Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 41

Mr. and Mrs. Jones gave us time to sleep. I woke up at 10 am. I felt fresh as I got enough sleep. We all ate breakfast, and around 11, we were ready to leave. Kate and I thanked Mr. and Mrs. Jones for their hospitality, for their attention and comfort of their house. They said that it was a pleasure to have us here; they were glad to know their daughter’s friends. We promised to visit them in the summer.

I was waiting for Drew to come, even if he told, that he won’t be here. Of course, he didn’t come, he didn’t call and didn’t send me any message. I hugged and kissed Mr. and Mrs. Jones, then Lily. The last one was Logan. He wrapped me in his arms, kissing my forehead. I looked at him, and he smiled.

“I will talk to him. Everything will be okay.”

“Thank you.”

After it, I went to my car, and in 5 minutes, we took off. Kate was silent. It was strange, but I gave her time. Only Ed Sheeran’s music filled my car. I hummed “Perfect” along with him until Kate interrupted me.

“Okay. What was it about? You and Logan seemed awfully close.”

“Well... We decided that we could be friends, so...”


“Drew got jealous about Chase and me, that’s why he didn’t come to see me and ignored me in general. Logan just assured me that everything would be okay. He promised to talk to Drew about our relationship.”

“Really? Even people like Drew got jealous? He looks so sure in himself, so popular with girls. Wow! I am surprised.”

“He’s just too new to the whole this “being in a relationship” thing.”

“And I think he likes you even more than he’s showing it. You’re gorgeous, he can be proud to have you as his girlfriend, but this goes with consequences. I guess it will be a problem for him to react properly to your appearances. You always get attention from the guys around...”

“But the deal is that I want only him.”

“And Logan?”

“What about him? I told you we would be friends.”

“Sorry, but it’s very difficult to believe in it. You guys look at each other with so much care.”

“We decided to set rules for our friendship, and I think, if we follow them, everything will be just fine.”

“What are those?”

“Nope, it’s between Logan and me. Sorry.”


“Uh huh.”

“Not even a word?”

I laughed, but I deflected all of her attempts to know more about my friendship with Logan. Kate tried to pout at me, but as soon as we arrived in our hometown, her attention turned back to our parents. We both were excited to see them finally. We agreed to spend this day with our parents and in the evening to go to see Chase. I asked Kate to join me, and she happily agreed, for which I was very thankful. Having Kate with me, don’t give any wrong impression to Chase.

After I walked to my home, I was greeted with a bear hug from my dad and with kisses from mom. We were excited to see each other, and we had so much to talk about. We ate lunch and sat in the living room to discuss our vacation. My parents showed me pictures of Paris and Barcelona, and I was in awe. The cities were gorgeous with unique architecture, and it’s own style. Laughing, my mother told me about the argument my dad had with some man in Barcelona. Of course, it was about soccer, about the old but never dying competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the end, they sat at the café with this man and drank sangria. While my mom whispered to me that she was afraid that my dad would be beaten up for his long tongue.

I told them about my time at Jones’s house and also about our trip to the lake house. I didn’t have any desire to told them about this whole drama in my love life, but I accidentally let it slip, that I had a boyfriend now. Mom was genuinely happy about me and wanted to know everything about Drew, while my dad stayed skeptical. He was worried about me after my break up with Adam and was on his guard around every guy who approached me.

“Are you going to introduce him to us?” My dad looked at me with obvious concern.

“Henry, leave her alone. She only started dating this guy.”

“And this supposed to make me feel better about it? One asshole, I am sorry, baby, hurt her. Forgive me for having my doubts about another one...”

“He’s older than her, and he’s a football player, one of the stars of their college.”

“Lydia, do you hear yourself? What about his personal qualities? About his parents? How does he treat our girl? Huh?”

“Mom, dad! Stop! We only started dating. We have time to know one another. I promise you that I will be careful with my heart.” Liar! I already in deep shit with my feelings for Drew, but my parents didn’t need to know it. “Maybe, you could meet him when you visit me at the college. What do you say?... Of course, if we still will be together with Drew...”

“Honey, we will be happy to meet with your boyfriend.”

“But only if you would feel ready. Okay?”

My dad was still worried. But he was willing to give it a try for me. I am so happy to have my parents. They are my strength and my inspiration. I want someday to build a family like that. I was cut from my thoughts with the phone ringing. I grabbed it and stared at the screen. I was still hoping to see Drew’s name on it, but it was Chase. I felt disappointed. Before I picked up the phone, I tried to shake my grim thoughts. Chase didn’t deserve this. It was Drew, who kept upsetting me.

“Hey. Are we meeting today?”

“Hey, Chase. Yes. Kate and I will come to the bar. At 8?”

“Yes, I will wait for you.”

“See you.”

My mom looked at me with curiosity. Dad left the room to go to the kitchen.

“Who is Chase?”

“Chase Farrell. I am not sure that you know him.”

“Is it Adam’s cousin?”

“Well, yes. We met one day when I was back from college. We ended up talking almost every day. He became my friend. And now, he’s moving to New York, so I wanted to see him.”

“Why do you take Kate with you? He’s your friend, not hers.”

“Erm... I didn’t think about it. He never told me that he’s against the idea of Kate coming along with me.”

“Rebecca Dawson, did you have sex with Chase Farrell?”


“Oh, God... Rebecca, honey, why did you do that? He had a reputation, you know... He slept with a huge amount of girls, who were visiting this bar...”

“I didn’t...”

“Do you seriously thinking to lie to me? I saw Chase, he’s handsome and charming, but why? I thought you much better than this “one-night-stand” thing...”

I was stunned. My mother always supported me. She encouraged me to flirt with guys, to date with Adam. She gave me her shoulder when I needed her through my break up with him. Now, this? She was judging me, and I didn’t like it at all.

“I am not better than this. Even my relationship with Drew started with it.”

“What?!” She opened her mouth in surprise. I stood up from the couch and walked to the exit. I turned around and looked at her.

“You know, mom, you always were there for me. You always were telling me that I should be more open with guys. So why are you so surprised? You didn’t think that I would be okay to be a “hook-up girl”? Well, it happened. Not once, not with one guy. It’s just it.”

“Rebecca, honey... I didn’t mean it. I was surprised... That’s all. I thought that you were looking for a serious relationship...”

“I was. See, where did it get me? My high-school sweetheart cheated on me with almost every girl from our class. Now, I want to enjoy my time in college. Don’t be afraid. I am taking pills. So you won’t be a grandmother soon...”

“For fucking sake, Rebecca!” I froze. My mother never cursed in my presence or at me. She rushed to me, placed her hands on my cheeks, and looked me straight in the eyes. “What happened? Why this became normal to you?”

“Mom, I am fine. It’s just the period of my life. I like Drew, I do. So I hope that we can build something good with him, something strong. No matter how our relationship started.”

“Oh, honey.” She hugged me tightly. “I am just worried about you, just as much as your father. I don’t want you to cry over some stupid guy who didn’t appreciate what he had. Just be careful, okay? I am not talking about an unexpected pregnancy.”

“I will be.” I hugged her back.

“What did I miss?” My dad stood in the hallway. He looked us over and smiled.

“Nothing. Rebecca is going out tonight. Do you want to watch some romantic comedy with me?” Mom released me and walked to dad; he placed his hand on her waist and pulled her to him. Yep, I want something like this in the future.

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