Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 13

It was Wednesday and I was counting minutes before my meeting with Drew. I was in my simple black skirt, which ended just inches before my knee and in an ocean blue shirt. I was planning to wear a leather jacket also. Lily was throwing glances in my direction, while she was sitting on her bed with one of her textbooks. I finished my studies an hour ago and now was sitting with my iPhone, scrolling through my social pages.

“Becca, where are you going? It’s the third evening in a row, already. Forgive me for prying, but I honestly don’t believe that it’s only for your studies. You’re glowing.”

I must say, she was right. I was really happy these days. I forgot about her brother and his bitchy girlfriend. As I also saw mutual interest between Lily and Rob, I wasn’t feeling guilty about my breakup with him. It was the right thing to do. For both of us.

“Lil, I am sorry... It’s just... That I met someone. It’s true. I don’t know, what it is and where this is going. But I want to know this guy a little.”

“Do I know him? Is he from our college?”

“Lily, for now, I don’t want to tell anything. It’s too early for that.”

“Does Kate know about that guy?” Lily was pouting, she thought I don’t trust her enough. But it wasn’t a deal. Even if I felt good with Drew, even if I enjoyed our time together, there was something, that was bothering me. He acted sweet with me, but he obviously wasn’t ready to be seen in my company. If he will ever be.

“God, no! You know more than her and I really appreciate, that you hadn’t told her anything. She would make my life hell, annoying me with her questions until I will crack.” Just then my phone buzzed, Drew will be in the parking lot in 5 minutes. “Sorry, Lil. I gotta go. Night!”

“Night, Becca.”

As I sat in Drew’s car, I leaned and kissed his lips. They were a little salty. I looked him over and saw a little bruise on his cheek, just under his right eye.

“Hey. What is it? Rough practice?”

“It was hell. Coach yelled at us like crazy. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but he was furious at the beginning of the practice. He only relaxed a little in the end. So you know, the atmosphere was tense and totally unfriendly.”

“Did you apply ice to it? It might become really nasty bruise on your face.”

“My face had seen way worse than that.”


“No, I took a shower, changed and drove here, to see you.”

“Could we go back to the field? I am sure there will be some ice in your locker-room. Or in the coach’s room.”

Drew observed me with pursed lips. He was annoyed by me, I could tell. But I wasn’t going to back away, not now. I stared back at him. Finally, he shook his head and started the engine. In 15 minutes, I returned to his car from the drugstore. I treated his wound, which turned out to be cut. Not deep, but when I applied antiseptic to it, he winced. When I finished, I leaned my back on my seat and looked at Drew. He seemed angry.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yep.” His answer was curt, he started the engine and drove off. I was afraid to ask him anything, he was not himself tonight. At least he wasn’t my Drew, with whom I spent my time before.

Drew stopped his car and I stared at him, he drove us to the field. The spotlights were off, there was total darkness, which made my thoughts glum. He stepped from the car and waited for me to follow him. When I was near him, he took my hand and walked us in the direction of the field. I didn’t have any idea, where he was taking me. The parking lot was totally empty.

After a short walk, we entered the locker room. Without releasing my hand, Drew walked us to the bench, gesturing for me to sit. The room was dim, only moonlight lit it. I refused to sit, I wanted to know, why he was acting so strange.

“Drew, what is going on?”

“Nothing.” We were standing in front of each other. Nothing, he said. Is he for real? Fucking hell!

“If you’re going to continue to act like that, I will leave you there alone and will walk back to my room. I don’t want to play games. You’re honest with me or you’re not.”

In seconds, Drew was all over me. His kisses were so urgent and so raw like he was going to devour me with his lips. I kissed him back, but under his power, I made few steps back and now my back was pressed to the locker. Drew didn’t wait for anything, he immediately was near me, his hands on my breasts. He took my jacket and tossed it on the bench. He looked me over and again I saw the Drew from our first time together. There was pure desire. Only that look turned me on. Imagine, what were his kisses doing to me?

He started kissing my neck, with his hands massaging and squeezing my breasts. He didn’t undress me, but still, I was enjoying his touch. He stopped and bored his gaze in my eyes. He licked his lips and without another blink, he bent down and raised up my skirt. I tensed, what was he up to? He lowered my panties to my ankles. Then he got up and looked me in the eyes. I don’t know, what he was looking for, but I guess he saw what he wanted to see. He spread my legs a little wider with his knee and next thing I know, he was down again with his hands on my butt, positioning me. I knew, what he was going to do and still, I was surprised as his tongue started to play with my clit. He was licking me slowly, savoring every moment. I was at his mercy.

