Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)

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Chapter 45

Drew was the first who moved. He turned to me, and now we were facing one another. I was looking at him straight in the eyes. I still had no idea why he was avoiding me after I left for home. His eyes roamed over my body before returning to my face.

“Fuck, I missed you so much...” He took a step closer, and I took a step back. Hell no, he won’t be getting away from this so quickly. But you should know Drew and his persistence. I was a loser before I even realized it. Stepping back each time when he was taking a step closer, I ended up with my back pressed to the wall. He pushed himself to me, and we were chest to chest now. His gaze fixed on my lips. I desperately wanted him to kiss me, but I wanted answers more. I placed my hands on his chest, trying to create a distance between us, pushing him a little from me. He didn’t move an inch, and it was like trying to move a rock.

“Why? Why, Drew? You could have called me at least... I thought that you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

“I am crazy about you, Rebecca Dawson. Not having you by my side, drives me insane. Without the ability to hug you, to kiss every angle of your perfect body, to touch your sensitive tits, or to feel how you’re squeezing me when you cum... Fuck! I wanted to call you, but what could I tell you? I wanted to tell you this while looking you in the eyes. I got jealous over your friend Chase... I was angry at Logan when I found out that he talked with you, while I slept home, forgetting my phone at Lexie’s place. I wanted to drive to your hometown, to find you, to kiss you, to fuck you in your bedroom, while your parents will listen to everything I will be doing to your body and to take you away from them after ... That’s what you’re doing to me. I can’t even think straight when I am around you... Forgive me, babe... I should have called you and tell you how badly I miss you... Please, give me a chance to do everything right... I promise that I will do everything in my power to love you and to take care of you. Please, Rebecca...”

I wasn’t thinking straight when I was around him, either. My hands snuck to his neck, wrapping around it. I pulled him to me so abruptly, so he needed to balance himself, placing his hands on the wall. Drew kissed me like he never kissed me before. I think it was different because he admitted his feelings; he was honest with not only Phoebe and me. He was honest with himself. We kissed, he started to press me harder to the wall with his hips, until he stopped our kiss.

“Babe, you know, I always up to the idea of having sex in a public place, but I don’t think that my friends will appreciate it if we will do it right there in the hallway... And most importantly, I don’t want them to see my girlfriend’s perfect body... They might start to envy me for real and will try to steal you away... Maybe Logan will realize what he could have if he will dump Mel...”

“Stop talking rubbish, Drew... Take me to your room and make love to me.”

“You don’t need to tell me this twice.” He lifted me and carried me to his room, slamming it close with his leg. I tossed my jacket to the floor. Drew positioned me on his bed and took my jeans off. Then my panties. I was soaking wet and wanted him badly inside, but he didn’t want to rush. He leaned in and started unbuttoning my shirt, then my bra, running his fingers over my body, sending shivers down my spine just with his touch. Now I was naked before him. His eyes were full of desire when he looked at me.

“Oh, my God... You’re so gorgeous and mine... I can’t believe it, honestly... What did I do to deserve you...” He bent down and kissed my lips, moving to my jaw, then to my neck. There he noticed the necklace. “What is it?”

“It’s a gift.”

“From your parents?”

“From my friend.”

“From a guy?”




“Fuck... I think I need to teach you a lesson that you will remember that you’re mine and only mine. I will make love to you for the whole damn night... I will fuck you that you couldn’t move in the morning so exhausted from our lovemaking you will be. I will bang you until you are screaming my name, and I don’t give a fuck if my housemates feel uncomfortable about it.”

“Make love to me, Drew... All night long... Because you’re the only one who I want... So stop talking and do it... You’re the one who still in his clothes.” It made an effect on him, he took off his clothes so fast, so I didn’t even notice what landed first on the floor.

Drew was good with his promises; I wasn’t able to sleep until it was early morning. I tried to be discreet, we weren’t the only ones in this house, but he did everything in his power not to let me be silent. We woke up around 10 am, and I realized that I was late for my first day after the winter break. I cursed and climbed out of bed, putting my clothes on. Drew rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed, watching me. He was still sleepy with his disheveled hair and little stubble, forming on his jaw. Oh my, how I was going to leave him alone?

“Rebecca... Where are you going? Don’t I deserve at least a “good morning” kiss?”

I buttoned up my shirt and started looking over for my jacket. Got it, it was near the door on the floor. Only after I was dressed, I walked to Drew and pressed my lips to his, immediately stepping back from him. I knew him already too well that he would try to tackle me back to the bed with him. He groaned, and I smiled, I was right.

“It isn’t fair... Get back here, Becca.”

“Drew, it’s my first year at the college. How am I going to cope with all these studies, if I won’t be coming to lectures?”

“You could skip from time to time. Just like I do it.”

“Good for you. I need to go, Drew.” I was ready to open the door when his hands caught me by my waist, and he pressed my back to his chest. He was so warm. I leaned to him, and he started kissing my neck. Then I felt his hot breath near my ear.

“God, Rebecca... What are you doing to me? I can’t even look as you’re leaving my room. I want to lock this damn door and won’t let you go anywhere...”

“Drew, please... I need to go.” Yeah, so untrue. I wanted to stay here in this room badly, but my mind went full alarm, reminding me that I need to study.

“Fine.” Drew turned me around, and now I was looking at him in the eyes. “But you owe me a date. Tonight. No excuses.”

“That’s I could do.” I smiled and kissed him. His tongue found his way into my mouth in a blink of an eye, twirling with mine. Reluctantly, he stepped away from me. I turned and opened the door if I won’t be out of this room right now, I won’t leave it at all. When I was ready to close the door behind my back, I realized something. I looked back into the room. Drew was staring at the door, seeing me his lips stretched in a smile. I laughed heartily. “No. Don’t get carried away. You also need to go to your lectures. But I just remembered something. It will be our first real date, though.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, I don’t think that spending time in your car or surrounded by our friends at the lake house, can count as one.”

“Then it’s better to be good. No, not good. Perfect. Because that’s what you deserve, babe.”

When I finally walked out of the fraternity house, a big happy smile was plastered to my face. I was so damn happy! I felt butterflies in my stomach, so excited I was for my relationship with Drew and tonight’s date.

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