Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 21

“Is it Drew Milton?”

Nina pointed to his car. I was ready to correct her, that it was just his car, but then I saw what she was showing me. Drew was near his car with some girl. I recognized her from the start. It was the girl from the party, Melanie’s friend, Phoebe. He ditched her because of me. But now he was pressing her back to his car, and they were kissing. As I stood, watching them with horror in my eyes, I saw as he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his hips. I was so petrified with this situation that I didn’t move at all. Tears were threatening to fall. Then I heard some noise near me. I snapped out of my trance and saw that Nina was throwing. Just my luck!

“Hey, hey, girl. Easy!” I embraced her, holding her hair. Her whole body was trembling. Poor Nina. She wasn’t used to drinking alcohol. I guess it was our fault. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t remember – was the water in my car or not. I waited for her to stop. She started crying.

“There.” I froze at the spot. I recognized the voice. I honestly was hoping to leave this place without him noticing me. I guess my feelings for him were real. Deep inside me, I was craving hopes that Drew likes me too. How wrong I was! Bitterness filled my mouth. I didn’t want to look at him. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice. I looked up and met his gaze. He was holding the bottle of water. He brought it to us. Fucking knight in shining armor!

“Thanks.” I took the bottle, maybe too roughly.

Drew continued to stand, observing us. I prayed that Phoebe would stay away. But I guess, the luck wasn’t at my side tonight. She came to us and took Drew’s arm in hers. He didn’t pull his hand away. He let her do that. I looked at their entwined fingers, and it was me now, who wanted to vomit. Nina stopped her agony and now was gulping down the water Drew gave to me.

“Nins, are you feeling well? Ready to go back to the dorm?” I decided to concentrate on my friend. There wasn’t anything for me. My heart ached, and I was feeling the urge to punch something. Or cry my eyes out. I didn’t know what to do first.

“Yeah, thanks, Rebecca. I think I could survive the trip to our dorm.” Her voice was weak. I helped her to go to my car. I opened the front door, and she climbed inside. She was pale, and her forehead covered in sweat. I closed the door and walked to my seat.

“Drew, babe, maybe we could go too? To your room?” Phoebe smiled at Drew. She placed her finger on his chest and slowly ran it down to his waistband. I clenched my fists.

“Rebecca, will you be okay? Did you drink at the party?” Drew wasn’t looking at Phoebe, his eyes were on me. I held his gaze, not answering him. He didn’t have any right to be worried about me. I was nothing to him, the ancient history. Well, I exaggerated; it was only a few weeks since we stopped seeing each other. Still, I was so angry with him because of the pain I was feeling right now.

“Rebecca.” His voice was full of warning. He waited for my answer.

“Babe, you did everything, what you could. Leave them be. We have more pleasant things to do.” Phoebe tried to return his attention to her. How could he be with someone like her? I didn’t understand it. She was annoying, clingy, and oblivious to Drew’s mood. He was tense.

“Drew, we will be just fine. I didn’t drink at all as I drove us here. Thank you for the water, though.” I opened my door. I wasn’t planning to say something to him. I should have stayed silent, but I couldn’t help it. “And yeah, you should listen to your babe. You seem too tense for me. You need to relax, Drew. You need to help him, Phoebe, and I hope you’re ready to do it all night.” I slammed the door and took off. I was furious.

But as the closer we came to our dorm, as sadder I became. Nina was silent. She was a smart girl and knew when it would be best to stay out of it. I parked outside our dorm and helped her to the room. She was grateful to me. I was glad as she looked much better. I wanted to be in my room. Alone. I was planning to pack my things as Kate and I were going to take off in the morning.

“Becca...” Nina called to me. “It’s not my business, and I am sorry for bringing this... But I think that Milton likes you. Even in my state, I saw how he looked at you.”

“I don’t know, Nina.” I leaned against the doorframe. “He has funny ways of showing it, don’t you think?”

“He has a reputation. He had not dated anyone. Don’t you think that he’s confused?”

“Oh god, Nina... I honestly don’t have the energy for this conversation...”

“It’s okay. Thank you for taking care of me. I guess I will see you after Thanksgiving?”

“Yeah, till then. Goodnight!”

She closed the door behind her, and I came to my room. I looked over my room. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was picturing Drew with Phoebe. Perhaps, they were having sex right at this moment. Fuck! I took my phone, my earphones and started to play music. Sounds of Imagine Dragons filled my mind. I knew what I should do. I started packing my belongings. I wanted nothing more than to leave college for several days. I needed this break.

After an hour, my stuff was packed, and my room was clean. I even sorted my papers and books in alphabet order. I was turned on. But not with lust. I needed to let my anger out. If it weren’t for almost 3 am, I would have probably gone for a ran, sometimes I did that when I felt anger or frustration while I was in high school. The most annoying thing was that I didn’t want to sleep at all. Maybe I could leave for home right now? I was sure that my parents would be happy to see me, even at this time in the morning. But what about Kate? I was her ride home. Shit! My phone buzzed with the text, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Don’t be jealous. It doesn’t suit you.”

