rockyboy2 The Quest to Save The World

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An exciting epic tale of love in the modern world, sexually exciting and full of surprises. This story will keep you gripped from start to finish. Britain in 2041. Oliver Wilson is a man who has lost his father in a terrorist attack. As a consequence, he has inherited a vast amount of money. He is well educated and into all forms of martial arts and high tech gadgetry. When he meets the girl of his dreams she comes with excess family baggage. Baggage in the form of unintended terrorist connections. But Oliver is not the sort of person to mess with and his ability to counter treachery and be one step ahead of his enemies is unique. An enjoyable high tech thriller with some erotic spice too This is a story about a young man whose father is murdered by Islamic State terrorists. He is consumed with hate, then he meets Mary and everything changes. She is a young Muslim girl who is being pursued by her brothers, who are terrorists. They fall in love, get married and have a son who sets out to cure poverty and famine throughout the world.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Oliver meets Mary

Oliver was one of those deep thinking kind of guys, you know, always looking for a reason for the way things were. Some people were just wrapped up in themselves, not worrying about the consequences of what they were doing. Social media was the beginning of it all, everyone wanted to let everyone else know what they had for dinner, who they were fucking, where they were going, where they had been. Exotic holiday selfies posted everywhere on line. Did they not know that some people could not even afford to buy food for themselves, or their children, never mind go on holiday?
During this period Oliver was just a baby, his parents were the old fashioned type, not into computers, smart phones and social media. It was not because they were poor, far from it, they were very wealthy, his father inherited a large house in London. That was in 2021 when property prices in London were astronomical. His mother was a sweet country girl who always wanted to live in the country.
The house was sold for over £8 million and they moved to a large house in the Fens with two acres of land, very secluded. Oliver’s childhood was spent riding horses and learning to play the guitar and piano. A private tutor would visit the house every day during weekdays. Weekends were spent riding his pony Esmaralda, a lovely grey mare his mother bought him for his thirteenth birthday. At that age he was a sweet lovely boy who loved animals and was always happy, those were the happiest days of his life, full of joy and the innocence of youth. But that would change later when he met Mary.

This is Oliver and Mary’s story. The way it happened and how it eventually changed the world. One week after his sixteenth birthday things changed for ever. His mother took him into his fathers study and told him to sit in his fathers favourite armchair. “I have some bad news for you, its father.” She paused and wiped a tear from her eye, she could hardly talk, the pain was deep, unbearable. “Father has been killed in a terrorist attack in Peterborough, he went there to get me a present for my birthday, an Islamic State terrorist set off a huge bomb in the main shopping centre, killing hundreds of people including father.” At that point she completely broke down, just stood there sobbing uncontrollably. Oliver was only 16 years old, he felt his life was now over, although he was not particularly close to his father, his mothers pain was felt deeply. He felt a gloom and despondency envelop him.

After his fathers funeral Oliver had an urge for revenge. He decided he would learn how to kill. His hatred was directed at every Muslim in the world, not just Islamic state. Looking back he was wrong, but the hatred consumed him. His mothers health soon got worse after his fathers death, two years later she was dead, died of a broken heart, Oliver was alone now in the world. He used part of his inheritance to go to every martial arts course in Cambridgeshire and to modernize completely the family home, the rest he invested wisely. By the time he had finished all his training he was an expert in all the martial arts, a fully skilled marksman and weapons expert. It was now 2041 and the Conservative government had been replaced by a left wing Labour government. They immediately started putting more money into social services but the economy was in free fall. The Euro sceptics blamed it on Brexit which was not the truth. It was the years of Conservative austerity policy that had caused the crisis. Although he was only 21 years old he had invested his inheritance well. His funds had grown to over £90 million, mainly through investing in shares in obscure tech companies and bitcoin gambling.
At the tender age of 21 he was rich, a millionaire, lonely and going through a sexual awakening. It was three days after his 21st birthday that he met his first real love, a pretty dark haired girl called Mary. From the moment he saw her walking in the Welney Wetland Centre in Cambridgeshire, he was hooked. He waited till she entered one of the observation posts. A long timber construction accessible by climbing about 50 wooden steps. There was a ramp for wheelchair access, faster for able bodied men to sprint, but that would mean going back over the bridge. He didn’t want to lose sight of this beautiful girl, so he quickly ascended the steps, taking them two at a time. He followed her inside, she was looking through a small pair of pink binoculars, at some swans swimming in the lake. Wanting desperately to get to know her, he had to take the moment.

