Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 22

“What?” I was stunned.

“Yes, Rebecca. Drew Milton is dating Melanie’s friend, Phoebe Douglas. They were fooling around, not once. She liked him for a long time, and he decided to give it a shot. You were his one-night stand. End of the story. Accept it already and move on. He’s a jerk! He spent the night with you, and then the whole morning, he made you think that he cared about you. None of it was true.”

“I want to be alone right now, Kate...” I whispered it. I didn’t feel anything. All my hopes were shuttered. My heart was broken, exactly what I was afraid of.

“Don’t be silly! I wasn’t planning to tell you like that! But you needed to know! He’s an asshole. You could be with someone so much better than him.”

I started to walk faster. I wanted to run away from her and her words. Kate caught my arm.

“Stop! Rebecca! Where are you going?”

“I already told you. I want to be alone.”

“You’re stupid if you think that I will leave you alone in your state.”

“Fine! But I am going to get drunk.”

I walked away from her. There was a pub near this area. I didn’t know what I was hoping for. I was underage, but I wanted to drink something strong. Drew hurt me. It was my fault, though. In truth, he never really promised me anything. But his actions were telling me differently. He slept with me, not once. When we saw each other after his practices, it even felt like dates and what I saw in his eyes when he came to me in the morning and when he waited for me at the dorm... Fuck! It doesn’t matter now. He’s taken, just like Logan. And I needed to pull myself together. Even when Adam cheated on me, I faced it with my head held high. I didn’t show to anyone that I was bothered with this whole story. But now I was a mess. It’s ridiculous, honestly. Guy just fucked me, talked to me about his parents a little, listened to me and brought me to the lunch. But I managed to develop some feelings for him, to have my hopes up about him. Fucking awesome!

Kate and I entered the pub, and I made a beeline to the bar. I caught the attention of the bartender. It was a young man in his twenties, with a kind smile. He was cute and attractive, and I was sure that he was popular among women. His face was familiar to me. Maybe he graduated from the same high school. I couldn’t remember. Kate sat beside me.

“What can I do for you?”

“How about Cuba Libre?”

“How about “no.” I raised my eyebrow at him. His smile widened. “I know for sure that you’re underage. So, sorry, but not sorry.”

“Fuck.” I bumped my head at the bar counter and buried my face in my hands after it. Great! Now I even didn’t have the opportunity to get wasted. Perfect!

“May I have a beer instead?” I asked and looked him in the eyes. They were blue, and he was smiling with them, even if his smile disappeared from his face. “Please.”

“Sorry, Rebecca, but the answer is the same.” I was surprised that he knew my name. He was older than me, maybe 22 or 23. How on earth could he know my name?

Kate wanted to say something, but her phone buzzed. I saw the name “Tim” appeared on the screen and sighed. She stood up and walked to the street. The music in the pub was loud enough.

“Fine. Could I have a latte, at least?”

“Do I look like a barista to you?” He smirked at me.

“Why do I have a feeling that you’re enjoying this situation too much?” I looked him over and saw his name, “Chase.” Still didn’t ring a bell. Who was he?

“Maybe.” He handed me a shot with a clear liquid.

“What is it?” I took it but didn’t hurry to drink it.

“Tequila. And it’s just a one-time thing. Take it or leave it.”

“May I have a lime? I am not a fan of such strong drinks.”

“There.” He gave me a lime, and I gulped down the whole shot, then bit in lime. The bartender observed me; he took the glass from my hand and smiled when he saw as I ate the lime.

“So, what brought you here?”


“Must be tough.”

“You have no idea. Tell me, Chase, how do you know me?”

“I didn’t make an impression on you.” He laughed heartedly. “I am your ex’s cousin.”

“Do you mean Adam?” My eyes widened. Now I was totally in a daze. Recognition hit me. Yes, it was Chase Farrell. We saw each other at one or two family dinners, where Adam brought me along. He was 23 years old if I could remember correctly.

“Yeah. This stupid fucker.”