Is he fucking kidding me?! I was at the dorm around midnight, and now it was 3 am. I was sure that Drew banged Phoebe, and after he was done, he suddenly decided to tell me not to be jealous. Who did he think he was? I wanted to tell him to fuck off, but I decided that the best option was to ignore him. It suited him better. But after his message, I made a decision. I took my bag, wrote the notes to Lily, and Kate with apologies, and left the dorm. I was parking near my parents’ house at 4 am. The road was empty, so I got here faster than usual. I snuck inside and plopped myself on the couch in the living room.

If I say that my mom was surprised when she saw me in the morning, it will be an understatement. She totally lost it. I scared her, because neither she nor dad didn’t even hear as I opened the door. But soon, all of this was forgotten. My parents were very happy to see me and to have the opportunity to spend more time with me. The only fly in the ointment was that I left Kate behind. She was forced to use the bus to come home. She was angry and didn’t talk to me for the whole day. But when mine and her family gathered in our backyard to celebrate, she didn’t have the choice.

I apologized before her, and everything became normal again. She told me about her night at the bonfire party. She and Tim decided to go on the real date after they both will come back from these weekends. Kate was hopeful about this. I supported her, even if I didn’t recognize her behavior when she was around him.

Kate asked me what made me leave the university without her. I told her the truth. She averted her eyes from me when she found out that Drew was the reason. I laughed it off and said to her that I was perfectly aware that he had sex with Phoebe. It was too obvious. Unfortunately for me, she knew it for sure. She confirmed my thoughts, and my heart sank. One thing to be suspicious, the other thing to know it for real. I guess my face changed because she shut up immediately, but it was too late. Thank goodness, our parents decided to make their announcement.

“We wanted to make a toast. To our beautiful girls. We are very proud of both of you.” My dad raised his glass.

“Yeah, we are very proud parents. I couldn’t shut up at work about your success with your grades improvement, Katie! And your essay was perfect, Rebecca!” Kate’s dad raised his glass too.

“We love you to the moon and back, both of you!” Mothers said in unison.

I started crying because of nervous tension I was in from last night’s events and because of this special moment. I was fortunate to have a love of my parents. But I always knew that I could ask for help Kate’s parents and she could ask mine. We clanked our glasses, and I gulped all my drink down. My mom raised an eyebrow from this gesture but didn’t say anything.

“And it’s only the Thanksgiving, folks! What are you planning for Christmas this year?”

“Actually,” My dad looked around, and I saw Kate’s dad nodding to him. “We’re planning to go on the trip.”

“What?! Where?!” Kate and I shrieked together.

“To Europe. We already bought tickets and booked some nice hotels. We want to see Paris, Barcelona, and stay for a few days at the beach in Spain.” Kate’s mother explained to us.


“I am confused. Rebecca and I won’t be coming with you, guys? I understand it, right?”

“Well... We were thinking about it... But the temptation was too big. We discussed this trip for several years already and always postponed it....” Kate’s dad trailed off.

“We think it’s the best timing. I am sorry, girls... I am sure you wanted to spend your Winter break at home with us, but just not this year.” My mom tried to reassure us, but I was stunned. I wanted to be with them. I always loved the Christmas holidays and now this? Kate clapped me on the back.

“We will be okay. I already have a preposition for Becca. I guess we will spend these holidays not worse than you.”

I stared at her. What did she have in mind? I was sure that I wouldn’t like it. And of course, I was right. Kate left for some time, and when she returned, she had a huge smile on her lips. We stayed with our parents for some time and then let them continue the celebration without us. Kate suggested going for a walk. When we strolled through the streets of our hometown, she took my hand in hers.

“Well, Becca, I think I found the decision for our problem.”

“Why does it sound so suspicious?”

“It’s only your imagination, Becca.”

“Okay. What is it?”

“I talked to Lil...”

“If you’re going to tell me that we will go on the winter break to Lily’s hometown, I will stop you right there. I’d rather be alone on Christmas than to be in the house with Logan and with the possibility to see Drew too.”

“But Tim also will be there... Lily asked her parents, and they will be happy to have us. They think it will be good to have a chance to know Lil’s friends finally.”

“You aren’t listening to me! It will be torture! What if there will be Drew? He’s Logan’s best friend, they live in one town, what if...”

“Oh, God, Rebecca! Chill! I didn’t want you to know like that, but okay! Drew didn’t only sleep with Phoebe. They’re a couple for a few weeks already. He apologized before her, making up some excuses, why he ditched her at the party. He did it the same day, as he took you and Lily to the restaurant.”

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