Now was the time, his moment of destiny that would change his life for ever. He approached her nervously, trying to put on his best smile, he asked her. “May I sit here?” Placing his binoculars on the observation ledge in front of her, he felt aware of his sudden erection and wondered if she noticed it, his cheeks were flushed with excitement, this girl was extremely special, she intoxicated him. She looked up at him and smiled, her slightly crooked teeth made her look very sexy in a natural way. Her full red lips, the perfect whiteness of her teeth, her warm enticing smile, melted his heart. “Be glad of some company, please sit down.” She said, patting the space on the long wooden bench next to where she was sitting. His eyes wandered down to her long tanned legs, quickly looking back up into her dark brown eyes and holding out his hand, he introduced himself.

“My names Oliver, lovely to meet you.”

"My name is Madaniya but my friends call me Mary."

It seemed as if they had known each other all their life and it felt natural holding hands as they walked through the wild forest next to the nature reserve. Their first kiss under the weeping willow tree was magical, as they held each other tight Oliver wanted to say I love you, but he felt it was to soon, he was going to wait for the right moment. He knew that he was in love for the first time in his life after that first kiss. Even before they had made love, he knew he was in love.

“Can I drive you home? Or would you fancy coming over to my place for a drink, maybe watch a movie together in my home cinema, what do you say, it’s getting late now and you must be hungry? I will make you something to eat.” Mary was very excited and replied almost immediately.

“That would be absolutely wonderful, yes lets go to your place, what’s it like?”

“Its big secluded and beautiful, it was the family home but I am all alone now since mother died.”

If it’s as fabulous as you are it will be awesome, she thought.

They walked in silence to the car park holding hands, looking at the view and stealing a glance at each other. They had found that once in a lifetime special person, totally unexpected. When they had arrived at the Wetland Centre, just hoping for a good day out watching the swans, love was the last thing on their minds. Oliver’s car, a black Mitsubishi Shogun was parked at the far end of the car park.

“Guess which cars mine ?” Said Oliver, a proud grin on his face. “The big black one at the back, it’s handsome and strong like you!” She cried excitedly. Laughing out loud he let go of her hand and shouted loudly. “Come on then race you to the car.” Mary was fast, she was soon ahead of Oliver, he deliberately let her win, she was giggling like a little girl and jumping up and down. “Beat you!” She cried, as she leapt into his arms and kissed him passionately. This was the love she had dreamed of ever since she was a little girl, her prince charming in his big shiny carriage waiting to whisk her away to a fairy wonderland.

About 20 minutes later they emerged from the main highway into a country road. There was an entry to a small lane approaching on the left, almost hidden from sight. Oliver swung the car into the lane, the four-wheel drive making light work of the rough road. At the end of the lane was Oliver’s house. Standing majestically behind a high ornamental fence with a large pair of gates in the middle. The pair of big black ornamental gates opened in a majestic sweep, operated by remote control from inside the car. They drove inside and swept along the curved drive. Ahead was the large house, Oliver called home, a lovely big Colonial style mansion. Three stone steps led up to the pair of white marble pillars supporting the large porch. In the centre, a huge six panel oak door with black iron door furniture. It must have been at least three metres high. There was no letterbox on the door, that was at the front of the house outside the front gate. The door resembled the entrance to an old Scottish castle.

Parking the car on the curved drive, he got out and opened the passenger door and helped Mary out of the car.

“Well young lady, what do you think of my humble abode?” Mary just stood there staring at the large house, it was like something out of a movie and she wanted to get inside and make love to him. “I love your house and I think I am falling in love with you.” She wasn’t just thinking it, she was sure she was in love with this dashing charming man who had swept her off her feet. They kissed again, holding her hand he led Mary up the steps to the front door. The door opened electronically by voice control.

Oliver led the way inside, Mary at his side, they were now in the entrance hall of the magnificent mansion. The entrance hall was painted in a subtle shade of light green and adorned with a few modern art paintings in gold frames. A large archway opened up into a huge hexagonal reception area, with six white painted four panel oak doors leading to other rooms. Another pair of doors, plain and flat contained the lift to the upper floor, there was no staircase. A large hexagonal polished oak table, with six tall, green leather backed chairs, stood in the centre of the room. The only thing on the table was a large bronze statue of a Japanese warrior. It stood about two metres high, dressed in full ceremonial costume and holding a samurai sword in one hand and a book in the other. Mary was just standing there feeling totally amazed, it was breathtaking, more than she had ever imagined in her young life. Oliver put his arm round Mary and asked her which room she would like to see first, without hesitation she said. “The bedroom please.”

