Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 37

We were silent the whole ride, soon Drew stopped before a building where was a small bar. Drew and Phoebe walked inside. It wasn’t even 20 minutes as she rushed out of the bar. She headed out straight to my door.

“I hate you! You’re a stupid little whore! What did you do? Why did he suddenly want to break up with me? Did you let him bang you as soon as I left his hometown?”

“I had sex with Drew, yes. But it was before he started to date you.”

“I don’t believe you! Melanie told me everything about you! About how you were trying to seduce Logan, and now, as he resisted you, you decided to draw Drew’s attention!”

“Phoebe! What the hell?! Leave Rebecca out of this. I am a jerk in this story!” Drew finally appeared near his car. He was pissed off. “I told you the truth. She was the only reason why I decided to date you! I liked her too much and was afraid of this feeling. I am sorry that I did this to you. But I can’t pretend anymore. I want to be with her, Phoebe...”

She turned around and stared at him. Her mouth was in the shape of big “O”.

“I am sorry for doing this to you... But I just want to be honest, for the first time in my life.”

“Screw you, Drew! You’re a horrible, horrible person! And you! How could you let him do this to me?! Bringing you here... It’s like a slap in my face! You should have just called me!”

“I am sorry! I...”

“Just, don’t! Screw you both! You deserve one another.”

She threw the last glance at both of us, and it was full of hate. With that, she was gone. Drew walked to the car and sat at the steering wheel. The whole ride back to the lake house, we were silent. When the car stopped, I was the first to leave. Drew caught my arm when I was almost near the porch.

“Come with me.”

Drew walked me to the wooden dock, and we were standing here, looking at the sunset.

“I am sorry, babe... You were right... I should have done this alone.” He hugged me from behind. Feeling his hands on me, gave me tingles all over my body. I turned around, and now we were face to face.

“Drew, do you want to be with me? For real?”

“Yes.” His voice suddenly sounded like a hoarse. He pulled me closer to him, his hands slid to the small of my back, then lower to my ass. Drew leaned his head to me. “Will you be my girlfriend, Rebecca?”

This gorgeous man wanted to be with me. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. And I felt that he had feelings for me. I didn’t want to think anymore, so I just tilted my head to the side. Drew was staring at my lips, so seeing my gesture, he knew what to do. His lips crashed on mine, and the whole world disappeared.

We kissed. My hands wrapped around his neck, holding him close to me, but I honestly wanted him closer. His hands were all over me. It felt so good and so right, so I didn’t think about time, or about other people. When we decided to go back to the house, the sun was already down. My cheeks were red and lips swollen from all these kisses, but I was happy. So damn happy!

“Finally! So, is there a new couple alert?” Lily was sitting on the couch before the TV, and she turned her head, smiling at Drew and me. He immediately wrapped me in his arms and kissed my temple. I felt so small in his arms, but it was too good. I leaned to him, without thinking, on the pure instinct.

“Yeah. I came back to my senses with the help of your brother, and now I could say to everyone that this stunning girl is mine.”

“Congrats, bro! It was about fucking time!” I saw Tim. He was walking from the kitchen with a bowl of snacks in his hands. Kate followed him with a few beer bottles. As she saw us, her lips stretched in a huge toothy smile. She was happy for me. I smiled back at her, still being in Drew’s arms.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“We’re planning to watch a movie. We were debating about something retro or something new. What do you think?”

“How about retro.” Drew and I said at the same time. Our friends laughed at us.

“Okay, lovebirds. What’s your suggestion?” Kate was the first to ask.

“You know, I had this thought for a while now... How about Cruel Intentions?”

“Wait... I even had the DVD somewhere...”

Drew’s arms dropped from me, and I immediately felt the need to have him back. He went further to the house and disappeared from the view. I walked to the couch and plopped myself on it. Soon he was back with a DVD in his hands. He also changed to his t-shirt and sweatpants. My eyes glued to his broad and sculpted chest, which was visible through the t-shirt. Okay, someone was horny.

“Are we ready to watch?” Drew asked while I got up from the couch; I wanted to change my clothes to something more comfortable.

“I will go to my room and change. I’ll be here in 10 minutes.” I started walking and then stopped. “Where is Logan?”

Drew’s eyebrow furrowed, and he glanced around as if only now realizing that his best friend wasn’t here.

“Well...” Lily mumbled and averted her eyes from us. What was it?

“Man, you made quite a scene with Phoebe... Of course, she went to Mel after you left, crying and cursing you two. I guess you might have guessed now what happened...”

“Logan was on the phone with Melanie for almost an hour already,” Kate told us, a sad smile on her lips.

Shit. It was precisely what I wanted to avoid. Drew’s break up with Phoebe could do damage to Logan’s relationship with Melanie. It was fragile enough for that. Drew cursed and went to the kitchen, saying that he needed a drink. I went upstairs to my room. I quickly changed into shorts and a loose t-shirt. I was already downstairs when I realized that I needed to use a bathroom.

After I was finished, I was ready to open the door when it opened by someone from the other side, and Logan walked in. The phone still was pressed to his ear. He didn’t notice me from the start. I observed his face. He was tired, but not sad. I hoped it was a good sign. He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed me. Corners of his lips trembled, forming a little smile. I smiled back at him. I stood, rooted to the place.

“Yeah, babe. I know... I know... I will talk to him... I already told you, I didn’t know... No... Yeah... Yeah... I love you, too... I will call you tomorrow. Yeah... Goodnight!”

Logan ended the call and placed the phone on the bathroom table. His hands were on both sides of the sink. He didn’t turn to me, but we were staring at each other through the mirror. I was the first to break this silence because it started to suffocate me.

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