Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 20

After I slept for a few hours, Lily, Kate and I sat in our room and talked. Lily told us about Rob. She explained to Kate what she told me before. She liked him from the very beginning, but as she saw his interest in me, she didn’t do or say anything. Her sympathy was mutual, and I thought that it was a good thing.

Kate, on the other hand, was confused. She liked Tim, but she was afraid of her feelings. She acted strangely around him, he made her feel vulnerable, and she didn’t like it. But she was hooked and wanted to explore their relationship.

I was interrogated. They both wanted to know everything about Drew and me. I was proud of myself that I managed to keep my secret about my first time with Drew or our sex in his car, or the locker room... I told them that I felt a connection with him when he helped me to bring their drunk asses to the dorm the other night. That it was just the sprung of the moment yesterday at the party. I assured them both that I was okay to be his booty call for only one night. I wasn’t anymore obviously, but I wasn’t going to tell them that.

Lily sighed and looked at Kate and me. It was almost nine in the evening when we finally managed to end our conversation. She still looked concerned.

“Becca... I have one last question. Rob said some strange things to me... He saw that my brother was wasted, which I must admit was surprising even to me... But it’s not the point... Rob said that he saw Logan kissing you and that you pushed him and ran away from the room.”

My eyes widened. It was dark in this room, and many people were there and still... Rob managed to see it. I wondered how many people saw it. Drew saw it, I knew it for sure, but he didn’t say anything.

“Erm... Well, yeah... He grabbed me and kissed my neck... But as you said, he was wasted.”

“Oh god! I can’t believe him! My brother is a huge pain in the ass! If his bitch knows about it, you will be in a big mess!”

“Lil, he was drunk. Maybe he confused me with his girlfriend?!” I was trying my best. Lily and Kate glanced at each other and started laughing. Just great! Thank you, girls. I pouted my lips at them.

“Yeah... You’re far more beautiful and hot than her. I am sure that he knew exactly who he was kissing. Just be careful, okay? Rob mumbled that when he saw my brother the other night at the parking lot and how he looked at you, he knew that he lost the game. He saw that my brother has hots for you...”

“I think I know now, why Mel...” Lily glanced at Kate. “Why the bitch doesn’t like you so much. She sees you as a threat. I am sure she also noticed how Logan looks at you. I am glad that nothing happened between you and him, Becca. Because if it will be the case while he still will be in a relationship... I am afraid to even think about it.”

My cheeks flushed. They didn’t know about Logan and me. I wasn’t planning to tell them; It was too big. I was even ready to admit how I cheated on Rob with Drew, but not this.

“Yeah... I just hope that I will be over this stupid crush and soon. It gets the best of me.”

Lily and Kate nodded. We went to sleep almost at midnight, but I was happy that we talked. They helped me to ease my mind, and I was grateful to them for it.

That week started well. I made progress with my assignments, and my grades began to improve. There wasn’t any sign that someone saw Logan and me at the party. I was happy about it. But there were rumors about Drew and me. Maybe it might have been huge if we continued to see each other. But we didn’t. He didn’t contact me, and I did the same. I accepted that there wouldn’t be anything between us—only my memories. I was sad, but I tried my best to adapt to my new reality. I guess I did a good job.

A few weeks went without anything in particular, and it was close to Thanksgiving Day now. Kate and I were planning to go home; we wanted to see our parents. We were excited because they also wanted to announce something to us. We were curious to know what it was. Kate and Tim weren’t together, but they saw each other and a lot. Lily and Rob started dating, but they were taking things slowly. I didn’t see nor Logan, nor Drew much, but when I did, I acted nonchalantly. I always greeted them, made small talks sometimes. I saw that both of them were checking me out when we were passing each other in the hallways, but neither did anything. I even got used to it.

Before Thanksgiving, there was a party, more like a bonfire. I persuaded Kate’s roommate, Nina, to come with us here. Kate probably will be too busy with Tim; Lily will be with Rob. I wanted to come, and I honestly was hoping to see Drew. I made up my mind about Logan, yes, I have this unpredictable urge to be near him, but I ignored it as much as I could. He was with Melanie, they looked happy together, so I needed to let it go. And there was Drew. He occupied my thoughts, even if I tried hard to reduce it. My heart started to beat faster when I saw him in the hallways or on the field when they were practicing. I was sure that he felt something to me. I refused to think the other ways. I knew that maybe I would be punished for these hopes, but I couldn’t help it.

We came to this bonfire party, and we had fun. Kate and Lily were hanging out with Nina and me. Nina was fun and so adorable, especially after she tried her first cocktail. We danced and laughed like crazy. I tried to find Drew with my eyes but wasn’t successful. I saw some guys from the team, but it wasn’t him. Neither did I see Logan.

“They are hanging out a little further. We couldn’t see them from our spot here.” I heard Kate’s whisper. She looked at me, and I could tell that she was concerned about something.

“Why are you still with us? Won’t be Tim upset?”

“Nah. It’s okay. I will find him later. I was planning to have fun with my friends. Who could know that Nina will be such a funny person?” Kate laughed and looked at Nina. She was dancing with Lily, making some crazy movements with her hands and moving her hips to the rhythm.

“I know, but I think we should blame the alcohol for this.” I smiled from the view.

We danced a little more. Lily left us to be with Rob. Kate started to throw glances in another direction, where I presumably thought was Tim. Nina refused to drink more, but she was pretty drunk already. Since I didn’t have reasons to stay till the end of the party, I thought that soon I would leave this place with her. I hadn’t drunk at all, as I drove us here.

“K...Kate, stop looking for your precious boyfr...friend. Go and be with him!” Nina mumbled to Kate, as she noticed a desperate look on her face. Kate smiled a little at us.

“Will you two be okay on your own?”

“What? Are we kids or what?!” Nina pouted her lips. God, I love this girl!

“Yeah, we will be good. Go, Kitty Kate!” I turned to Nina. “Nina, maybe we should return to the dorm? What do you say?”

“I...hiccup...think that’s...hiccup...a good idea.”

“Let’s go then.” I laughed and took her hand. I didn’t want to lose her in this crowd.

“I’ll walk with you. Your car parked in the same direction as I saw Tim.”

Three of us walked through the crowd. People were having fun; there were music and laughter. A lot of couples were making out. I tried to avert my eyes, but I knew who I was looking for. I searched for Drew. He wasn’t here, but it didn’t mean anything. I was sure if I will see him, he won’t be alone.

Kate waved at us as she noticed Tim. I looked there and saw Logan and Melanie. They were talking with their friends. Logan caught my eyes, his lips stretched in a small smile, and he nodded to me. I smiled back and waved at him. Drew wasn’t here. I even sighed in relief. Maybe he wasn’t at the party at all?

I made our way with Nina to the place where cars were parked. Almost immediately, I noticed Drew’s Lexus. It was parked not far away from my car. My chest tightened. So he was here. I just didn’t know at this moment, how close he was.

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