Her eyes twinkling with mischief, she felt elated, happy, contented, excited, her smile childlike and infectious. She wanted to make love to Oliver right now, she ached for him, she had wanted him almost from the first moment their eyes met. Leading her towards the door on the sixth wall he said. “Open” She heard the click as the door lock released. Turning the gold handle he opened the door and took Mary into the master bedroom. In the mansion there were another six bedrooms on the first floor. All the guest bedrooms had their own en-suite, shower and bath in white porcelain with real gold fittings. The other five doors in the reception area led to the games room, with a pool table and small tennis court, TV room with home cinema, open plan large dining room and kitchen, Swedish style sauna, and a large indoor, oblong shaped swimming pool, every room had interconnecting doors leading to each other. The master bedroom, painted in pale blue, contained two recessed wardrobes with sliding doors on one wall, another flush door, white with a round gold ornate handle, led to the en-suite, another to the kitchen diner, the last door led to the sauna room. Inside the sauna the walls were covered with pine cladding. A pair of sliding doors led to the balcony. All the lights, blinds and concealed music systems were operated by voice control by Sally, Oliver’s home computer. She only responded to his voice, unless he instructed her otherwise. If he had guests he would tell Sally to allow limited access to them for everything, except the security systems. The super King size oak bed was huge, polished oak headboard, sheets and pillows red. He showed Mary where the en-suite was. A white free standing bath took up position in the centre of the room, two showers one on each wall, toilet and bide behind an opaque glass door. A pair of bathrobes hanging on the wall next to the big ornate gold framed mirror, several floor standing cupboards, all white with gold handles, completed the visual setup. Going up behind Mary and putting his strong arms around her slender waist, he whispered in her ear. “Would you like to freshen up now? Can I run you a warm bath, or perhaps you would prefer a shower?” Mary turned round and kissed him hard and passionate. “This is so fabulous, a bath would be lovely, especially if you come in and join me later?” She hoped Oliver would not think she was being a slut for speaking what was on her mind, but in her heart she knew he wanted her too. Walking over to the concealed cupboard next to the big mirror, Oliver opened it, inside was an array of luxury bath and shower oils and creams, for both men and women. “Come and take a look at my selection of bath oils, you choose while I go to the toilet and brush my teeth, get in the bath first darling.” She walked across the room and began selecting some bath oils.
While he was brushing his teeth he could hear the bath running and wondered which oil Mary had chosen for their bath. He felt excited, his desire for Mary almost out of control. Waiting till he could hear the water stop running in the bath, he entered the room again, his heart pounding. He could see her wet black hair and her sexy shoulders jutting above the foamy bath water. Throwing his clothes onto the floor he strode forward, his muscular body tensed like a tiger stalking its prey. She heard him coming, she waited excitedly for him. Her breath was coming in short gasps, she was excited, expectant. He kissed her bare shoulders and climbed into the foamy water. She immediately wrapped her legs round him and pulled him towards her, their kiss was hungry, their need urgent, soon he had entered her, the water splashing all over the floor, the thrusting became faster, he felt her body quiver, her multiple orgasms bringing him to a climax, he felt his seeds shoot deep inside her. When he lost his virginity was the moment he became a real man. It was the moment that they both discovered real, true, complete love.