“I am so sorry, Chase... I should have recognized you...”

“Nah... It’s okay. You had your eyes only for Adam at that time. But it stings, though. I thought that I am unforgettable and charismatic.”

I laughed and relaxed a little. He was still lovely, as I remembered my exchanges with him in the past.

“So, Chase. Why is Adam a “stupid fucker” now? He’s your cousin.”

“Yeah. The dumbest cousin. When I heard from my mom, what he did to you... Well, I just couldn’t get it, how he could ditch a beautiful girl like you. You are smart and hot.” He winked at me, I laughed.

“I see that you’re already in a good mood, Becca.” Kate returned to the bar and now stood near me.

“Yeah, all praise to Chase. He’s a lifesaver.”

“Okay... Becca, as there is no drink, maybe we could go home?”

“Thanks for the offer, but no.” I turned to Chase. He was studying us. “At what time does your shift end?” I knew exactly what I was offering.

“Today at 12. In 2 hours.” He took it and waited for my answer.

“Great. You may go home, Kate. Please, tell my mom if she will ask you about my whereabouts that I met a friend and stayed with him.”

“Are you sure, Becca? Don’t you think that it’s not reasonable?”

“100% sure. Night, Kate.” I returned my attention to Chase. He was smiling at me.

Kate shook her head but decided to leave. I was grateful to her for that. I spent 2 hours drinking some juice and eating some snacks. Chase kept his promise and didn’t give me any other alcohol. He was leaving me for some time when he served other customers but always returned to me. I saw some women were looking in my direction, and they were jealous, I could tell. But I was oblivious to their envious eyes. I didn’t care.

After Chase’s shift was over, I walked with him a little through the streets of our hometown. He told me about his studies at the college and how he ended up as a bartender in this pub. It was just a temporary stop for him. He wanted to go to NY, and now he was just making money, as he also worked as a constructor. Chase was a nice guy, and he didn’t ask questions. He let me be, and only for that, I was happy to be there with him. We came to his apartment, and there he took my leather jacket from me.

I looked him over as he strolled inside his apartment to the kitchen. He offered me some beer, but I asked for water. Chase was mature and good-looking. Also, he was in good shape, but I guess in his case, it was only natural. He walked back to me and handed me the glass of water. I took it and took a small sip. Chase was standing close to me, but he didn’t do anything. Then he shook his head and walked to the couch in the living room.

I came to him and placed the glass at the table near the couch. I stood right before him, forcing him to look me in the eyes. I needed to let it go. I wanted to erase my memories of Drew. I tried to forget his lips and hands on my body. I extended my hand to Chase.

“Where is your bedroom?”

He took my hand but continued to sit. He was hesitating. I was a little girl to him—his cousin’s ex-girlfriend, who he saw at the family dinners. But I knew what I was doing. I knew how attractive I could be, so I waited.

“Are you sure about this, Rebecca? I am used to it. I often spend my time like that. I don’t become attached to anyone. I won’t plan to stay here long, as I told you...”

“Chase... I need this. One asshole used me and... I let myself to be misled... I allowed myself to imagine things, which never would have happened with him. I need to let it go.”

“Okay. But I like it rough, could you handle it?” He stood up from the couch and led me to the bedroom. There he let go of my hand and walked to the bed.

“I think you will be surprised.” I smiled as I closed the door and walked to him.

“I am already amazed, Rebecca...” and he kissed me.

This night was precisely what I was hoping for. He took me to the seventh heaven and not once. Even if Chase said, that he liked rough sex, he was extremely gentle with me. I fell asleep in his arms and only left his house around 11 am after having another round of sex and a very delicious breakfast. As I walked back home, I made a promise to myself. I will start a new life at college. I will study hard. I will find curriculum activities for myself. And maybe, I could find a part-time job for myself? I needed to fulfill my time and my mind with it. More importantly, I promised myself one last thing. I won’t let myself to be misguided or tricked by any other guy. I will be smarter than that. I started this promise, with deleting Drew’s number and any other traces of him from my phone.

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