Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 27

I don’t know, was is it because I wore my heart on the sleeve before Drew or because of Mrs. Jones’s words, but the next morning I woke up in an excellent mood. Kate and I exchanged gifts, and I shooed her off from my room. I hopped into the shower, put my jeans, t-shirt, and jacket, and went down for breakfast. Mrs. Jones was in the kitchen already, she gave me a cup of coffee, for which I was very thankful. I prepared small gifts for her and Mr. Jones, she thanked me and handed me a box of chocolate candies in return.

I took some sandwich, an apple, and left the kitchen with a plate and cup in my hands. I walked to the porch and sat there on a small bench. The air was breezy, but the sun was shining, so I didn’t feel cold. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of sun rays on my face.

“Good morning, Rebecca.”

I opened my eyes and stared at Logan. He came back from the run, I supposed. The t-shirt was glued to his chest, and every muscle was on display. I ogled him without thinking. He chuckled. I blushed, and my gaze shifted to the cup in my hands.

“Morning, Logan.” I waited for him to go to the house, but instead of it, he sat beside me on the bench.

“Becca, I am sorry about yesterday. I overreacted when I found Drew in your room. I honestly don’t know what came over me... Or I know, but I don’t want to admit it.”


“I overheard something yesterday, and this made me angry. I was jealous, Becca, and this drives me insane. I have a girlfriend, damn it! I shouldn’t act as I did, and still.”

“What do you want, Logan? Really? Your and Drew’s behaviors are confusing me. Both of you have girlfriends. They are here with you. So tell me, Logan. What is it?”

“It’s simple. I like you more than I should. I am also in a relationship with Melanie. So this whole situation with you is messing with my head like hell.” Logan hung his head and hid his face in his palms.

“Logan.” I placed my hand on his thigh. “Look, I don’t know what it is between us. I attracted to you, yes. It’s almost uncontrollable. But I think I like Drew. Like really like him.”

“Well... Wow... Him and I, we are very alike, Becca. I am sure that he likes you, the way he’s acting, it’s just obvious. I guess he just chose what was easier for him. If only I didn’t have a girlfriend, Drew wouldn’t even be in the picture right now...”

“But he is, and you aren’t single, Logan.”

“Yeah... Does he know about... About what happened in the bathroom?” Logan lifted his head and looked me straight in the eyes.

“No. I want it to stay like that. It’s not something I can be proud of. And I am sure you too.”

“I owe you an apology, though. I acted like a jerk—that time in the bathroom and then at the party. You deserve much better than that. I just hope that Drew will decide what he wants and soon. If he hurts you, I will kick his ass. Be sure of it.”

I smiled at him. He placed his hand on mine, which was still on his thigh, and gave it a little squeeze, entwining our fingers. We sat in silence, shoulder to shoulder. It was a perfect moment. It was the first time since our meeting at the party, when we talked, truthfully, without any hidden motives. Gently I pulled my hand from his and turned to my plate. I didn’t eat nor sandwich, nor apple. I took a sandwich and gave it to Logan. He raised his eyebrow.

“I think after your run, you should eat. I am sure you’re hungry.”

“But it was your breakfast.”

“Nah. I will be okay with just the apple here. Come on, Logan, eat it. You can’t say no to my offer.”

His eyes sparkled. A mischievous smile appeared on his lips.

“Girl, you shouldn’t say something like that to the guy who likes you.”

“Maybe. But I feel safe because this guy has a girlfriend. Even if I like him too.”

We stared at each other. I didn’t like this turn of our conversation. It was as if both of us couldn’t stay away from each other. We needed to flirt. It wasn’t right. I have feelings for Drew. I was confident that he would make a decision and soon. Then it means that I should keep my distance from Logan. I don’t want to be like some undecided chick. Logan noticed my stiffened body and stood up.

“I will go to the shower, Becca. I need it. And you, you should eat your breakfast. I am sure that my mom will give me some food. Maybe not so delicious like yours, but edible.”

Logan winked at me and walked to the house. When I sipped my coffee, it was already cold. The day went without any problems or misunderstandings. I was hanging out with Lily and Kate; Logan joined us in the evening. He said that Melanie wasn’t feeling well, but as he averted his eyes from us while speaking, I was sure that he was lying. We watched a movie and then played some video games. When Melanie finally showed up, I was playing with Logan, we laughed, while Kate and Lily were trying to beat us bickering all the time. She scowled as soon as she realized that I had been paired with her boyfriend. Melanie spent this whole game, watching us. As soon as we won, she and Logan left the room.

