Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 40

The road back was full of laughter and talking. I could say, that Logan and Lily tried to cheer me up and I must say, that they were successful. Until we came to their house. Drew drove with us after he dropped off Tim at his place. He helped Kate to take her bag from the trunk and went back to his seat. It looked like he couldn’t wait to leave this place and me with it. I started to feel annoyance.

“What? Not even the “goodbye kiss” for your girlfriend?” I tried to lighten up the mood, walking to him. He stiffened but stayed near his car. I placed my hand on his cheek and leaned to kiss him. He gave me a quick peck on my lips and stepped back from me. My eyes prickled with tears. Why was he acting like that?

“Bye, Rebecca.”

He just sat to his seat and in flash, he was gone. I stood there with my jaw clenched. What the hell did just happened? After several minutes, I found strength in me and walked to the house. Logan climbed the stairs and I followed him, he took my bag to my room there and went to his, closing door behind his back. I went to the shower and changed in a light dress, which I had with me, but didn’t have the chance to put it on. When I went down the stairs, it was already 7.

Missis Jones made a very delicious pasta, there were some salad and other snacks. Mister Jones poured for us red wine, which he said was made in Italy. The atmosphere was light and very pleasant. We talked, discussing our trip to the lake, then Italian traditions. Mister and Misses Jones visited Italy several times and started telling us stories about their experience. It was so good, listening to them, so I almost forgot about Drew. But who I was kidding? Yet Lily mentioned his name, as I tensed. Remembering his cold eyes. I gulped down my wine, deciding to try to forget about him at least for this evening. Tomorrow will be another day and I will see my family. I missed them terribly and really wanted to go home.

The dinner ended around midnight. Tim stayed the night with us, but Missis Jones ordered him to sleep in another guest room. Lily and I giggled from the view; both Tim and Kate were frustrated to hear it, but shortly covered it. Kate kissed my cheek, before going to sleep.

“I know that something happened between you and Drew. Is it okay for us to talk about it tomorrow on our way home?”

“Of course! Goodnight, Kate.”

Lily walked with me to my room, while Logan stayed with Mister Jones. They were in the middle of a heated conversation about football when we wished them “goodnight”.

“Hey, Becca... Are you okay? What is the deal with Drew? He acted all distant and cold...”

“I don’t know. Everything was totally fine, perfect even... And now this change of attitude...”

“Maybe, it’s really nothing to do with you two... You know, he and his parents, well, how to put it... They’re wealthy people and very demanding to Drew... He always needs to meet their requirements and to support the image of the perfect family. I even think, that his attitude with parties, girls and drinking... It’s all like rebellion. The way to prove something to his parents...”

“He told me about it earlier. I wish, he will talk to me... Because now, I don’t have any idea, what happened. It’s not a pleasant feeling, though...”

“I know, Becca. But give him time. Everything will be okay, as soon as he will see you at the college.”

“Goodnight, Lil.”

I smiled at her, she hugged me and went to her room. I closed the door and went to the bathroom. I washed my face, combed my hair and got dressed in my short shorts and a tank top. I plopped myself on the bed and closed my eyes, trying to sleep. The sleep didn’t come. I took my phone from the bedside table and checked it. No messages or calls from Drew. I tossed my phone back, trying to calm myself. I drank wine and was sure, that I will be able to fall asleep almost immediately. But my mind had another opinion. It was already 2 in the morning, but I was sitting on my bed with legs crossed and stared on the wall.

My door cracked open. I was ready to see Kate or Lily sneaking to my room, but it was Logan. He had a laptop in his hands. As he saw me, sitting on the bed, he smiled.

“I had a feeling, that you won’t be asleep.” Logan walked to my bed. He comfortably nestled himself on it, our shoulders were touching. This touch, his proximity reminded me of our night together. My cheeks flushed. I cursed.

“What are you doing here, Logan?”

“Well... I thought, that you will watch soccer with me. It’s LA Liga game, Real Madrid is playing. Your favorite, Sergio Ramos, is also on the field.” As he was talking, he opened his laptop, sitting it on his lap. Soon we were watching the game. We talked about players, game style and chances for the championship for both teams.

When the game ended, it was already 4 in the morning. It was so good, so my mood totally changed. Logan helped me relax. We talked a lot over the game. I had a feeling, that he was my friend for a very long time. It was as if I knew him for my whole life.

He closed his laptop and put it on the bedside table, turning to look at me after. I was watching over his every move. I wanted to lean to him and hid my face in his chest, but I didn’t move.

“Listen, Becca... I talked with Drew...”

“Don’t tell me, he wants to break up with me and asked you to tell me this?”

“What? Of course, not! He likes you too much, for doing this.”

“Then what? Everything was perfect. I had a feeling, that I was the most important person for him. He showered me with his attention and I really felt just how big his feelings for me. But this morning... He changed in a totally different man. Like I didn’t matter for him...” I sobbed. I didn’t even notice that I started crying.

In instant, Logan wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. I hid my face in the hollow of his neck. I felt safe. Again.

