Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 8

As I was watching Logan approaching us, I realized that I was happy to see him. Even the sight of him sent shivers and tingles all over my body. I almost forgot, how gorgeous he was. Tonight he was in a blue shirt and in dark blue jeans with white Adidas sneakers. His hair became a little longer and was a mess as if he was running his hands through it too many times. He stopped right before Rob and me with hands in his pockets. Suddenly Rob hugged me by my waist and pulled me closer. Why was he acting like the overprotective bodyguard?

“Becca, I need your help. Can you go with me back to the fraternity house?”

“Hey, Jones. I really admire you on the field, but you’re talking with my girlfriend without even acknowledge me. So maybe do you back off? We were in the middle of something if you didn’t notice before.” Rob tightened his grip. Was he jealous?

Logan sighed but looked him straight in the eyes.

“Hey, dude. I don’t know your name, but I advise you to get lost. I have a bigger problem on my mind right now and I don’t have any time or desire to talk with you a second longer than I needed.” Logan returned his gaze to me. He was sad. I could tell. “Becca, please. It’s Lily. And Kate. They’re both so drunk and there also was Melanie. Shit...”

“I will go with you.” I interrupted him, mostly because I will do everything for Kate and Lily. They were too important to me. The second reason, why I didn’t let him finish was Melanie. I saw the bitch in the hallways and she always had been given me a hard look or a glare. I wasn’t interested in her doings at all.

I turned to Rob, his hands dropped from my waist and confusion was written all over his face. I kissed his cheek, whispered to not to worry and followed Logan to his car. Apparently, it was the black Range Rover. I never asked about his car and didn’t see him driving. So I was a little in awe. He opened the door for me and after I was inside, he came to his seat. Logan was very serious so I started to feel anxiety. What had happened at this party?

“So, this guy is the reason why you weren’t around? I visited Lil a few times, but you never were there.”

“Mostly.” I lied.


We fell silent, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Soon he parked at the fraternity house back door. Music was loud and people were in the front lawn, some were lounging near the pool in the back. Logan was out first and came to my side. As he fixed his eyes on me, I saw as they widened. He quickly opened the back door and took something from the backseat. He handed his bomber jacket to me. My eyebrows went up in surprise.

“Ugh... Logan, why do I need your bomber?”

“Because I don’t think that you will be comfortable as every guy in this house will be staring at you.”

I followed his gaze and cursed. I totally forgot that I was without bra and now my full breasts were on display. I grabbed his jacket and put it on. Logan was smiling.

“Not that I didn’t like the view, though.” He extended his hand to me. I ignored it, jumped from his car and stood before him with my arms crossed.

“Don’t. I am here because of Lily and Kate. If it wasn’t for them, it will be the last place on earth where I wanted to be.”

Logan’s smile faded away. He nodded at me and started walking to the house. I followed him and entered the kitchen. We walked through the hallway straight to the room, where I saw Logan for the first time. In instant, I saw Kate, she was sleeping on the couch. The guy sat beside her and I recognized him as Tim Wallace. But where is Lily?

“Drew took her to your room.” Tim’s voice was so calm, so I relaxed a little.

“And Lily?” Logan asked.

“I was talking about your sister.”

“And Melanie?”

“I don’t have any idea. She was cursing like crazy, especially after you left the house for this girl.” Tim turned to me and smiled. “I am Tim, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Tim. I am Becca. Where is his room? I will go and look after Lily.” I pointed at Logan and waited for Tim’s answer.

“Second floor, the last door on the right.” Tim smiled and waved at me, as I started to leave.

“Wait, Becca...” Logan stood, rooted to his place.

“What? You may go. I will make sure, that Lily is okay. I think, I could ask Tim or Drew to help me to take her and Kate to our dormitory. Maybe I will call a taxi.”

“I could drive you there.”

“You don’t. You should go and find your girlfriend. I don’t know what had happened there and honestly, I don’t want to. Did you come to me for my help? Now, you might go and deal with your personal issues. I will manage here.”

I walked out of the room and he didn’t follow me. Good to know, where were his priorities. I reached the second floor and now was staring at the door of Logan’s room. Of course, I knew where it was. My memories of our moment started to flood my mind. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. I exhaled deeply and entered the room.

“So you were his backup plan?” I heard Drew’s voice. Lily was asleep on Logan’s bed, Drew sat on the floor, leaning his back to the bed.

“I guess so. How long was she sleeping?”

“30 minutes, I guess.”

“Can you drive?” I looked him up and down. He didn’t seem drunk to me.

“Yes. What about Logan?”

“He left to find Melanie. Will you help me to bring Lily and Kate back to the dorm?”

“Fucking idiot!” Drew cursed under his breath and stood up. “Let’s go.”

He easily lifted Lily from the bed and went down with her in his arms. He loaded her in his Lexus and then Tim came with Kate. Both girls continued to sleep soundly at the backseat as me and Drew were in the front. We took off from the fraternity house. Tim didn’t come with us. Drew was silent and I was grateful for that. This night became even weirder than I thought. As we parked at our dormitory, Drew took Lily to our room first and then brought Kate there. I guess, he was there with Logan in my absence. Now we were standing and looking at them. They both slept peacefully like they never even had been moved to another place.

“Where are you going to sleep? I thought it was yours and Lily’s room, but you said to bring your friend also there.”

“I will move Kate, it’s my bed. We get used to sleeping together.”

“Were you fooling around with her? I could easily see it, two hot girls in one bed.” Drew looked at me with a mischievous smile on his lips.

“As if I’m going to tell you.” I smiled back at him.

“So I think I hit the point. Mind if I join you?”

“Are you kidding? I don’t like to share, you know.” I was teasing him, but I could tell that the atmosphere in the room changed in a flash.

“You’re beautiful, you know that, right? And your face with combination with your body? Damn! I could totally see why Logan is so interested in you.”

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