Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 24

Lily and Logan’s parents were a lovely couple. They were kind and caring and wanted Kate and me to feel comfortable. I liked them from the start. As Logan left with Melanie to hang out with Drew and Phoebe, I was calm. We had a delicious lunch together. Lily and Logan looked just like their mom if we were talking about the face features. But they had their father’s hair color. Their mom was witty and had a sharp tongue, while their dad was a real softy. They apologized before us because they received the invitation to dinner at their friend’s house in the nearest city. They were planning to come back home tomorrow near lunchtime and promised to bring us to some charming places.

As they left the house, I went to my room and called my parents. They only texted me back, that they were already in Paris, but jetlag was massive, so they wanted to sleep before starting their adventure. Okay. I guess I will be on my own. There was a knock on my door. Then Kate’s head popped.

“Hey. We’re planning the only girls’ night with movies and some alcohol. What do you say?”

I saw that she was nervous. Maybe she was even regretting what she told me. I sighed. I wanted to make things right. I nodded my head, and Kate jumped.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will wait for you in the living room.”

I changed my clothes: just jean shorts and a white t-shirt. I tied my hair in a ponytail and went off to the living room. Kate and Lily were there, with two bottles of red wine and some cheese and olives as snacks.

“Do we have the opportunity to do this? Where is Tim? And your brother?”

“I called Logan, and he said they are planning to stay the night at Drew’s house. There are also some people from our high school, their friends, who wanted to see them. Tim also stayed there.”


I sat near Kate and took a glass of wine from the table. It was good wine with rich flavor and a pleasant scent. We decided to watch Titanic. I guess it was a terrible idea because at the end of the evening at 11 pm we were drunk and crying. I think I was the soberest person among them. I took glasses and brought them to the kitchen sink, two empty bottles of wine went to the garbage. I looked at my reflection in the window and smiled from the view. My cheeks were red and hair in a total mess. I made a ponytail again and went back to the living room. Kate was on the phone with Tim, while Lily nonchalantly stared at the TV-screen. We ended up on MTV, and now she was looking at some clips, but I was sure that she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I can’t believe it!” Kate tossed her phone on the couch.

“What happened?” Lily tried to focus on Kate.

“Tim is drunk and having fun with some girls!”

Oh god, not again. Not this boyfriend–drama. Lily tried to reassure Kate, but she already started crying. I giggled from my thoughts, and they both stared at me.

“What is so funny? Do you enjoy seeing me like this?”

“Don’t be that dumb, Kate! Of course not!”

“Then what?! Tell us! Tell us, why did you fall in love with Drew after one hook up? Did he ever promise you something? Because you’re acting as he did. And there is also Logan... Where does it come from?”

I glared at Kate. Lily was silent, but I was sure that I saw the horror in her eyes. She was afraid of my argument with Kate.

“When did my best friend become such a bitch? You’re acting like I am nothing to you. Like my feelings, it’s the most annoying thing in the world! But you should know me better than anyone, you even know me better than my mom!”

“Becca... I want you to become yourself! You were a self-confident, stunning girl with a hot body. Now you’re just smart pants, a pale copy of yourself! I didn’t see even glimpses of the real you. I just want my Becca back! How could you be in love with a guy after one night? How?”

“Who said it was only one night?” Fuck!

“What?” Kate’s eyes widened. “When?”

“At the dorm. In your room. When you and Lily were drunk asleep, we had sex for hours.”

“Wait...” Lily stared at me. “Is Drew the same guy, with whom you were meeting the week after this disastrous party when I fought with Mel?”

“What are you talking about?” Kate looked between Lily and me. I forgot that she didn’t know about it.

“Yep. He had been coming to see me that week. We ate some food, we watched a movie at the open-air cinema, we talked, and I also had sex with him almost every night. I never was so greedy, but with Drew... God, it was just natural!”

“Then... It means... That at the party after the win...” Kate was speechless, and it was a rare case. “You said it was your first time with him...”

“I didn’t want you to know. After this lunch, where he took Lil and me... I just knew... That all ends here. That he won’t be in a relationship with me. I was ashamed that I started liking him more than I should... I knew where this was going and still...”

“But Drew never slept with anyone more than once... I was sure that it was only Phoebe...” Lily shook her head.

“Yeah... Like your brother never cheats...” Shit! Why couldn’t I stop?

“What does it mean? He only kissed your neck while he was wasted.” Lily stood up and stared at me. I stared back. I saw Kate moving closer to us.

“What do you think? Your brother fucked his precious Melanie, and minutes after it, he caught me in the hallway of their fraternity house...”

“When? What did he do?” They both whispered. They were stunned by my revelations.

