Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 28

Drew was standing near the porch, as Logan’s car finally drove off. His eyes locked on me. Is he kidding me?

“We’re planning to have fun tonight. Before we will go to the lake.” Lily answered because it was evident that I won’t say a word to Drew. Not after, he slid his tongue down to his girlfriend’s throat right in front of me. I had been fed up with him and his attitude.

“We can wait for Logan. We could go somewhere together.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t want my brother to follow my every move.”

“Then what if I will go with you? I know the perfect place...”

“No, thank you.” I didn’t let him finish. I started to boil inside.

“Why?” He fixed his gaze on me.

“Because I don’t want to spend my last evening in this city in your company.”

We stared at each other. I was beyond pissed. I wanted him to leave me alone. I needed to cool off if I wanted to enjoy my time at the lake house. I was doubtful about it. Was it even possible? He climbed the stairs and was now standing before me. Lily was silent. Poor girl, she didn’t know what to say.

“Lil, can you leave us alone?” He asked Lily without turning his head in her direction, and his eyes were glued to me.

“Erm...” Lily wasn’t sure what to do. Just then, Mrs. Jones called her from the house. She squeezed my hand with an apologizing look on her face and went inside.

“Come with me.” He gestured to his car. Yeah, like I will be stupid enough to sit alone with him in his car.


“I will drag you there, Becca. I don’t care.”

“Wow, Drew... You sure know how to speak with a girl. I will tell you something. You could talk like that with your girlfriend, but not with me. Bye!” I turned around and walked to the house. I was freaking out. This standoff with him turned me on. Fucking asshole! I hated him for the feelings he gave me. I rushed to my room and slammed the door behind my back. I needed a cold shower.

One hour after I went downstairs. I was wearing my tunic dress in boho style, it was loose and casual, nothing fancy, but I liked it. There was no way that I will go somewhere with Lily. Her parents wanted to spend time with their children and their guests before we all leave tomorrow. Kate returned and packed her bag, well she did that with my help, but okay. I helped Mrs. Jones in the kitchen. Soon Logan was back from his trip. His shoulders were slumped, and he had a frown on his face. Most of the dinner, he was silent, only answering his mother’s questions. After dinner, he sat with us for some time and left soon after Drew called him. After it, Logan announced to us that we would leave just after lunch tomorrow. With that, he apologized before his parents and went to his room. And again, there was this stupid urge to follow him.

I stayed with girls and Mrs. Jones for two hours. We drank wine and talked. Lily’s mother was a funny woman with a dominant personality. It was a pleasure speaking with her. I was feeling lightheaded when we called it a night. It was already midnight. Girls bid goodnight to me, as all of us went to our rooms. I barely walked to my room, as my thoughts whirled in my head. I remembered Drew with Phoebe in his arms, then Logan with a sad look on his face. Before I could have thought what I was doing, I was already standing before Logan’s room.

A dim light was seen from under the door. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea for me to be there. Hell, it wasn’t wise. But I placed my hand on the doorknob and opened his door. Logan was sitting on his bed, bared legs extended with a laptop on his lap. I walked to the room and closed the door behind my back. He looked from his laptop’s screen at me, then gestured with his hand for me to sit on his bed.

“Well, I would have said that you could come in, but as you’re already in my room, then you may sit.”

“I am sorry for barging in... Especially at this time.” My eyes roamed over his broad shoulders and naked chest. He was wearing only shorts, so it was quite a view. Familiar feeling raised in me. But I wasn’t going to let it overwhelm me. “I honestly thought that you would be asleep...”

“And still, you came...” He smiled, glancing at me from the screen. I walked closer to bed, climbing on it from the other side. I sat near Logan, leaning my back on the bed wall and looking at his laptop. He was watching a soccer game.

“Which league is it?”

“Premier League.” I could say that Logan was surprised by my question. My dad loved soccer, so I often was watching games with him. He was a fan of LA Liga and especially the big fan of the Real Madrid team, but he also watched English teams playing.

“Oh? Wait? Is it Liverpool playing? Oh God, I love Klopp! He’s a marvelous coach!”

