

We got in the car and drove to my school my mom going on and on about how proud she was. I tried to focus on her, but the vision in my mirror kept coming back to me like a virus I couldn’t rush away.

So instead I focused on it. The face was so much like the one in my dream. Dark hair, dark eyes, a devilish grin, everything was the same.

I guess that dream must’ve really freaked me out.

I smiled to my mom telling her goodbye, stepping out of her car and making my way into my school, the loud chattering of students pleasantly filling my head, taking away the thoughts of the dream and the image.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around my shoulder making me jump up and quickly turn around my eyes wide staring back into the familiar green ones of my close friend.

“Johnny?” I asked in a weird tone. His eyebrow raised at me the piercing glowing dimly.

“Woah, Luna what’s got you so jumpy?” He asked in a teasing tone placing his hands on my arms. I shook my head and rubbed my face in my hands.

“Sorry, I just had a bad dream and I’m still kinda wary of it.” Johnny tilted his head for a minute making his green hair fall to one side. His mouth was set into a worried line as his eyes rolled over me, setting his hand to my forehead.

“You’re not sick, but you’re all pale and damn girl look at those sleeping bags.” I snickered a bit rolling my eyes and shoving him off me gently and started making my way to my locker, him hot on my trail.

“Shut it, Johnny, I just didn’t feel like wearing makeup today, it’s my birthday I’ll do what I want.” Suddenly Johnny’s eyes widened in mock horror and he gave me a fake sympathetic apologetic look.

“Oh, it’s you’re birthday? I had no idea.” I rolled my eyes again and opened my locker the dull grey broken metal creaking as it’s door was opened.

“Haha very funny, now where’s my present?” I teased making him glare playfully towards me.

“You should be more nice to me, or something will happen? Like the boogeyman taking you away!” I gave him a dry look as he talked animatedly. I blinked slowly showing my boredom to his statement. But somewhere else deep in my head, I thought about the man’s face again, his grey skin matched the lockers, and his teeth with unusually sharp canines. It made a shiver go through my body remembering once again the words he told me right before I awoke.

“I’m coming for you.”

I shook my head and looked up at Johnny to see he had been talking for a while and I accidentally blocked him out. Suddenly the bell rang making me groan and roll my eyes. I may have been good at school, but I still hated it, too many pretty pom-pom girls and their idiot jock bodyguards. Ya I know that’s cliche but it’s just how high school is. Accept it.

Johnny waved to me gently squeezing my shoulder before walking off in the direction of his class. I slammed my locker with a sigh and began my tread to my own class of hell…

I would rather be anywhere, but here.

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