Caught Up in Between: The College

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Chapter 9


Drew didn’t look confused or intimidated for letting it slip. He just shrugged his shoulders and stepped closer to me, placing his finger under my chin to raise my face up. We were inches away. I felt hot. Drew was a beautiful guy with soft features, blond hair and deep brown eyes. He reminded me of Charlie Hunnam, but with the more sport-shaped body, which was only emphasizing his manliness.

“Logan likes you. I could tell. He’s my best friend. The deal is, he’s too attached to Mel, he won’t break up with her. But I also can’t see him be able to keep his distance. He’s always asking Lil about you and I saw him a few times staring at you, while you weren’t noticing us. And I think that you like him too. So, in the end, you will be the only one with your heart broken if you will let him be close to you.”

“Thanks for the warning. But I think I will manage. I was able to avoid him for two months already, you know.”

“Did something happened between you two?”


“Really? Then why you needed to avoid him?”

“It’s not your business, Drew.”

“Did you sleep with him?” Drew asked and traced his thumb over my lip.


Drew studied my face, he was fixing my chin in his hand. I licked my lips. I was nervous. He smiled seeing this gesture.

“I want to kiss you. Will you let me do that?”

“I... I have a boyfriend, Drew. He’s a nice guy from my class.” Boyfriend, right. Boyfriend, with whom I wanted to break up. Nice try.

“I don’t kiss and tell. No one needs to know if you don’t want it.”

He kissed the corner of my lips. I stepped back from him, but he just made a step closer to me until I was leaning my back to the door. Drew pushed me to it with his hips, his hands were all over me at this moment. I was freaking out inside. I felt his need, as he was pressed to my thigh. He was hard and big. I started to feel the anticipation. Am I really going to have sex with the sluttiest guy at the college? Drew’s reputation precedes him and I wasn’t sure I would be able to deal with the consequences. His phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Drew... Your phone...” It was all that I managed to say. My breath was caught in my throat.

“I don’t care. Do you know the place where we can take it? Because I am afraid, you won’t be able to stay quiet and your friends will hear your every moan...”

His kisses traced a hot line on my neck. Shit! If he will continue like that, Kate and Lily might be awake in a few minutes. Suddenly I remembered that Nina left to visit her parents. Their room with Kate was now empty. Do I really want to take Drew there? But who was I kidding? I wanted it and badly.

“We can go to Kate’s room, I have a key.” I murmured to Drew, as his hands were already unzipping my shorts. He stopped, looked at me with his usual smirk and said:

“Lead the way then.”

I took his hand in mine and walked him out of the room. All my rational thoughts were flying through the window, but I didn’t care. As we reached the other room, Drew’s phone started ringing again. I waved at him, making it clear that he might answer. He cursed but took out his phone. He had a frown on his face but didn’t answer right away. Who might it be? I was unlocking the door, with key Kate and Nina gave to me. I sensed Drew’s presence behind me as he stepped inside the room and closed the door. I threw him the key and he locked the door from the inside, as he caught it. We were staring at each other, while he pressed the phone to his ear.

“Hey, man. What’s up?” Drew said, continuing to study me. He licked his lips as he was listening to his phone. “Yes, they’re at the dorm. I gave them a ride. Yes, she’s too.” Drew stepped to me and pulled me closer to him by my waist. “What’s about her?... Good... Yeah, man, bang her and hard. She deserves it... No excuses after what she did at the party. She deserves not even good rough fuck, she needs to be disciplined.”

If I had my doubts before, now I was sure. Drew was talking with Logan and he wasn’t alone, he found Melanie. A stab of jealousy pang my heart. My whole body stiffened, Drew felt it.

“Dude, I need to get going. Talk to you tonight. Fuck your girl.”

He ended the call, silenced his phone and threw it to the bedside table. His eyes were traveling over my body up and down. I couldn’t even resist him. I was a goner. Already.

“Now you understand, what I meant about Logan’s obsession with Melanie? He will break your heart. She will be always there. Do you still up to my idea? I could easily set your mind free. From memories about ...”

“Shut up, already, do you?” I commanded him and captured his mouth with mine. Our kiss was deep and passionate from the first second. We kissed. His tongue pushed his way inside to my mouth. We teased each other, tongues intertwined. He smelled good and intoxicating. He wasn’t Logan, who gave me goosebumps by only looking at me. Drew was a fresh sight, I felt hot and desirable in his arms. Abruptly he stopped our kiss and looked me over.

“I was wondering. Why do you have his bomber jacket? Why Logan gave it to you?” Drew’s hands were still on my waist, not allowing me to move.

“Because of that.” I removed Logan’s jacket and now was standing in my white t-shirt before Drew’s eyes. My breasts were round and full. My nipples were hard because of the anticipation and desire. Drew gulped and reached with his hands to take my t-shirt over my head. I did the same to him. I pressed myself to him, now we were standing chest to chest, the heat from our bodies was almost suffocating. We locked eyes, the only thing on my mind was how much I was craving for this kind of touch. Touch which will be full with need and caress.

