Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 32

“Did you sleep well?” Logan’s mischievous smile appeared on his perfect lips. He placed his bag near mine and leaned his back on the opposite wall. We were standing in front of each other.

“I tried. Before your sister walked to my room at 11.”

“Tell me about it. I was honored by my mom’s presence. She was very keen to remind me, that yesterday’s behavior wasn’t subtle and actually rude.”

“Did she mean dinner?”


“Did you hear something from Mel?”

“No.” He ran his hand through his hair. He was uncomfortable, so I decided to drop it. We both stayed silent for several moments, but the atmosphere wasn’t heavy.

“Logan?” He looked at me and I saw his lips stretching into a smile.

“You feel it too? That this tension between us...?”


“My word exactly. It feels so easy to talk with you right now.”

“I know how it sounds, but we really should have done it sooner... Everything might be different right now, like totally different.”

“You know, there is too many “might be”... But don’t be delusional...” He pushed himself from the wall and made two steps toward me. I waited. What was he planning to do? He stopped right before me, leaning his head to me. I brought my face up, now we were just inches away. He gently placed his hand on my throat. “I still find you sexy as hell and drop-dead gorgeous, especially as I know now what is hidden under all these clothes.”


Mister Jones stood in the doorframe. I blushed hard, I guess I was red as a tomato right now. We should be more discreet if we want this to work. What we did right now, was against what we promised to each other. We were flirting and I was sure, that we wouldn’t be able to resist the desire to kiss. Immediately, Logan stepped back from me and stood right before his father.


“Honestly? I disappointed, Logan. You know me, I don’t interfere with your personal life, but you should know the boundaries and consequences of your actions. I never thought that I would be forced to lecture you about your behavior under this roof. But I guess, everything happens for the first time. I won’t tell anything to your mom, for now. Only because I still have my trust in you.” With that, he walked back to the living room, closing the door behind him.

“Shit!” Logan cursed, his shoulders dropped. I wanted to comfort him, to press myself to him and to tell him that everything will be okay. But I couldn’t. Most importantly, I shouldn’t and he knew that. “I am the one to blame here, Rebecca... Fuck, what a moron I am!”

“Don’t. I flirted back and you know that. We still attracted to each other no matter what we do. We just need to ignore it, really, it will be best for us. I think you should start with a call to your girlfriend.”

Logan sighed.

“Logan, just call her. Ask her what she’s doing, how are her parents...Tell her, you miss her.”

Last words I said almost whispering. He didn’t answer me, but he took his bag from the floor, then phone from his pocket and walked out of the house. Soon Kate and Lily both were with me. We took our bags and walked out of the house. Logan was on his phone. I felt a hint of jealousy, but I suppressed this, I should be happy for him. He wants his relationship with Melanie to work. Lily chatted without stop about the lake house, so I was eager to listen, like that I have the opportunity to not think about anything.

Drew’s car appeared before the house and Logan ended his call. Missis and Mister Jones came out of the house to say their goodbyes to us. I averted my eyes from Mister Jones, I was embarrassed. But he hugged me and wished me to have a good time. He and Missis Jones also assured me, that it’s okay for my car to stay at their house. They also reminded me and Kate that they will be waiting for us to have dinner with them before we’ll leave for home.

“Well, how do we divide?” Kate asked, glancing between Logan’s and Drew’s cars.

“I will go with Logan...” Lily exclaimed.

“I will go with you.” I said too quickly, so everyone turned their heads to me. Drew was staring at me, but I refused to look at him.

“Okay, then Tim and I will be with you, Drew. Should we go?”

“Yeah. Like that, we will be there in 2 hours.”

After some hugs and goodbyes, we finally drove off. Lily sat at the front with Logan and I nestled myself in the backseat. During this trip I fell asleep, I guess it was just after we stopped to collect Tim.

“Hey, sleepyhead, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open. Kate was standing beside the open door.

“We already here?” I sat on the seat, trying to chase away my dreams.

“Yeah... Mister Quarterback forbade us to wake you up. We already carried all of our bags inside, Logan took yours to your room too. Oh God, Rebecca, it’s so beautiful here!”

I stepped outside the car and stretched my arms in the air. The view was marvelous. The house was cozy and small, but at the same time, it gave vibes of wealth with floor to ceiling windows on the first floor. I was actually surprised that there was the second floor, but it was. Kate told me, that our rooms will be there. But I honestly didn’t have words to describe the beauty of our surroundings. The house was really near the lake with a small wooden dock on it. All around us was the forest. The air was fresh and saturated with aromas of trees.

“Let’s go inside, Becca. We need to help to make dinner.”

I walked beside Kate to the house. I fell in love with this place from the first sight. I was actually grateful to Drew for this opportunity to be here. He, Tim and Logan were nowhere to be seen, so I just followed Kate to the kitchen. Lily was cutting ingredients for the salad.

“There you are!” She smiled as soon as she saw me.

“How can I help you?”

“Nonsense! It will be ready in a few minutes. Guys went outside to prepare everything for the barbeque.” Kate nodded and walked out of the house on the terrace. I listened and heard voices outside, they all were there. “Becca? Are you okay? You fell asleep so fast, I didn’t even realize that you were sleeping. Until Logan didn’t let me listen to my music.”

“Sorry, Lil. It just happened... I wasn’t going to sleep when I sat at the backseat.” I opened the fridge and saw a huge amount of beer bottles. “Is there something to eat?” Lily laughed.

“Of course, there is another fridge.” She pointed to the other end of the kitchen. “You should have seen your face! It was priceless!”

I laughed too and then asked her directions for the bathroom. Lily pointed me the direction and I went there, splashed some water on my face. I unbraided my hair and made a high ponytail out of it. Well, I looked better than this morning, that’s for sure. Colors were back to my face. I smiled at my reflection and walked back to the kitchen, which was now empty. Okay, I guess I should go outside too. But before, I opened the fridge and took one bottle of beer for me. When I closed it and turned around I almost backed away. Drew was standing right behind me.

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