Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 47

Logan stopped and looked down at me. His gaze was intense, I didn’t see him looking at me like that for a very long time. Since our night at his house. I knew what would happen even before he moved. He kissed me. The only thought was filling my mind, that I can’t do this to Drew. I collected all my strength and pushed him away. Logan jumped from the bed and kicked the table with his leg, after he collapsed to the stool and hid his head in his hands.

“You’re upset and I get it. Honestly. But I am in love with Drew...”

“I know it.”

“We did so well. You and me, Logan. You’re my friend.”

“Fuck! Do you think I don’t know that? What a fucking day!”

“Logan, listen...”

“No, Becca. I am sorry. I didn’t think straight. It was stupid. Melanie played well on my nerves... Just that. I never saw Drew happier, than he is with you. He’s my best friend and so are you. Fuck!”


“I will go. I don’t want to spoil my relationship with either of you. I am sorry...” He stood up from the stool and walked to the door, without looking in my direction. I was sitting on the bed staring at his back. The door opened and Drew bumped into Logan. He smiled at the sight of his best friend.

“Hey, man! What...?” Drew closed his mouth and looked Logan over. “What happened? You look like someone died.”

“Becca will explain. I want to go to my room and watch some soccer, baseball or football... I don’t care, what it will be. See you in the morning! And you better be prepared for the night.”

He clapped his hand on Drew’s back, waved at me and went to his room. Drew with a serious expression on his face entered the room and went straight to me. He leaned and kissed me, he wanted to give me just a peck, but I had another thing in mind. My hands sneaked to his neck and I pulled him to me, he fell on top, balancing himself with his hands. In instant, he rolled us over and now I was the one on top. His eyes were full of tenderness and just looking at them, made me feel good and safe.

“What has happened?”

“Well... How to put it better... Logan and Melanie are over.”

“Finally.” Drew’s grip on my waist tightened. I hid my face in the hollow of his neck.

“He’s sad about it.”

“Of course he is. Logan was with her together from the 1st year at the college. But in the last 3 months, even more, they were going down. She’s the reason why they won’t be together. He tried and tried hard. He wanted them to work. Her jealousy took the best from her. I am glad, though. He will be happier without her.”


We fell silent. Just being in his arms made me weak. It’s surreal how one person could become your world in no matter of time. Drew rested his chin on the top of my head, squeezing me tight.

“What do you want to do for tonight?”

“I don’t know. I wanted us to go on the date. But now, I just want to stay in your arms.”

“This I could do. But we need to eat, how about we will go for dinner and then back there? Will you stay the night?”

“Yep. I packed my suitcase and placed it in my car. I will leave for the home in the morning right from there. Kate told me, she will be with Tim tonight, so I guess I will meet with her here.”

“Let’s go, then.”

When we were leaving the house, we walked hand in hand. When I first came to the college I wanted to stay focus only on my studies at least for the first year. But fate had some other plans for me. Now I was totally in love with one of the most gorgeous men there and I never was happier in my life. Drew made me feel the whole, he completed me.

We didn’t talk thoroughly about our plans for the summer break, just in general, that we will spend some time together. I had the impression, that he was preparing a surprise for me, but no matter how hard I tried – he didn’t tell me anything. I even made Lily to promise me to drag some information from him, but she failed. Logan didn’t say a word to me either. Only his mischievous smile showed me that he knew something about Drew’s plans. Well, I guess I will wait. I was sure in one thing, though. It doesn’t matter what it will be as long Drew will be by my side. That is what will make it perfect.

The End.

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