Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 39

We stayed at the lake house for another two days, and it was the happiest time since I started my education at the college. I didn’t laugh so much for a long time already. We watched movies, played games, went for walks to the forest and ate very delicious food. But my guess, the food was that good, because we made it ourselves.

Every night I spent in bed with Drew, and every morning I was wakening up by his kisses and caress. I was starting to get used to it and was wondering how I was going to spend my nights at the college without him. Yes, now there were two couples, but we were respectful to Lily and Logan and tried hard not to show our affection to one another. It was much harder for Drew and me, though. I always wanted to kiss or to hug him, and the same was for him. But we tried.

Logan was often on the phone, talking with Melanie. He seemed happy, but from time to time, I saw his glances in my direction. I knew what he was feeling because it was the same for me back then when I was watching him with Mel. I was so deep in my feelings for Drew, so I started to think that my attraction to Logan was kind of a trick my blurred mind played on me. Of course, I still thought that he was stunning, and I even remembered his hands on my body, as our hands were touching due to our daily interactions.

On the day, when we were leaving, I woke up very early. We planned to have breakfast and leave around 12. I had been wakened up not by Drew, but my phone ringing. It was Chase. To not wake up Drew, I took my phone and tiptoed to the hallway.


“Hey, beautiful. Didn’t hear much from you these days.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. We just came to the lake, and I didn’t have much time to myself.”

“Will you be home tomorrow?”

“That’s the plan. We will leave the lake house around lunch. My friend’s parents invited us to have dinner with them, and the next day I will drive me and Kate home.”

“Are you still planning to see me?”

“Of course! You said you would move to New York at the end of the month, and it will be my last opportunity to see you.”

“Glad to hear it. I was afraid that you would avoid me...”

“Chase, no! I will call you as soon as I am at home. It will be a couple of days before I will go to college.”

“Okay, Rebecca. See you then! Bye!”


I forgot about my promise to Chase to see him when I will be at home. When we were leaving for the winter break, he told me that he received the job offer from a company in NY, and as it was his dream, he accepted it. I wanted to see him, but only as my friend. I enjoyed my newfound relationship with Drew and didn’t have any intention to screw it.

“And who is Chase?”

I turned around, startled, and stared at Drew. He was leaning on the doorframe with his bare chest and only boxers on him. My eyes roamed over his body on the instinct. A smile appeared on my lips immediately.

“Becca, focus. Who is Chase? You talked to him not only now, but when we were leaving for the winter break too.”

“He’s my friend from my hometown.”

“Is he that guy with whom you slept with? I mean, after you found out about...”

“Yes.” I interrupted him. I tried to forget this whole issue with him and Phoebe, being a couple. And I wasn’t going to lie to him.

“Are you going to see him tomorrow?”

“Yes. He found the job in NY and will move there...”

“Were you planning on telling me?”

“You know, it’s funny because with all this going on here, I almost forgot that I promised Chase to meet with him. But now, I definitely will go and see him. He’s a very nice guy. You wouldn’t believe how do we know each other with him...”

“Whatever.” Drew interrupted me and walked back to the room. What happened?

“Drew?” I followed him and closed the door behind my back. He took his suitcase and placed his things inside, almost tossing them.

“You need to go to your room and pack your things. We will leave soon after breakfast.”

“Uh huh... Is everything okay?”

“Totally. Go. We don’t have so much time.”

I waited for him to look at me, but he continued to focus on his belongings. Was he jealous? No, it can’t be. Drew is such a confident guy, and he knows his ways among women. He knows exactly the effect he has on girls and especially his power over me. I shook my head and went to my room. I packed my things and changed in some jeans and hoodie. I wanted to feel comfortable.

When I came to the first floor, everyone was already here. I heard laughter and talks. My eyes found Drew in a flash. He was leaning his back on the kitchen table, a cup of coffee in his hands. He saw me, but his eyes stayed unreadable. He didn’t even smile at me. Someone was in a bad mood. Okay, I think I will give him time to cool off. I walked to Lily, and she gave me a cup with hot black coffee. I smiled at her. She was my savior.

“Thanks, Lil.”

“You’re welcome. Parents called, they are waiting. Mom said she made some Italian food for us and bought some excellent wine. By the way, Tim, Drew, are you still coming to the dinner tonight?”

“Yeah. I want to be able to say goodbye to my girl. I won’t see her for three days before the college will start again.” Tim pulled Kate to him and kissed the top of her hair. She smiled at him with a goofy smile.

“Drew? What about you?” Lily asked him. He was staring out of the window when he turned to me and her, his look was grim.

“Sorry, but some other plans came.”

“What?” I was stunned. I hoped to spend time with him before I will go to see my parents tomorrow.

“Yeah. Duty calls. My mom called. They need me at some fancy event. So...” He trailed off. He was doing everything to avoid looking me in the eyes.

“Will you come tomorrow to see me?” It was as if I knew his answer before he even opened his mouth. But still, it was a low blow.

“No, sorry. I will be busy.” He pushed himself from the table, walked to the sink, and washed his cup. After, he just walked past me, not even glancing in my direction. He was giving me the cold shoulder, and I had no idea why. All of our friends were silent. They were stunned, just like me.

Soon after this, we gathered our bags and walked out of the house. Drew and Logan went around the house, checking that we left everything in order. Tim and Kate sat at the backseat of Drew’s car. I was going to sit in the front when he caught my arm. I stopped in my track.

“I think it will be better if you will go with Logan and Lily.”

“Are you for real, Drew? You won’t see me for four days before college starts, and you don’t want to spend some time with me? What is going on, seriously?” I folded my hands over my chest and glared at him. He didn’t even budge.

“Nothing. Go, Logan is waiting for you. I told him that you would drive with him.”

“No. Until you will tell me what had happened.”

“It’s not for the discussion, Rebecca. Now go, you’re delaying our departure.” With that, he turned on his heels and stomped to his car. To say that I was confused, it’s not to say anything.

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