The moment was shattered instantly when the house security alarm started ringing, the automatic shutters covered every window in the house in less than five seconds. Leaping from the bath Oliver pulled Mary from the bathtub and ushered her into the bedroom, they were both still naked. Opening another voice controlled secret door he thrust her inside.
The room was large with its own toilet, washbasin, hand towels, robes, a small bed and two cupboards containing food and water. Next to the bed was a mobile phone on a small table with one drawer. On the back wall was a secret door that led to the Vault. “You will be safe here, I will call you on the mobile phone when it is safe for me to come to get you. Don’t worry darling everything will be all right. There is food and water in the cupboards and some spare clothes, get dressed and wait here till I call you.” Leaving her inside the safe room he returned to the bathroom and picked up the scattering of clothes they had left behind. Throwing the clothes on the bed he opened the secret closet containing his combat gear. Inside were enough weapons to start a small war. He took what he needed. Quickly dressing in his bulletproof vest, leather combat trousers, combat boots with concealed throwing knives, night vision goggles, ammo belt, knife belt, grenade pouch, two side arms in hip holsters and an AK47 assault rifle slung over his left shoulder. Oliver was a formidable unstoppable force, that would surely strike fear into any intruder human or robotic. He was ready to deal with the threat, he would let nothing harm his new found love. Closing the secret combat gear cupboard he opened the bedroom door and entered the reception area. He started to scan the area for any enemy threat. His night vision goggles were connected to the in-house security computer. The foyer was in complete blackness but Oliver could see into every nook and cranny, there seemed to be no signs of any forced entry. “Replay the incident that has caused the security lock-down Sally.” Watching the replay through his night vision goggles, he was surprised to find that the lock-down had occurred because of a drone entering the grounds and hovering outside the master bedroom window. “Is the drone still there?” He asked Sally the computer. “Yes, would you like me to destroy it with our defence systems?” She replied, in her computerised English accent. “No! I need to capture it and see what information it is carrying.” He was thinking of the best way to capture the drone when Sally offered a solution.
“I can control the Shogun remotely and use the net capture device to disable it if it comes down near the car I can take it out, would you like me to try?”

“Go ahead Sally lure it down, give me visuals on the whole Operation.” He watched on his night goggles as Sally started the Shogun and switched on the full beams. The drone began to fly slowly towards the car, half expecting the drone to blow up the car at any moment, he was relieved to see the thick steel opaque net shoot out from the weapon system in the car, and tighten around the drone, the drone was quickly disabled. “Excellent work Sally, keep an eye on it till I go to get Mary from the safe room, I will be be in touch.” He waited for sally to reply before he moved on.

“Be careful the threat could still be real, shall I leave the house on lock-down for the moment?”

“Sounds good, turning off the night vision goggles now so reactivate the lights please.”

The lights in the house were all switched back on immediately. Taking out his cell phone he called Mary on the safe room phone. She answered straight away, she was a bit breathless but calm. “Oliver, your OK, thank God, I was so worried.”
“I’m fine, nothing to worry about, I am coming to let you out. I will be there in a minute or so.” He ended the call and made his way to the safe room, before he let Mary out he placed his combat gear away in the secret cupboard. He dressed in a black polo neck sweater, military style black jeans and black trainers. When he opened the door Mary rushed into his arms, he held her tight.

“I love you, I will never let anything bad happen to you, I promise.” He said, as he kissed her.

“I love you too, since the first moment I met you.” She stepped back and with a slight quiver in her voice, she asked him what happened. Oliver explained about the drone and said that he would take a look at it after they had something to eat and drink. Taking her to the kitchen, he asked her if she would like some toast, scrambled eggs, salmon and a glass of wine.

Sitting her at the dining table he quickly made the eggs, wholemeal toast and topped it with some fresh tasty Scottish smoked salmon, taken from the large American style fridge freezer. Placing the food down he sat opposite her and poured her a glass of fine French white wine. They ate in silence, it was great to be able to have a quite moment with someone you love. Mary started to clear away the dishes when they were finished their meal. “Just put them in the sink for now darling, it has an auto dish washing system built in. I will show you how to operate it later, I will have to go to take a look at the drone now and see if I can find out why it was spying on us.” Mary was worried but she felt safe. “Thank you, you are the most kind and considerate person I have ever met in my whole life. You are so strong and brave any girl would feel safe with you darling.” She put the empty plates in the large white porcelain butler sink, trying to figure out how the auto dish washing system worked while she was doing it. “I will take the drone to a very good friend of mine, professor Jack Winterbottom at Cambridge University, would you like me to drop you off at your flat on the way?” Mary replied immediately. “Yes that will be fine, its time I saw my flatmate again, I miss her, she is my best friend, you will like her, she is so beautiful.”

“No one could be as beautiful as you Mary, not in my eyes.” Mary gave him a quick hug and they went into the bedroom to get their things. Oliver picked up his bag and went outside to his car leaving Mary inside, calling out to her as he left the room. “See you outside then, I have left all the doors unlocked, I will get the drone and put it in the car, love you.”