Drew lifted me by my butt and I locked my legs around his waist. I pressed myself closer to him, I wanted no more clothes between us. We kissed as he made few steps further and then he placed me on the bed. I laid still, looking him in the eyes. I was searching for his thoughts, but the only sign was there – his undeniable longing for me. He leaned closer, standing between my legs and unzipped my shorts. In a whoosh they were on the floor, then my panties landed also there in the pile of clothes. He traced with his fingers all the way from my breasts to my clit, pausing to add kisses along the way. His fingers made few round circles at the spot and I felt in so much need. It was hurting me, I wanted Drew inside me.

“Drew, please...” I moaned his name. His face lightened up with his confident grin.

“Patience, beautiful.” He smiled at me and then he plunged two fingers inside me at once. Drew’s eyes widened in shock, but then they darkened in an instant. “Shit! I didn’t know you were so wet and so ready. I am sorry, for making you wait!” He reached to his jeans pocket for the condoms. I shook my head.

“I am on the pill...” I whispered. His smile widened in appreciation. Drew stripped from his jeans and boxers, adding them to the pile of our clothes on the floor.

Just from his sight before me, I felt intimidated. His dick was long, thick and so ready. I set my legs wider. He smirked at me and entered me in one fast movement. He filled me with his length and size in the most memorable way. His strokes were slow and masterfull, but he continued to tease me entering with just the tip of his dick, then with full size. I loved how he felt inside me. I felt an orgasm building inside me as his strokes became more rough and fast. He was also close. His tongue teased my nipples, licking and biting them with his teeth. Our moans became louder. I reached his hair as he was kissing my neck and pulled him to my lips. He kissed me with the same passion as I was holding in me. In this kiss wasn’t any kindness or tenderness, there was only pure desire as both of us were incredibly close to our orgasms. He was the first as he collapsed on me, without stopping to stroke me, he knew I didn’t cum yet. In a minute after him, I felt waves of pleasure spreading through my body. It felt just perfect.

Drew kissed me on my lips, then my neck and lowering to my nipples, sucking each of them to his mouth. Then he rolled aside from me and now we were on Kate’s bed, naked, lying side by side on our backs. We were panting and covered in sweat. But it felt good. I turned my head and looked at Drew, he turned his head and looked at me in return. I reached with my hand to his cheek, then to his chest and down to his belly. I was totally aware of what I was doing, I wanted him again, already. My clit was almost aching now. As my hand reached his dick, I realized that I wasn’t the only one. He was hard. I smiled at him almost involuntary.

“Will you be okay without any sleep at all?” He chuckled. I felt anticipation between my legs. As he leaned to me, I shut my legs and shook my head. Drew looked confused.

“Sit.” I ordered him. The realization hit him in second, he smiled and did as I said. I straddled him and took his dick inside me. It fulfilled me completely, as I started moving my hips. Drew helped me to find our rhythm. We moved in total synch. We kissed, teased and licked all sensitive spots of each other. It was total bliss.

When Drew left the room at 8 in the morning. I was totally exhausted but in the most pleasant way. We had sex more than twice without too much time to rest and every time we both reached our climax, so I was actually surprised how I was able to walk after it. The images of our time together were flashing in my mind, sending tingles all over my body. He insisted on adding his number to my phone. With laughter, he said, that he could easily be my booty call when I will be in need. I laughed and pulled him to me. I was totally naked, while he was already in his clothes, I just pressed myself to him. I kissed him hard, biting on his lower lip. Drew groaned.

“Holy fuck, Becca. You will be the death of me. You were the one, who told me that I should leave. Now you’re doing this. It’s not fair, beautiful.” His hands started roaming over my body, I felt him harden in his jeans. I stepped back with a mischievous smile on my lips.

“Sorry, Drew. I think I was caught up in the moment...”

“Call me when you will want to repeat it, or just call me. I believe I made quite an impression on you.”

“Not sure.” I tapped my finger on my lips. He laughed and smacked me on my butt.

“You’re a little minx. If it wasn’t for the late afternoon practice, I might have tried to scoop you in my arms and to bring you to my room. My bed is far more comfortable.”

“You should go, Drew. You need sleep before your practice and I need to clean this mess we created. It’s not my room and I don’t want any of my friends to know, how I used their spare key or their beds.”

“Fine.” He kissed me again and exited the room. I sighed in relief and leaned to the closed door. What I was thinking? Sex was amazing. Hell, even Drew was amazing, gentle and caring, rough when I wanted him to be like that. But he’s the most famous playboy in our college. Shit, I totally forgot about Rob! I cheated on my boyfriend with Drew... I was in deep shit and didn’t sure I will found my way out of it. I already felt guilty. And there was also Logan. Even thoughts about him, made me feel things, which I tried to forget. What will be his reaction on Drew and I, sleeping together? Heck, why do I even think that Drew will be up to another time with me? I really need to clean this room and my mind with it. Kate and Lily might soon to wake up and I was still standing naked in the other room, with Kate’s bedsheets in a total mess. I shook my head, wore my clothes back and started cleaning. It was always helping me to clear my mind and I was hoping just for that.

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