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Darkness. Arousal. Danger. Bewitchment. Innocence. What a fine line there is to draw between each piquant feeling that the human body can experience. Some people can feel every emotion in their body, coursing with electrifying energy—and consuming them whole. While others can stay stoic, not feeling a single sensation on their bodies. *** Stacy Grey, the sweet and innocent girl, just wanting the research for an Economics project from her best friend, Ethan… is suddenly thrown into a world of breathless desires, quivering seduction, and the intimidating darkness of danger and demons when she meets Dylan Ramone; her best friend’s new roommate. Dylan Ramone, the devilishly handsome demon of Gastonia, stands on the other side of the threshold. Armed with his seductive grin, inked body and pure hatred in his eyes, he’s ready to keep everyone and anyone away from the skeletons that he’s got in his closet. He doesn’t see the point in facing his problems. He merely makes the choice to douse his body in the blissful distractions of drugs, alcohol, and mindless sex. What will happen when these two opposites finally collide into one another with an unexpected, explosive bang? Will the angel tame the demon, or will the demon manage to devour the angel?

Romance / Drama
IS Campbell
4.8 82 reviews
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Playlist for Close (Book 1):

Pillow Talk” — Zayn

Castle” — Halsey

I Don’t Fucking Care” — Blackbear

The Ghost of You” — My Chemical Romance

Couldn’t Stop Caring” — The Spiritual Machines

Gone Forever” — Three Days Grace

Thief” — Ansel Elgort

Drunk” —Ed Sheeran

Devil in Me” — Halsey

Ghost of You” — Selena Gomez

Darkside” — Grandson

I hate u, I love u” — Gnash ft. Olivia O'Brien

Ricochet” — Starset

By Your Side” — Jonas Blue ft Raye

Worst of You” — Maisie Peters

Light Me Up” — Ingrid Michaelson

War of Hearts (Acoustic Version)” — Ruelle

Can You Hold Me” — NF ft. Britt Nicole

Beating Heart” — Ellie Goulding

Shadow Preachers” — Zella Day

Your Guardian Angel” — The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Monster” — Meg & Dia

Cruel World” — Phantogram

Helium” — Sia

Die for You” — Starset

Dusk Till Dawn” — Zayn & Sia

As the World Falls Down” — Aaron Richards

Love and War” — Fleurie

Scars” — Michael Malarkey

Crazy in Love” — Sofia Karlberg

Mansion” — NF ft. Fleurie

Last Goodbye” — The Hot Damns ft. Smokey Jones

Lightning in a Bottle” — The Summer Set

Live, Love, Learn” — Sondr ft. Peg Parnevik

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