“Rebecca, you need to know, that Drew is a very jealous man and that this whole thing... I mean, you and him together, like a couple, this is too new for him. He never dated anyone. I don’t count his flings, them were too many or his “relationship” with Phoebe. I know that he’s serious about you and it scares him...”

“But I didn’t give him any reason to be jealous. You and me, we acted very normally. You were often over the phone with Melanie, I was into him completely. How could he notice something?”

“I am not talking about us. I’m talking about that Chase guy.”

“Wait... Drew was upset because I talked with Chase? He became jealous because I am planning to meet with Chase today in the evening?”

“Exactly. He told me, that he was pissed off to hear you, talking with another guy, making plans with him... He wanted to take your phone and to tell him to back off.”

“What? Chase’s my friend! Maybe, I slept with him, but it was once and meant nothing!”

“Drew didn’t know it. I told him to cool off. He wasn’t thinking straight. I will talk to him today. We agreed to meet and to drink a beer, to have the guy talk. Tim also will come with us, like the old good days. Everything will be okay, I promise you that, babe...”

His last word made me stop crying. I was so happy with Drew, so I didn’t even think about Logan’s feelings. How did he feel about me and Drew together for real? Just after I slept with him. I remembered how it was for me, to look at him and Melanie together. It was torture, even if I knew, that I can’t be with him. And I can’t deny, that this attraction is still there between us.

“Logan...” I whispered, trying to find my voice and looked up at him. His arms were still wrapped around me, he looked back at me. We needed to move just a little and our lips will meet. But neither of us was moving.

“Yeah?” His voice was rasp.

“Are you... You know, me and Drew...” I mumbled, not knowing what to say. He laughed and closed his eyes. I studied his face, he was so gorgeous. He and Drew were different, but they both were stunning each in their own way.

“I’m starting to get used to it. I am happy for my best friend, he deserves to have someone so beautiful and so intelligent in his life, like you... I like you, I won’t deny it. But I told you this before...”

“You want to be with Melanie.”

“Yep. And you want to be with Drew. I think, you and me... Well, we could be really good friends, even best friends. Without any romantic feelings. We experienced it, we know, how it is between us. So it will be safe for us to be friends.”

“I would love that. We have this understanding between us and it’s always easy to talk with you. Who knows, what is awaiting us in the future? Maybe in 10 years, I will be Drew’s wife and you will be married to Melanie... Or you will marry me and I will give birth to our children... Or we will forget about even knowing one another...”

“I definitely don’t want to forget about you...” I opened my eyes and looked back at him. Logan was staring at me. There were so many emotions behind his eyes, but the most evidential one was confusion. He leaned to me and kissed my lips, just pressed his lips to mine. As quick, as he kissed me, he pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “I am sorry, Rebecca. I don’t know, what I was thinking...”

“Don’t be, Logan... It was bound to happen... With all this intimacy of the moment and our feelings to one another... If we want to be friends, I think we should set some rules. What do you say?”

“I am all in. What will be rule number one?”

“Easy. We’re friends, not a fucking buddies. No matter what. We won’t have sex again. Deal?”

“Deal.” I saw a twinkle in his eyes when he told that. But I ignored it. “How about... I won’t be talking with you about my sex life and you won’t be talking about yours?”

“Uh huh. Why not? But you know, for the record, if I will be with Drew, you will know at least a little something about mine...”

“True. But it won’t be you, who will be telling me about it. So? Deal?”

“Fine. How about rule number three, we could call one another any time of the day and ask for help?”

“Deal. I was thinking, that maybe for rule number four, we won’t force one another to break up with other people, no matter what we will think about them? I know you don’t like Melanie and you...”

“No! Stop right there! Never! I never get involved in decisions about the love life of any of my friends and you won’t be an exception. If I would get involved, I think that Kate and Tim wouldn’t have last longer than a couple of nights. I was very skeptical about him, you know... But okay. Deal.”

“Good. I think we should stop at number 5. But what it will be?”

“To not fall in love with one another.” Logan stared at me. He was confused, I could tell. All this playfulness between us disappeared.

“What do you mean?”

“Well... If someday I will realize, that I am in love with you, I won’t tell you about it, until I will be sure, that you feel the same. The same goes for you. If one of us will fall in love with the other and it will be unrequited love... I am sure, it will ruin everything. So?”

I studied him. He was silent for too long for my comfort. At last, he looked me straight in the eyes.

“Deal.” Logan smiled, squeezed me in his arms and kissed my temple. “Now, we have 5 rules and I promise to follow them.”

“Me too.”

We stayed like that for several minutes, until I yawned. Logan’s arms dropped from my sides and he looked over me.

“Shit! I totally forgot that you will be driving in the morning. What a moron!”

I laughed and smacked his ass with my hand, as he was standing from my bed. He turned and looked at me, taking his laptop.

“What? You deserve it. I have only 4 hours to sleep.” I winked at him and he chuckled. Logan walked to the door, opened it and glanced back at me.

“Night, princess.”

“Night, Logan.”

After he left, I fell asleep almost immediately. He calmed my nerves. Explained this sudden change in Drew’s behavior. I also felt reassured, because I knew, that Logan will talk with Drew. He will knock some sense into my man’s mind.

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