He made me cum in 3 minutes. It never was that fast. Never. But with Drew, I wasn’t surprised. He was experienced, he knew exactly what to do to me. He got up with his usual grin and winked at me.

“You even taste so fucking good. You’re perfect, Rebecca.” I placed my hand to the back of his neck and pulled him to me, kissing him with all my might. He answered to my kiss, pressing himself to me. I felt him harden and smiled to our kiss. “Thank you for looking after me... I am not used to it, honestly.”

“It’s okay. I wanted to take care of you.” My hand sneaked from his neck to his groin. I knew he wanted me. “Take me, Drew.”

“You know me... You don’t need to ask twice.” He kissed my lips and next thing I know, he turned me around and now I was facing the locker. I heard his fly unzip, I spread my legs further and leaned a little, giving him better access. Drew groaned in appreciation. I felt his hands on my hips, he was steading me in place. Second after, he was inside me. It felt just perfect. Like his dick was created just for me. Starting slowly, we took the rhythm so familiar to us. Soon our moans mingled, becoming louder, his thrusts became rougher and faster. I felt him trembling in me, he was close and so was I.

“Don’t hold it, Becca... Squeeze me... I fucking love it...” He was short for breath. Soon we felt the release, together. I felt him filling me. The only thing was on my mind. I was in deep shit. I liked Drew Milton. Not sex with him. Him. I was falling for him. And my feelings for him could easily be my fall.

When we were done, we stayed a little in the locker room. I was sitting on the bench, Drew’s head on my lap. We kissed a little, I asked Drew to tell me more about their practice. I saw that he was glad to talk about it; I was a good listener.

“Do you want to play football after graduation?”

“Nah. It won’t be in the picture. My dad is running the family business and he expects me to inherit it. That I will continue to work for our company...”

“Is that what you want?”

“It doesn’t matter, what I want. I always knew that college will be my last stop before I will become a serious and boring businessman.”

“It sucks.”

“Why do you think so?” My fingers were running up and down through Drew’s hair, scratching a little, massaging his scalp with my fingernails.

“Well... I don’t know. We all have our dreams to pursue. When I was a little, I wanted to become a model, then an actress... One day I woke up and decided that I want to become a vet. But for the last couple of years, I realized that I love writing, that’s what brings joy to me. So here I am, studying English literature, in the hope to become a writer someday. When I will graduate from college, I am planning to work for some newspaper or magazine for the start. To gain my experience. Don’t tell me, you don’t have any dreams on your own. I don’t believe you. Even my ex had his dreams, and he wasn’t the smartest guy on Earth.”

“Why do I need to dream about anything, if from my childhood my father and grandad were telling me, that I will continue in their steps. They weren’t interested in my success with football, it didn’t impress them. They were interested only in my good grades. Mom, on the other hand, was always at my games, cheering for me. But she couldn’t do anything against my father’s will. When I realized, that I don’t have a choice, I started just enjoy my time, as hard as I could. It was when I started hanging out a lot, parties, alcohol, girls, fights. I didn’t give a damn about it. Mom was upset with me, my father... He didn’t care. He said that I could do everything that I want until my graduation from college. After it, he won’t tolerate my shit any longer. I will go working for his company.”

“It’s horrible, Drew... I am sorry...” I bent down and pressed my lips to his. He answered to my kiss immediately. This kiss was different from our others, it was full of tenderness.

“Don’t be, Becca... I guess I got used to this idea a long time ago. The only thing about I argued with my father, it’s my relationships with girls. He wanted to pick the girl for me on his own, one of our circle. The daughter of one of his friends, or business partners. I told him, if he will try to do that, I won’t be working for him and I will leave for another state or another country. He was mad, but it worked. This subject now closed for discussions.”

“Do you think that your father won’t approve of us?” As soon as I asked, I realized it was a mistake. We weren’t a couple, I wasn’t his girlfriend. But at the same time, the thought flashed in my mind, that I wanted for him to reassure me. To tell me, that he wants to be with me.

“Fuck... It’s already midnight. You have classes in the morning, right?” Drew got up from the bench and extended his hand to me. I felt emptiness. Who I was to him? Another conquest? I smiled at him and got up, taking his hand. I didn’t want to give him an idea, that I was hurt by his behavior. He brought me to the dorm, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked inside the building. As I closed the door behind my back, I sighed, leaning my back on it.

What was I expecting? That these days meant something for him? That I meant something to Drew? Apparently, I was totally wrong. Do I really need to go to the game? To the party? I was sure now, that he would easily find a new girl at this party. Our whole college was in anticipation of the upcoming game. I started to wait for it too, but now... I decided to wait for tomorrow. This time Drew didn’t tell me that he was planning to come for me.

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