“Love you too,” she said, and went into the bathroom to freshen up. Oliver loaded the drone into the boot of the Shogun, and packed some of his combat gear in the boots secret well. As he waited for Mary he wondered what the fuck was going on? Was the drone following him or following Mary? He guessed it must be Mary, was he right? Soon he would find out, when he took the drone to professor Jack Winterbottom he would know exactly what the drone was up to. Jack knew everything about modern technology and he was a good friend. When Mary joined Oliver at the car she looked lovelier than ever, entering the location for Mary’s flat they were soon on their way.
The flat was not to far away and the journey was spent in almost complete silence. Oliver thinking what would the drones camera reveal. Mary just wondering what was happening, this exciting time of her life was fraught with worry, what if it was me and my family the drone was following? So many questions and no answers. Pulling up outside Mary’s flat there was nowhere to park, double yellow lines everywhere. Oliver wasn’t worried, he parked outside the front door, another parking fine was irrelevant to him. The building was old and Georgian in construction, the sash windows and fine exterior radiated history and wealth. Turning off the ignition he went round to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her. She got out and Oliver took her in his arms, he did not want to let her go, but he reluctantly released her.

“I will catch up with you later darling.” He said, as he kissed her on the lips. “And don’t mention the drone to anyone OK.” Pulling herself away unwillingly, she whispered in his ear.

“I love you, I am missing you already, even before you go, come back for me tonight if you can, I can’t stand to be away from you to long.” Walking up the stairs to the front door she stole a glance back and waved at Oliver. He watched till she entered the house and then got into the car. Starting up the engine he was soon on his way to meet his best friend Jack at Cambridge University.

Mary entered her flat on the first floor and went straight to the living room, where her flatmate Jane was waiting. She was sitting on the big brown leather sofa looking at her mobile phone, as always. Mary called out! “Hi Jane, I am back.” Jane looked up from her phone, flicking her long blond hair away from her bright blue eyes and smiling, she said loudly. “You look like the cat that’s just got the cream!”
If only you knew Jane, she smiled to herself. She walked over to where her friend and flatmate was sitting. Mary was radiating with joy and couldn’t wait to tell her friend Jane all about the exciting new man she had met. “Let me make us both a cup of coffee first and I will tell you all about it,” she said.

Going into the small kitchen she got out their favourite cups and put a spoon full of Columbian instant coffee in each cup, a spoon of brown sugar in Jane’s and none for herself, a dash of Almond milk in each. Jane had recently became a vegetarian. Mary had changed her own eating habits a little to make life a bit easier. Switching on the electric kettle, she wondered if she should mention the drone to Jane, best not to she decided. Taking the freshly made coffee into the lounge and placing Jane’s cup down on the little glass side table next to her, she sat down next to her friend on the sofa.

“Well do tell, what’s got you so excited Mary? I thought you were just going to watch the swans?” Said Jane with a wry smile. “I was, and guess what. I met the most wonderful man, he took me back to his place, it was crazy wonderful, he is so handsome, rich and fabulous.” She could feel herself blushing like a schoolgirl, she took a sip of her coffee and waited for Jane to say something. “You made love with him on your first date, didn’t you?” She paused for effect before continuing. “That’s so unlike you, normally you are more cautious when you first go out with someone.” She felt a little envious of Mary, her own love life had been non existent lately. She had been unlucky as far as men were concerned. “How did you know we made love?” Said Mary, still grinning wildly. “You can see it in your face, and it must have been great the way you are grinning like a Cheshire cat.” Mary finished her coffee and put the cup back on the side table.

“I know it sounds crazy but it was love at first sight, like you see in the movies. I am so excited, I never thought it could happen to me, I can’t wait to see him again.”
“So when are you going to see him again? And when can I meet him.?” She crossed her long sexy legs and smiled. “He said he would ring me tonight, when he does I will bring him in and introduce you to him, but no flirting, I really love him.”
“Don’t worry there is no way I would try to steal him from you, you know you are my best friend.” They hugged as girls do and they both went to their rooms to freshen up. Although Mary believed her friend, she would never give her the chance to steal Oliver from her, or let anyone else for that matter.

Meanwhile Oliver had nearly arrived at Cambridge University with the drone, what was on that film? He had to know. It was getting late when Oliver finally pulled up outside Cambridge University, Jack was waiting outside. The entrance into the university was closed, Jack was looking around impatiently, Oliver sounded his horn. Seeing his old friend pull up, Jack opened the passenger door of Oliver’s car and sat down in the passenger seat next to him. “Great to see you, how are you old boy?” The expression old boy was strange as they were both relatively young. Jack was in his early thirties, a child prodigy and an absolute genius at anything technical, he was way ahead of his time. They had met at a martial arts course, three years ago and quickly became good friends. Oliver had helped out Jack when he had ran up some gambling debts, playing online poker. Jack owed Oliver a great deal, but the friendship was more than that, it was sound, a rare bond between two men, that most women would not understand.