“The day we met at the dorm with you for the first time, Lil... Logan kissed me, and I am sure that if it weren’t for Melanie searching for him, I would have had sex with him.” I was tired of these secrets. “After, he just came back to bed, to his girlfriend, as nothing happened. So, your brother is a cheater. And yeah, I cheated on Rob with Drew, but I was a fool, thinking that maybe... That maybe our sex meant something to him... Because, for me it did, I wanted to spend time with him... I was enjoying his company. We started to open up to each other... I was hoping that he would want to try to be in a relationship because of our sex... It was never like that in my life, obviously not with Adam and not with Chase... And Chase is an experienced guy, and he knows how to make you feel good. I even gave Drew blowjob, though. Like some slut. So now, you know the whole story without secrets. I hope you’re happy. I think I will wait for your parents to come back and then I will drive home. It will be better that way. For everyone.”

I turned around and went to my room. I didn’t undress, I just laid on the bed and pulled covers over me. I didn’t even notice that tears were pouring from my eyes. My body started shaking; I was silent and just buried my face in the pillow. Suddenly, I felt hands wrapping around my waist from behind. Then someone laid on the other half of the bed, placing a hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes, and I saw Kate’s face before me, then I heard Lily’s voice whispering in my ear.

“Why hadn’t you told us sooner? We were thinking that you’re acting stupid. We thought you made it up, your feelings for Drew, I mean... I saw how my brother looked at you a few times, and his behavior at the party; it all didn’t leave any doubts. But I was sure that it was only platonic...”

“Nina told me what happened at the bonfire, what she saw in Drew’s eyes, the way he was looking at you... I just shrugged her off... I honestly thought that she was wrong because I thought that... That he just felt sorry for you... Oh God, Becca, I am so sorry! We were so blind... Fuck! I am such a douche friend...”

They both were crying too, but they wanted to comfort me. I appreciated it. Lily’s grip on my waist tightened, I placed my hand on hers and gave it a little squeeze. Kate leaned closer and now was inches away from my face.

“It was just so embarrassing... I didn’t want you to know what a whore I was... I answered to Logan’s kiss the second day after I met him, knowing that he had a girlfriend. And Drew... His proposal that night was so out of the blue, and still, I went with him... I was confused about Logan’s behavior and his sudden appearance at the parking lot, so I think it was the reason why I agreed to sleep with Drew in the first place. But when he touched me for real, everything just disappeared. We barely slept that night... I guess I had four or even five orgasms in a row... We continued to see each other the week after, and I was okay with it, thinking that I will manage to be with him without any strings or attachments. On the third night, I realized that I was oblivious, that I started to have feelings for him, for the real him... When I saw how he acted toward me at the college and him with Phoebe at this party, I was hurt. But he reached to me after the game... Our sex in his room... It felt different like I meant something for him... He was gentle and passionate at the same time... Fucking hell, that’s why I made up my mind to have hopes about him. I was so glad that he chose me over Phoebe. And it felt so damn good when he hugged me in his sleep... He went to my room and waited for me to end my studies, he kissed me like he never did this before. It was so tender and full of warmth... But when you came to the room, Lil, he changed. He acted coldly; he was indifferent to me... I cracked and went for a walk after lunch... Did you know that he waited for me? Of course, you know... He wanted to know what happened. He hugged me and tried to reassure me... I saw something in his eyes, but I guess it was nothing, as, after that, he went to Phoebe, and now he’s dating her.”

“Becca... I am so sorry for all my words and...” Kate sobbed.

“We were shitty friends, and we just need to accept it... Becca, please, stay... We will make it up to you... I won’t let Drew or Logan hurt you... They are both jerks and deserve their bitchy girlfriends... Has Logan ever apologized before you?”

“Kind of...”

“I will give him hell! Don’t be afraid. I won’t tell that I know something...”

“No. It will turn Christmas holidays into a disaster... And your parents don’t deserve it... I will be grateful if we could spend some time without Logan and Drew. As much time as possible... It will make me feel good.”

“Promise.” Lily loosened her grip and turned to lie on her back. Kate laid on her back too, so I was in the middle.

“Promise. The only thing...”

“Tim. I know.” I looked at Kate.

“You could be with him, and I will keep Becca’s company. I will show her my hometown, my favorite places...”

“I will be with you as much as I could. I promise this. I want to earn your faith in me again.”

“I love you, guys. I should have come to you sooner...”

“Does Nina know about that?”

“No, Kate. Nina is my harbor of calm in this hell of a storm. I just like to spend time with her.”

“Okay, but still, I am jealous...”

“I know... Three of you are my friends, and you’re all matter to me. So, maybe you could go to your rooms, and we will catch some sleep?”

“What? There is plenty of space for all of us. We’re not leaving you.” Lily said it so severe, so I was sure they intend to do precisely that.

“Yeah... What if you will change your mind and leave? Like you did after the bonfire party... Nah, we will sleep with you.”

“Gosh... Goodnight, then.” I closed my eyes. Soon we were soundly sleeping on my bed.

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