Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 18

After the shower, I returned to the room. I found some chocolates and ate them. I wanted to end my studies, and only after it, I was planning to go out to eat. I finished almost all of my assignments till 11 am and now was sitting with my earphones on, listening to 21 Pilots while writing an essay on my laptop. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the door opened and didn’t see the person entering the room. Well, music also was fulfilling my mind. Suddenly, the cup of coffee appeared before my eyes. I almost jumped and took off my earphones. Drew was standing before me. He was in blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt. He looked so casual and so sexy at the same time.

“God, Drew! You scared the shit out of me!”

“I figured out. You might need one.” He shrugged his shoulders and handed me the coffee. I took it and looked at him. It was strange to see him in my room now, so I was silent, not knowing what to say or what to do. He plopped himself on my bed, leaning his back on the wall. We were sitting close, shoulder to shoulder. He looked at the screen of my laptop.

“What are you up to?”

“Essay. I almost finished it.”

“21 pilots help you to write it?” Drew took one of my earphones and plunged it to his ear.

“Yeah. I love their music, which helps me to concentrate. Also, their lyrics always make me think.”

“I know what you are talking about, and I like them too. Did you eat something?”

“No. I was planning to grab breakf... or lunch now already after I finish my assignment.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

He sat more comfortably on my bed, plunged another earphone to his ear, and closed his eyes. I stared at him. What did he mean by that? And most importantly, why was he here? I shook my head and concentrated on my work. Well, at least I tried. Drew’s presence near me was a good distraction, especially after he started to make circles with his fingers on my bare thigh. It took 30 minutes for me to finish my essay finally. I was satisfied with my work. By this time, I was starving, and my head started to ache because of the lack of sleep and food.


I was almost sure that he fell asleep. He looked so peaceful. I observed him. He was gorgeous, sun-bleached blond hair and tanned skin. His lips were full and addictive, as soon as you had the opportunity to taste them. A strong jawline and straight nose with slightly round bottom were details, which only added the handsomeness to his favor. But his eyes were my weakness. I always liked guys with brown eyes, while his were chocolate color. His body was perfection after all his exercises and games played. He was my hook-up for almost a week now. I tried to convince myself that I was okay with me being his booty call. But I lied to myself. He already was so much more for me, and I wanted him to be so much more. I knew who he was, knew his reputation, and still... I was happy that he was here, even if I shouldn’t.

I closed my laptop and placed it on the bedside table. It was already 12:30 and still no sign of Lily. I wondered where she was? I looked at my phone, and the only message was from my mom, she wanted to know about the party. You know, mom, I left the party early and had been fucked for hours by one of the most stunning guys of our college. I also forgot to tell you that he interested only in hook-ups and nothing more. Yeah, like I could say to her about it. Pfft.

I leaned to Drew and placed my hand on his cheek. His eyelashes trembled a little. Yep, he was asleep, I was right. He opened his eyes and looked at me. Without thinking, I kissed him, just pressed my lips to his. He instantly wrapped his hands around my waist and leaned me on my bed. My earphones fell out of his ears, and now sounds of Halsey’s song “Colors” were surrounding us as we kissed. It wasn’t like last night or our other kisses. It was different. Tender and slow, without urgency. It was a kiss, shared between two people who liked each other. We both had been caught up in the moment and didn’t notice the world around us.

The door to the room opened, and Lily entered. Her eyes widened a fraction, and mouth opened agape when she noticed us. If it wasn’t for the situation I was right now, I might have even found it funny. I tried to end our kiss, but Drew didn’t let me do that. He took his time, kissing me and I couldn’t help it, but only had kissed him back. Lily closed the door and cleared her throat. Only this made Drew release me from his arms, but still, he placed a peck on my lips, sitting back on my bed.

“Well... I must say that I am surprised... I didn’t expect to see you two together, especially in this room...”

“Well, I didn’t expect to see you shoving your tongue to Becca’s ex throat yesterday. It was what? A week? You work fast, little one.” Fuck! He was too observant. He noticed even the slightest details. Even I didn’t see it. Lily blushed, hard.

“Drew... It’s okay. They like each other, so why not?” I placed a hand to his forearm. He turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and didn’t say anything.

“Becca, I am sorry. Even if you’re okay with it, I think I still shouldn’t do it... It was too soon. I was a little drunk and got carried away...” Lily continued to stand before the door, looking me in the eyes with a guilty look. “I promise you, nothing more happened. I spent the night in Bruce’s house, while Rob slept on the couch in the living room. He didn’t want to go home, so he stayed...”

“It’s nothing, really. I am happy if you’re happy, that’s all to it.”

Silence. Lily walked to her bed and placed her bag on it. Then she sat and looked at us, a smile starting to form on her lips.

“I am sorry for walking out on you like that. I don’t tell anyone that I saw you together.” She was the second person today, who told me that my secret is safe. Was it that bad? For Drew or me?

“You always were good at keeping secrets, and I wasn’t worried.” Drew smiled at her. I felt uneasiness. So we’re keeping secrets after all. No strings, no attachments. I was okay with it at the beginning of this week, since we started to have sex, but why was I sad now?

“Yeah, I never told mom about yours and Logan’s tricks and misbehaviors. Even when she tried to bribe me.”

“You were our secret weapon.” What was going on? It was like I wasn’t in the room. I stood up and went to the closet. Even if the weather was still good and warm, I didn’t think it will be a good idea to go out in shorts. I changed in my skinny black jeans, sneakers and took my leather jacket. I decided to stay in my rose t-shirt. I turned to them, Lily and Drew were still talking about their past.

“Are we going?” I asked with a plastered smile on my face. The whole atmosphere changed and I didn’t like it.

“Yeah.” Drew stood up from the bed and looked at Lily. I was hoping that he won’t do what I thought he was going to do. “Little one, come with us. I think you also didn’t have lunch.”

Shit! He did precisely that. Lily hopped from her bed and smiled at him. Maybe I could say that I changed my mind. My headache started to annoy me, and I also had a strange pang in my chest. I liked to have Drew to myself, and I didn’t want to share him. Fuck! Becca, be reasonable! He’s showing me that I was his booty call, and that’s all. I shouldn’t allow myself to think this way, or it will lead to my broken heart! But what if it was too late already?

Lily and Drew walked out of the room without waiting for me. I was sulking, and I needed to pull myself together. I didn’t want them to see that this situation was hurting me. I took my small bag and walked out of the room. When I finally made it, Drew and Lily were beside his car. Am I going to sit in the back? Yep, Lily hopped to his car in the front seat. I hesitated. I wanted to turn around and walk to the hell out of here. Drew turned to me and looked at me with a surprised look on his face.

“Becca, come on. I am sure you’re starving. I know just the place with very delicious food.” He smiled at me. My chest tightened from this. It felt like acting. I sighed and walked to the car. Soon we left the parking lot. Drew and Lily were again on their memory lane. I was texting with my mom. I told her about my studies and that I missed her and dad already. I received the message from Kate. She was asking where I was. I texted her vaguely and promised to find her when I will be back at the dorm.

Drew parked his car near a nice Italian restaurant. I didn’t even know that there was a place like that. I loved pizza and especially pasta, but I didn’t feel like eating. I wanted to vomit, even if my stomach was in knots because of lack of food.

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