“Can we go somewhere private, there is a lot to talk about, as I said on the phone, there’s this drone thing to look at, I have it in the car.” Oliver was desperate to know what was on the drone. “Let’s go back to my place we can have a drink and see what this drone has on its camera.” Oliver set the Sat-Nav to Jacks home, even although he knew the way from memory he liked it on, it was not just an ordinary navigation tool, it was linked to Sally his home security computer. Soon they were driving out of Cambridge into the country. The traffic in Cambridge was heavier than normal. The roads were full of cyclists. Foreign tourists packed the pavements, some wandering into the street taking pictures of all the historic buildings. You had to be careful driving in this busy city.

Once clear of the city the car picked up speed. They took the fast road out of town and soon were entering the flat landscape of the fens. Fields full of crops and just the odd tractor for company. Jacks cottage was completely isolated and sat in the middle of a group of trees down a winding country lane just outside Barrington, a small village about eight miles south of Cambridge. Jack parked the car outside the front door of the cottage. A lovely building, nearly two hundred years old, it was like something from the cover of an old chocolate box. White walls with a thatched roof and sliding sash windows with blue painted ornamental shutters. Before he could switch off the ignition Jack leaned across and put his hand on Oliver’s shoulder, with a somewhat sombre tone of voice he said.

“Let’s be on the safe side, tuck the car away out of sight in the double garage, I will open it with my remote right now” Oliver drove the car straight into the garage and parked next to Jacks Landrover, he removed the drone from the boot and started walking with Jack to the cottage front door, as they walked along the drive, the gravel crunching under their feet, Oliver felt good to be with his old friend again. The black bin liner containing the drone, carried almost casually like a bag of rubbish ready for the tip. Meanwhile, back at Mary’s flat she was bathed and dressed, anxiously awaiting Oliver’s call, a call that would not come till a few hours later. Once inside Jacks cottage Oliver felt at ease, there was something about the place that made you feel totally relaxed. Sitting in the big armchair that he always sat on when he visited Jack. He realized it was almost a year since he had seen his best friend. Getting a bottle of Chivas Regal from his drinks cabinet Jack handed Oliver a large glass of the fine whisky and sat in the armchair opposite. Holding up his own glass he said. “Cheers, here’s to us old friend!” A few moments silence followed as they both took in the moment, that moment when old friends meet again that is so special. Still holding his empty glass Jack walked over to the tall bookcase. “Would you like another? Before we go down to the lab and see what exactly this drone was up to?” Oliver declined. Putting down his glass Oliver walked across the room, the old cottage always felt warm and welcoming. In the winter the log fire would be lit, the food and drink were always special, Jacks housekeeper would fuss around the two of them, a lovely Irish girl called Collette. She was in her early forties and had been with Jack for about five years. He found her homeless on the streets of Cambridge and took pity on her. Handing her one of his business cards and £50 cash, he told her he could use a live in housekeeper. “Clean yourself up and get a taxi to my house tonight, arrive at eight p.m. I have an annexe next to my cottage where you can stay rent free, you will keep the cottage and the main house clean, also cook and clean for me. I demand complete discretion at all times. In return I will pay you £100 a week and a clothing allowance. All food will be provided, one condition only, no visitors ever! My work is highly classified. If you are not there by eight thirty the offer will be withdrawn, do you understand girl” She looked up at him and smiled, exposing a mouth full of dirty teeth. Her black and lifeless eyes suddenly alive for the first time in years, she crossed herself and spoke in her lovely lilting Irish brogue. “God bless you sir you are a Saint to be sure, I will be there, thank you, thank you, you have saved my life and I will serve you faithfully till the day I die.” She tucked the money and Jacks card away in the top of her dress and slowly dragged herself to her feet. She found a public toilet inside a fast food restaurant and tried to clean herself up a bit. Treating herself to a coffee and a hamburger, she waited inside till it was time to go to Jacks home. Jack walked away and wondered if she would turn up on time. That was five years ago and she had proved an exceptional cook and housekeeper, he wondered how he ever got along without her.

“No Collette tonight, is she still with you?” Oliver asked.

