The Assassin

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An undercover Assassin named “Demon Wolf “ is on a mission what will happen will she meet her soulmate or her victim Anpu is an Assassin without a soulmate or so he thought on his undercover mission he met a boy that he had an instant connection to little did he know that ,that was his target once he finds out he’s conflicted because he loves him but he’s his target .Which one does he choose does this choice countermeasure in his life or their runaways

Romance / Horror
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Story line

Hi I’m Anpu and I am an assassin .I have been since I could walk I learned from my teachers and eventually beat them .Im the leader of one of the packs ,we call ourselves packs because we are like one big family but we know how to get business done .It was also because they all helped raised me they gave me a name,a home,and a family .They named me Anpu because they new I’d be great so they named me something that ment ‘God of Death’ ,I’m 15 years old I’m the youngest assassin of my generation so it’s more expected for people to underestimate me which means I can prove them with my great potential or whatever they call it (lol).I have been on hundreds of missions killed thousands of people trying to help the world

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