Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 17

I didn’t know what I was going to do with this desire. It was driving me crazy. I was craving for Drew’s touch, and the most fantastic thing was that he wanted me with the same passion. But we didn’t move. We just gazed in each other eyes. I moved first as I took off my boots, then my dress fell on the floor. I was standing before Drew’s eyes only in my underwear. Good thing that I chose my sexy laced lingerie. Drew roamed over my body up and down with his eyes. He chuckled.

“You know that I could be a goner right now only by looking at you.”

“Maybe. But I would prefer you to do that inside me.”

“Shit, you and your nasty comments! I missed this.”

He took off his sneakers. I stepped closer to him and took off his t-shirt over his head. My hands traveled around his broad shoulders and down to his shaped torso. I unzipped his fly, and he stepped out of his jeans as they fell to the ground. My hands went down and pushed his boxers to his knees. I slowly knelt on the ground to his crotch. He was hard and ready, pulsating. My fingers slid over his length, the skin there was smooth and velvety. I teased him with my tongue, traveling from his tip to the base. As I did it, I looked up and locked my eyes with his. Drew was watching me with undeniable desire and caress.

“You don’t have to do that...” He whispered. I knew that. But I wanted it. My hand started slowly stroking him, still looking him in the eyes I took his penis to my mouth. He was thick and long, but I got used to it in seconds. I sucked it a little as my hand continued stroking him. Faster and harder within minutes. Drew groaned, and I smiled. I liked this sound. His penis started to pulsate, he took my hair into a fist, holding me there. Drew started to move his hips, pumping a little in and out of my mouth. I licked his head, swirling my tongue around it, then sucked changing pace from light to hard and back. Drew started to drive himself into my mouth faster, one hand in my hair and the other on the wall, he was steading himself. He was so close. It was driving me insane; I wanted him to cum.

“Babe, stop... I won’t be able to hold back and... Fuck... Becca, please...”

Hearing it, I only continued stroking him faster. I was taking his dick as much as I could into my mouth and then pulling back out, sucking hard, flicking my tongue over his head, and then taking him inside again slowly. His whole length. Again and again. Drew moaned loudly and shuddered as his juice filled my mouth. It was warm and salty. I swallowed it entirely and continued to stimulate him. I wanted to prolong his release a little longer. Drew didn’t let me do that. He pulled me up by my shoulders and placed his hot lips on mine. He kissed me hard, taking my lower lip in his teeth. I groaned as his hands roamed over my breasts. My sex was pulsing and twitching; I wanted him badly.

Drew felt my desire. He pushed me to his bed and hovered over me, standing between my legs. He was naked and covered in sweat while I was still in my lingerie. He reached my bra and unclasped it. In one swift motion, it fell on the floor. He bent down and licked my nipple, then another. After he sucked it into his mouth, my back arched to him from this. I saw him smiling. He was enjoying it. Drew covered my breasts and the way down to my panties with hot and wet kisses. I was soaking wet already. He took off my panties and looked me in the eyes.

“Spread your legs.” It sounded like a command, but in a low whisper. I obeyed. He looked at my pussy and licked his lips. I shuddered from the sight. He was devastatingly sexy. He ran a finger from my arching clit to my vagina, and then he plunged two fingers inside me. All this time, he was looking at me, studying my face. I was deaf to the sounds outside this room. The only matter to me was this man and things that he did to my body.

Drew bent down between my legs and flicked his tongue over my sex. I twitched. He placed his free hand on my belly, holding me on the spot. He slowly licked my clit, making circles, while his fingers stimulated me inside my core. It was torture. As he started to pump me harder with his fingers, I was already close to my release. His hot breath was sending shivers all over my body. He sucked my clit hard only to release it slowly. I cursed, my hands reached his hair as I held him in place. He did it again. My hips started moving involuntary, riding his hand. He increased his tempo. His tongue was doing miracles to me. I was panting, my breasts covered in sweat. And just like that, with long and loud moan waves of pleasure spread over my body.

He kissed my inner thigh, then the other. Drew left the trail of kisses from my pussy to my neck. He sucked hard, leaving hickey here and then nibbled on my earlobe. My lips were tingling. I wanted him to kiss me. I pulled him to me, and we kissed open-mouthed. We divided the desire that we were holding inside of us. I felt him harden and smiled. I knew well that my lips would be swollen in the morning, but it didn’t matter. Drew pushed me further on his bed, positioning me in the center. He put a condom on and was ready to enter me, as I stopped him and whispered in his ear.

“I want to be in charge now. I want to ride you, Drew... Will you let me?”

“Shit, Becca... Things you do to me...” He rolled us over, so I was on top of him. I took his hard-on inside my vagina in one fast movement and started to move my hips, slowly, because I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms all night long. I didn’t know at what time we fell asleep, but the sounds of the party were long gone already.

I woke up startled, while my alarm clock went on. Drew’s arms were holding me tight against his chest. While I tried to reach my phone, which was on the floor, he mumbled something in his sleep and only pressed me harder. I wiggled and finally reached to switch off my alarm. It was seven on Sunday morning. I guess I slept only 2 hours. I needed to get out of the house and soon. But it was too good to be in Drew’s arms, my eyes shut immediately. Then I heard laughter outside the room; someone was already awake. Shit! Slowly I released myself from Drew’s grip. He turned on his belly, hugging the pillow. His perfect ass was on full display. It wasn’t fair to be so damn irresistible, I wanted to climb back to his bed and stay with him till he is awake, but it wasn’t rational. I needed to study. I wasn’t able to do that since I left for home on Friday evening. I dressed quickly and quietly left the room. Drew was still sleeping.

The house was a mess, bottles and empty cups were everywhere, people were sleeping on the couches, some girls were on the carpet, cuddling together. When I was before the front door, I sighed in relief. I made it! I opened the door and heard a chuckle, I froze and turned back only to see Tim with an apple in his hands. He was shirtless, but with some shorts on his hips and with a massive smile on his lips.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? I wonder whose bed you left this early? Hmm, Becca?”

“Well, Tim, I want to ask you the same question. Why did you leave your bed? My friend likes to cuddle, so I think she won’t be asleep soon.”

“I wore Kate out this night. So don’t worry, she’s sleeping like an angel.”

“Good, I guess I will see her tonight. Bye, Tim!”

“Bye, Becca! I won’t tell anyone that I saw you. Don’t worry. My mouth shut.” He winked at me, and I finally left the house.

I snuck into the dorm and slowly opened the door to mine and Lily’s room. It was empty. I felt calmer, thank goodness Lily didn’t sleep here. I will be able to keep a secret at least for a while. I grabbed my towel and shampoo and left to go to the shower room. It will be a long day, I could tell.

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