Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 30

Logan placed his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me to him. Instead of the answer, he kissed me. This time I had a feeling that he didn’t hold back himself. He was giving me all of him completely. I was overwhelmed with desire. I didn’t even know I wanted him that badly. I was blaming this attraction between us for this.

I started moving my hips. I still was in my dress, but right now, the only things that were between us – were my panties and his shorts. I already felt his hardness. Oh God, this was driving me nuts. I ended our kiss, sat straight, and took off my dress over my head. Logan’s eyes traveled up and down on my body.

“You’re perfect.”

He let his hands roamed over me. He reached and unclasped my bra, tossing it to the floor. He sat and started to kiss my breasts. He was very gentle with me. He caressed me with passion, but at the same time, it wasn’t rough or forced. Logan took my breasts to his hands; it was as if they were made only for him. He took each of my nipples to his mouth, kissing and licking them. I moaned so loud that he instantly stopped.

“Shh, Becca... or the entire house will know about us...”

And still, he returned to his caress. His little stubble was sending shivers every time his mouth was connecting with my skin. I was afraid that I would cum before I could even feel him inside. He felt my anticipation. Logan rolled us over, and now he was again on top of me. He kissed my neck, using his tongue and teeth all the way, as he went down to my belly. He pulled off my panties, and they also landed on the floor. Now he was the only one in clothes. I was drunk from his touch. Also, I was frustrated, is he not going to undress?

“Don’t you think that you a little overdressed?”

I whispered to him, I guess too harshly. He chuckled. He stood up from the bed and took off his shorts, then his boxers. My eyes immediately fixed on his crotch. His dick was long and thick. I was sure that I would remember feeling him inside me. I needed him.

Logan pulled on a condom. He was looking me in the eyes as his hand was wrapped around the base of his cock. He started stroking it a little, even if he was ready a long time ago. I couldn’t avert my gaze from Logan. In front of me was a perfect man with a sculpted body. All of his muscles were bulging. He was stroking himself while staring me in the eyes. I saw as his breathing started to quicken. I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat on the bed right before him. He smiled.

“Lie down, Becca... Lie down and spread your beautiful legs. Do this for me.”

I did exactly as I’ve been told. He reached my hips, positioning me, my ass was barely on the bed. He was looking over my body again, and then he locked his eyes with mine. When I thought that he would back down, he entered me. Logan groaned instinctively. I guess I was too tight for him, but he liked it as his lips stretched in a huge smile. With a few thrusts, I got used to his size also. He moistened his two fingers and placed them to my clit. He was inside me, filling me, and now this caress over my clit – brought me to the edge within seconds. Logan’s moves were slow; he was making the most of it. I clasped my hand to my mouth, muffling my moans. As I looked at Logan, he was smiling. He enjoyed what he was doing to me.

“Don’t hold it, babe. Cum for me.”

I tried to hold back my orgasm, but with Logan inside me and his fingers over my clit, it was impossible. My whole body trembled. I hid my face in my hands, biting into my lower lip. If I was expecting him to stop caressing my clit, I was wrong. He didn’t stop. His thrusts became faster, his grip on my left thigh tightened. I was going insane from his stimulation. I’ve never experienced such a prolonged orgasm. My whole body was on fire. I wanted him to cum so badly because I was dying from the desire of his lips on me. I adjusted to his rhythm; with each stroke, my hips moved with him, taking him deeper each time. Soon both his hands landed on my thighs, holding me in place. I felt relief because he finally stopped his sweet torture, but soon enough I realized, that I also was close, not only him. Second orgasm without any stops? Oh, God!

Logan and I felt release almost in synch. It was unbelievable. He leaned to me, holding himself on his elbows, my legs wrapped around his hips. He was covered in sweat, his chest glistening, but I only had my eyes for his face. Logan was devastatingly gorgeous. I placed my hand on his cheek, tracing my thumb over his lips. He felt what I was needed, bent down, and kissed me. Then Logan pulled me off from the sheets to his arms, turned us, and now he was sitting on his bed with me straddling him.

My arms were on his neck, while his were on my ass, we were pressed to each other, both naked and covered in sweat. He still was inside me, and I didn’t want him to move away. I wanted to stay like that.

“You said just for one night?” Logan whispered in my ear as his hands traveled up to my waist.


“Well... The night is still young, Rebecca.”

Without answering, I started to kiss his neck, moving from the hollow of it and up to his earlobe. I moved my hips, just a little, teasing him. Immediately he took my face in his large hands, forcing me to look him in the eyes.

“Rebecca, you know, whatever this is between us, it’s insanely wrong and so damn right at the same time... Fuck, I want you now just as much as I wanted you since I saw you for the first time...”

“Logan, you’re talking too much.” My fingertips moved over his chest as I was trying to remember every part of his perfect body. He still didn’t release me, and it looked like he was searching for something in my eyes – guilt or regret? But there was only desire for him.

“I think that we’re playing with fire here... And we both could easily burn in hell for that, especially me... But the truth is... I don’t care, Becca.” With that, Logan finally kissed me again. Yeah, what we did and were doing... It was wrong, but I guess, for both of us right now, the only matter was our longing for each other.

When we finally were able to quench our thirst for each other, it was already close to 6 am. I was lying on Logan’s chest, while his fingers were doing lazy circles over my bareback. I closed my eyes, enjoying this moment. I wasn’t going to break our promise. It was our last moment of weakness. I don’t know a better word for what we did. Yes, we had undeniable chemistry, we liked each other, we even fitted each other perfectly. But now wasn’t the time for us, if it will ever be the time... I didn’t know, what will await us in the future, but right now, I was going to act like this never happened even if it was one of the best experiences in my life.

“I can’t believe we did this...”

“Well, you could think that it was all in your dreams. That way, it will be easy to forget. Like this never happened in reality.” I whispered to Logan, trying to stop the enormous yawn. His fingers on my body felt like bliss, and his broad chest was like a pillow to me.

“It will be hard to forget...”


“I know, Becca... I know it’s for the best...” His fingers reached my hair.

“If you will continue like that, I will fall asleep right there...” The caress of his fingers was like a lullaby.

“Damn... I honestly want you to stay...”

“Yeah... It will be so wise...” I yawned again and reluctantly sat on the bed. I needed to go back to my room.

I stood up from the bed and collected my belongings. I put on my dress, my bra and panties were still in my hands. I wasn’t planning to wear them.

“Wow... You gave me quite a view... Rebecca, do you know that you have a perfect body?”

“I’ve been told, Logan. I’ve been told.” I reached the doorknob and turned around to look at him. He was leaning on his elbow and was looking at me. Look who’s talking... Shit! I really should leave this room and as soon as possible. “Try to sleep.”

“I am counting on it.” He yawned. I almost closed the door when I heard his voice again. “Rebecca?” I pocked my head back in the room and raised my eyebrow at him. Logan was sitting on the edge of his bed with a smile on his face. “You didn’t give me the answer...”

“What answer?” I tried to remember what was he talking about?

“Who is your favorite soccer player?”

“Oh my God! Logan, really?” I snorted loudly because of the amusement of his question.

“So?” He didn’t plan on dropping the subject. I shook my head.

“Ramos.” I answered and finally closed the door to his room. I was silently laughing.

As I was almost near my door, I heard the door opening. I didn’t have time to hide, my shoulders tensed. I didn’t know who it was, so I just froze in place.

“Becca? I thought I heard your voice...” Kate was standing in her doorframe, looking at me with her sleepy eyes.

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