“She sure is, I gave her the night off, she is in her little annexe probably baking a special cake for you.”

“She is a wonderful woman, you were lucky to find her.”

“That’s a fact dear friend, now lets go take a look at the drone.”

The moment was fast approaching when Oliver would find out why the drone was hovering outside his house. When he did he would be totally shocked. Would his undying love for Mary be tested? Only after seeing what was on the drone would he know for sure. To examine the drone Jack would have to take it downstairs to his secret Laboratory. He Opened the bookcase, using fingerprint and Iris recognition, starting the mechanism that slid the bookcase to one side, revealing the steps down to the lab, which used to be the old cellar. It covered the entire length and width of the cottage and was full of all the latest technology, nearly all of it invented by Jack. They descended the steep wooden steps, Oliver holding the handrail and carrying the bag with the drone in his other hand. His mind filled with trepidat ion.

“Put the drone on the table here, leave it in the bag, I will scan it for any threats.” Oliver put the bag on the table and waited to see what would happen next. He knew that Jack had the equipment to sort it all out, he pulled out the scanner from under the table. The multi-directional scanner passed over the bag four times then stopped. It spoke to Jack, all the computers and equipment were voice controlled by the same computer. A green light came on and the computer called Pie spoke, it was a male voice. “All clear sir no active danger is detected.”

“Thank you Pie, that will be all for the moment,” said Jack. He took the bag and placed it into a large structure which looked like a large microwave oven. Turning to speak to Oliver he described the next step in the process of extracting all the information from the drone. “This machine will strip all the components down into separate pieces for analysis, would you like me to explain how it works?” Oliver laughed.

“No, I am happy just to see the end result thanks.”

“OK then, here we go, this should take about five minutes, would you like another drink, while we are waiting for the machine to do its work?”

“I could murder a beer, a nice cold one, it’s hot down here.” Said Oliver.

“Two beers coming up then.” Jack knew that Oliver liked a bottle of Carlsberg Special Brew and got a couple from the fridge, he took the metal caps off both bottles with his silver bottle opener, handing one to Oliver, he said;

“Do you think that the drone was following the girl you met? Mary, I think you said her name was?”

“Mary, shit I forgot to ring her, she will be worried sick, she’s crazy about me you know.”

“You better give her a call then, while I get the drone ready for the next stage, identification of model and set up the projector for playback.” Jack took the part containing the drone’s camera and inserted into the playback equipment and examined the identity plate from the drone. It was ten fifty five, a bit late, but he decided to give Mary a call and tell her he would not be able to see her until tomorrow. Taking out his cell phone, the Apple 200xs, he asked Siri to dial Mary’s number, after about five rings she picked up the phone, she sounded sleepy. “Hello darling is that you, are you coming back tonight? I miss you so much it hurts, please say you are coming back tonight?”
“I miss you too, more than you will ever know, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I am at Jacks place now and I don’t know how long it’s going to take to sort out the drone, till I know more it will be safer if I see you tomorrow my darling.” There was a moment’s silence then Mary spoke. “I understand my love, I will wait for you to call me tomorrow, don’t leave it to late, be safe, good night.” She sounded disappointed. The phone went dead, before Oliver could reply. He guessed she had gone to bed and decided he would call her first thing in the morning. Mary went to bed, she found it difficult sleeping, her mind was full of romantic dreams and thoughts of danger, eventually she fell asleep cuddling her favourite teddy bear. Jack put his phone away and took a sip of his beer, straight from the bottle. ​In some ways he hoped the drone was following him. He had secrets, dark secrets that he had never shared with anyone, not even Jack.

“Is she OK?” Jack asked.

“Yes fine, she has gone to bed, but first of all, have you discovered anything about the drone yet?”#

“What you tell me goes no further you know that!”

“Of course I do, but the fact that M16 is involved is a worry, you haven’t been up to anything a bit shady lately, have you Oliver?”

“No! Let’s look at the video now and see if we can get to the bottom of this, I hope Mary is not in any trouble.” Jack asked him to sit down while he played back the video on the projector, the machine automatically broke the security encryption code and started to play the video, what they saw left Oliver feeling very worried and totally shocked, and for the first time in his life afraid, not for himself but for the girl he had completely fallen head over heels in love with, a girl so wonderful nothing would ever stop him loving her, or wanting to spend the rest of his life with, in his eyes Mary could never be a bad person.

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