“You weren’t at our games and showed no interest to our college team, but you even know the coach of Liverpool...” Logan turned his head and looked at me. He was curious now. I, on the other hand, tried hard to concentrate on the game. After wine and with his body’s heat, it was challenging to do. I shrugged my shoulders.

“What can I say? My dad loves soccer, and I had been watching it with him for a long time. Besides, Jurgen Klopp is just so adorable and so talented. What is he doing with Liverpool now and before with Borussia Dortmund, this deserves respect, you know.”

“Damn! You’re the first girl with whom I could talk about soccer. And who knows, what is she talking about. You’re full of surprises, Rebecca.”

“I tried.” I smiled at him.

“Who is your favorite soccer player?” Logan wasn’t looking at the screen anymore, only at me. I stared at him. It was an easy question, why I was reacting like that? It was beyond me. Why did I need to come here? Why did I sit so close to him? If only he weren’t looking at me like that, we could have spoken for hours about soccer and other stuff, but he concentrated on me. Too much. I started mumbling.

“Ugh... I... It’s...”

“Becca, what is it?” He leaned closer to me, and now his face was inches away from mine. His laptop slid to the side.

“Umm... I guess it’s wine. Your mother treated us with a very delicious drink, and I... I guess it was a little too strong, or I drank too much.” I needed to go back to my room. He was too intimidating for me in this state. I thought I could do this, to resist this attraction to him, but I was wrong. I tried to stand up from his bed. His hand caught my forearm.

“Stay, Becca...”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Logan. Really.”

“Do you think I don’t know what made you come here?” I raised my eyebrow at him. I wasn’t even sure by myself, why I was in his room. “It’s Drew. Isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw your face when you saw him kissing Phoebe. You were hurt. You wanted to forget about him, and you came to me.”

My jaw clenched. The vision of Drew and Phoebe was again there. I started to feel irritated. I wasn’t drunk, but I wasn’t sober either. I struggled to cool myself off. Logan’s presence near me and his hand on my arm was not doing any good to me.

“You know, this asshole wanted to talk with me as soon as your car drove off. Like I was going to listen to his bullshit! Nah... I’d had enough of him. This time for sure... I don’t know how much you heard that day, but... He said that I was the most beautiful girl in his life and... Fuck, and now he was kissing his fucking girl before my eyes. He could easily go and be with any other girl he wants. I don’t care!”

“Then, why are you crying?” Logan’s voice softened, he pulled me to him and wrapped his hands around my waist. I was crying, but I didn’t even feel it.

“I... I don’t know. Logan, I am perplexed. I have some feelings for you, I don’t understand it, but at least I am trying to be okay with them. At the same time, I like Drew. A lot. I thought he likes me, and I was hoping after our conversation with him that he will break up with Phoebe. But I guess... I guess, when we’re talking about Drew Milton, there is no place for the word “hope”. I feel like an idiot!” I was calming down, pouring my heart to Logan. His hands were running up and down on my back. I hid my face in the hollow of his neck. He was so warm.

“He’s an idiot, Rebecca, not you... I told you this morning already. Drew likes you. The truth is, I was surprised that he decided to date Phoebe in the first place. He wasn’t interested in relationships at all and especially not with her. He even thought that she’s annoying and clingy and then this sudden change of attitude. I don’t know why he’s still with Phoebe. He barely talked with her while we were there with them. He was so drunk that night at his house, totally wasted. He told her something, which made her very upset. She slept in the other room, and I think she cried... But this kiss before you, it was a stupid thing to do and cruel.”

“It doesn’t help, Logan... I don’t want to feel this pain again. I tried to forget about him... After I found out that he started to date Phoebe, I slept with a very nice guy from my hometown, when I was there... We’re continuing to talk, but... But he’s not Drew. It’s frustrating, you know.” I looked up, and our eyes locked. I forgot how close we were.

“Rebecca... Shit, I can’t do this anymore.”

I didn’t have time to answer, as his lips crashed on mine. He kissed me with so much fire, but at the same time, his lips were so soft. His scent overwhelmed me. I instantly opened my mouth for him, welcoming his tongue with mine. My hands snuck to his neck and wrapped around it. My mind went blank. Only feelings that this man was giving me mattered. And it was insane.

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