Mrs. Jones prepared a very delicious dinner, and we ate it together in the living room. After it, I helped her with dishes. She smiled at me approvingly.

“I like this attitude much better, Rebecca. You’re a stunning girl, and with a genuine smile, your face lightens up even more. I hope your trip to the lake will go smoothly, and you will enjoy your time there.”

“Are you going to Drew’s lake house?” I turned my head from the sink and saw Melanie, who stood in the doorframe. It was the first time when she looked me straight in the eyes.

“Yes.” I answered her calmly, holding her gaze.

“What the hell?!” She turned and rushed from the kitchen. Soon enough, all of us were listening to hers and Logan’s raised voices. Even if they went to his room. I was feeling pity for Logan, but at the same time, I was surprised that Melanie didn’t know about girls and me coming to the lake house. Why did Logan keep it a secret?

The next day started even better than the previous one, but I couldn’t say the same about Logan. Lily and I enjoyed our last day at her parent’s house. Kate went with Tim on a date and spent time with him till the late evening. Logan was moody, he and Melanie didn’t speak with each other. At lunchtime, Drew’s car pulled near the house. He brought Phoebe there, as Logan was going to drive Melanie and Phoebe to their hometown. It was around one hour drive from here. Melanie said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Jones through clenched teeth, and she only jerked her head in our direction. Okay, someone was pissed. I was waiting to see how Drew and Phoebe will say goodbye to each other. I’d rather not see it.

Melanie sat in the front seat with folded arms over her chest, Logan loaded bags in the trunk and went to sit at the driver seat. He and Melanie didn’t exchange a word. He took his phone and was scrolling through it. Phoebe was sitting beside Lily and me on the bench, she sighed from the view and got up. Drew was still in the house, he went there to say “hi” to Logan’s and Lily’s parents.

“Well... It was nice to spend time in your hometown, Lily. Your parents are lovely people. Drew’s parents... Most of the time, I didn’t see them. They were always busy. But I guess it’s okay if you have your own successful business to run...Well, it’s not that I was complaining. Their huge house was at our complete disposal. Drew and I made the most of it, you know.” She glanced in my direction—way to go from the nice girl to the bitch. I didn’t show her that her words were affecting me. I smiled.

“Yeah, we know, Phoebe. Drew’s a passionate guy. I just hope he didn’t wear you out.” Yay! She scowled. I guess I hit the nerve.

“Drew? I think it’s time to go!” She called out to him.

A few minutes later, Drew walked out of the house. He was all-smiling. He glanced in our direction, as we stood there in silence. He shrugged his shoulders.


“Yeah, babe... Still, I am so upset that you couldn’t drive me home... I was hoping to introduce you to my parents.”

“Maybe next time.”

They walked together to Logan’s car. Melanie and Logan both now were glued to their phones. Poor Logan, how was he going to survive this ride? Suddenly, Lily’s hand clasped my arm. I turned to her in surprise and raised my eyebrow.

“Don’t look, Becca.”

Yeah, like it was possible, especially after her warning. I turned my gaze and focused on Phoebe and Drew. They were kissing, his hands on her waist, hers around his neck. The kiss was passionate like they couldn’t have enough of each other. I closed my eyes and took a breath. As I slowly opened my eyes and looked again, they still were locked in an embrace. I guess it was his way to show me that he was choosing her. I shook my head. I wasn’t going to stand there and cry my eyes out. He didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve my feelings.

“At what time will we be leaving tomorrow?” I asked Lily. She wasn’t looking at the car, and she was concentrating on me. As if she was afraid, that I will crack from the view before us.

“After lunch. Mom wants us to have lunch together before we leave. Why?”

“Can we go somewhere and hang out?”

“What do you have in mind? Something particular?”

“Nah. I only want to have fun. Maybe dance a little or sing, or both.”

“I know just the place. Will you be okay if it will be only us? I am not sure that Kate will be free.”

“Of course. When can we go?”

“Where do you want to go?” Drew’s voice caught me by surprise.

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