Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 15

In the end, I decided to skip the game. I left for my hometown on Friday in the evening and was planning to come back only to the time of the party. I texted Kate and Lily about my decision when I was on my way. Lily called me, and they both started to yell at me. But it was no use. I wasn’t going to return. I sent Drew a message too, apologizing for not being at the game. He never answered this, but I knew that he read it.

My parents were delighted to see me. We had a delicious family dinner and went to the movie. My mom wasn’t able to hide her curiosity. She wanted to know everything about my studies and especially about my love life. It was good to talk to her, but I didn’t tell her much about my relationship or lack of it.

The only bad thing that happened was on the morning of Saturday. When I went for the coffee, I ran into my ex, Adam, as he also returned home for the weekends from his college. He started hitting on me almost immediately as he saw me. Dickhead. So I guess, Drew was right, deep inside Adam was affected by our breakup. I shrugged him off and was very proud of myself. His attention didn’t bother me. And it was a good thing.

When I left the house to drive back to college, I was ready for the party. I wore a simple knit dress. It was short and form-fitted with a low neck. My hair was in beachy waves, which was the ideal I-woke-up-like-this style, and I also made Smokey eyes makeup and added nude lipstick. My look was effortless, but at the same time, my dad couldn’t help but whistle when I walked out of the house. I guess I did a good job.

As I was close to the college area, my phone started to ring off. It was from Kate.

“Where are you?” She almost yelled.

“Near the diner. You?”

“We’re at the fraternity house. How soon will you be there?”

Ugh, I didn’t want to go there alone. But what choice do I have?

“I will park my car, and then I will be on my way. In 20 minutes. Had we won?”

“Are you really asking me this?! Of course! It was insane!”

“I believe you.” I laughed. “Is the party huge? How many people?”

“Becca, there wasn’t a party like that before. It was a significant win for our team, so there are an impressive crowd of people, loud music and good booze. We’re waiting for you. Do you want us to come for you?”

“If you want me to find you, the answer is yes.”

“Okay. We will be at the front lawn in 20 minutes.”

When I walked to the fraternity house, my eyes widened, and my mouth opened, forming small “o”. The number of people was insane, they were everywhere, and the music was so loud that my body started to vibrate as I came nearer.

“Becca!” I heard Kate’s voice and saw her in an instant. As I reached her, she hugged me. “I missed you. Why did you go home without me?”

“I missed you too. I hardly had a chance to talk with you this week. But I needed this, this time alone. And I think you would never miss this game.”

“True.” She laughed.

“Where is Lily?”

Kate hesitated, and I arched my eyebrows in question. She sighed.

“Well... We were hanging out with Rob and his friend Bruce. She stayed with them.”

“Oh. Were they flirting?”

“Ye...Yeah. Are you okay with it?”

“Of course. Why not? I noticed that they liked each other. She even told me that she was interested in him before we started dating. Where are we going?”

“To dance. Tim is still busy. The whole team is celebrating apart from the rest of us.”

We went to the house and then to the living room. I hugged Lily, as I saw her, then waved to Rob and Bruce. We laughed, talked, and danced. I was feeling thirsty, and I wanted to go and find the drink. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed. Everyone erupted in cheers and happy screams. Our football team arrived, and I tensed. I didn’t want to see Logan. His presence and the place gave me creeps. I felt vulnerable. However, I wanted to see Drew. He didn’t contact me since my message to him. I was sure that he was busy with a game. But what if it wasn’t the only reason? Maybe, he already found himself another girl to sleep with... I was afraid that he wouldn’t be alone. I hated this feeling. He didn’t owe me anything, but I was waiting to talk to him. Because there was something between us and I wanted to know what.

“I guess it’s time for me to go and find a drink,” I said to no one in particular. Lily nodded and smiled. She was cuddled with Rob and had been talking with him almost the whole time after I came. Kate took my hand and squeezed it.

“I will go with you.” I smiled, and she started to lead us out of the room. I was trying hard not to look at guys from the team. I was too afraid to catch glimpses of Logan or Drew. Then I realized that we weren’t going to the exit. Kate dragged me exactly where the team was sitting. Shit! I tried to pull my hand, her grip only tightened. She looked at me, pleadingly. “Becca, please, I want to see Tim...”

“Fuck, Kate! It’s not fair!” I hissed at her, but it was no use. She didn’t hear me because she didn’t want to and because it was too loud here.

Kate found Tim from the very first try like he was on her radar. I noticed Logan, he was sitting on the couch with Melanie on his lap, and they were kissing. Near the sofa, I saw Drew. He wasn’t alone, though. He was with Melanie’s friend. I recognized this brown-haired girl. His hands were everywhere on her. Everything was exactly as I feared. I frowned and wanted to leave immediately. Kate stopped near the couch; Tim was here with a beer in his hands. All of the guys seemed a little drunk to me. It was the first time when I saw them in this condition. I guess they were truly happy with their victory. She didn’t let go of me, so I was forced to stand with her on full display.

“Hey, Tim. You finally made it!” Kate’s voice was on one octave higher. She was nervous. I squeezed her hand in reassurance, and she pressed mine back. Tim focused his gaze on her. Yep, he was drunk.

“Hey, Katie! Wanna sit with me?”

He gestured to his lap. She finally let go of my hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My strong and brave friend was like a stupid bimbo. She nodded and went to him. He pulled her in his lap. Thank you very much, Kate. Okay, what was I doing here? Tim noticed me, his smile widened.

“Hey, Becca! I was wondering, will you be here or not?”

“Well, here I am. But I will go. I was going to find a drink.”

I felt stupid, standing here. Most importantly, I felt vulnerable because with the sound of my name, both Logan and Drew turned to me, and so did their girls. Fucking hell! I turned and rushed out of the room. It was difficult to do, but in a few seconds, I was out of here. I hoped that somewhere there was rum. And a lot.

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