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Foxes & Wolves

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I quickly get up and turn to see Roman, slowly stalking towards me in his wolf form with his head low and his eyes black. "Mate." He growled. That word makes my heart jump, and my Fox whimper.

Romance / Fantasy
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Why won't I sleep, please just sleep.

I lay in my hammock in my dingy, moist room. The window provided no shield form the bright moon light that poured through.

It was the night of the Alpha. A night where the next Alpha is chosen, and when the moon is at its fullest. It happened annually in order to keep the pack at its strongest. The dominant wolves within the pack, who desires to be Alpha, fight each other for the spot in a tournament style battle. Everyone in the Sharp pack attends, well except for me maybe.

Unlike the rest of the Pack, my uncle and I are fox shifters, and were not exactly well liked. To wolves fox shifters lives are shrouded in mystery and we have the reputation to be, you could say... untrustworthy.

I don't like going to these events because me and my Uncle normally get harassed by the pack. Fox shifters aren't usually apart of packs nor do they want to be. We are much more independent creatures, due to this fact packs consider us rogues.

I normally like to watch events like this from afar but this time I wasn't interested.

Also, this wasn't just a night of the Alpha, it was my 18th birthday when midnight hit. I could find a mate tomorrow, which is nerve-racking. To be mated right now is terrible timing especially if it's a wolf, too much trouble. That's why I'm so restless.

"Allona." My uncle's voice speaks from down stairs. He doesn't even bother to come upstairs, I can hear his calm talking voice with my heightened hearing. "Get dressed, were going to the Choosing."

He doesn't wait for me to question, I hear his booted footsteps walk out the door. This is strange, we never go anywhere together. We are only together for teachings, I'm guessing that this might be another one of those.

I leaped out of my hammock and covered my naked figure with a black zip up hoodie with blue ripped jeans. I dress very boyish for a girl of my age. Im deeply insecure, so dressing like this helps me cover my insecurities. Uncle always told me that showing my insecurities is a sign of weakness to the enemy, so I should never show them. I can confidently say its something Im quite excellent at. Running down stairs, I grabbed my phone from the table. I have everything, I think.

As I'm about to walk out the door, me and my fox suddenly sense something sinister, something important is definitely going down tonight. I mean it was Alpha night, so of course something is bound to happen. Not exactly a normal night, so I guess that sinister feeling is normal.

I went outside and fallowed my uncle's sent through the forest towards the pack house. Our home was on the outskirts of the Sharp Pack territory, far from everyone else. We were put here for reason, not that we mind.

I came to my uncle sitting in a tree about 30 feet away from the scene infront of us. I climbed up beside him and looked to see what all the fuss was about.

A huge bonfire burned in the middle of the small clearing in this vast forest. Pack members, some shifted, some not, gathered on logs beside a wooden platform on the opposite side of the fire. Shirtless dominants trying for Alpha had traditional war paint on. The current Alpha, in all his dominance, sat on the wooden platform with his Luna and Beta at his side.

The primal and feral electricity was lingering in the air.

"Why did you want me here?" I whisper to my uncle.

He paused for a moment looking to be deep in thought, then turned to me.

"Let me ask you a question. Do you still want to stay in the pack now that your 18?"

I had to think about this question carefully, its been on my mind of a while. I've been in this pack with my Uncle since I was 8 after my mother died. My Uncle took me in, and moved into this pack with me. The only reason were in this pack was money, the current Alpha saw that he could use my uncles skills as a spy and a scout. He offered him a great amount of money to do his dirty work.

But I was never really accepted into the Pack, nor had a purpose here. I didn't attend the Sharp wolf Academy, my uncle taught me everything I know. I stayed away from the wolves as much as possible. I only came to the pack house to steal or 'get information' for my uncle. Also I only have one friend here, the omega of the Pack, who is the same age as me.

"I don't think so." I whisper back.

"Good, because I don't think we have a choice anyways."

I gave him an confused look.

He turns back to what's happening before us.

"The current Alpha, Alpha Nathan, after 11 years is going to be taken over tonight by that boy there." He pointed to Roman Green, an extremely frightening looking boy. From what my uncle related to me from one of his 'information trips', is that he was a three years older then me, and he had already killed three people out of pure rage.

"That boy hates foxes. He plans on killing us as a celebration as soon as he becomes Alpha tonight." He stares down at the bonfire the flames reflecting in his eyes. My Uncle knows alot about all important pack members, he could easily blackmail them all, yet he would be killed before there was a chance.

"Well, I definitely want to leave now." I laughed out and gave him a smile.

"Agreed." He simply says without conveying a smile back.

My phone buzzes in my pocket and I see its Rain, my Omega friend.

"Yo, where you at? Are you coming?" She texted.

"Uhh" I text back.

"Aw come on it's Alpha night."

"Okay, okay fine." I text back and closed my phone.

"I'm going down there with Rain to spend some time with her before we have to flee."

"Fine, but be careful. Remember, your turning 18 in 30 minutes, and your scent will noticeably change. You may find your mate, unlikely, however if that happens I would advise you run. Also you have to get out before Roman fights Alpha Nathan, unless you what to be mounted on Romans wall as a trophy."

"Got it." With that, I pull my hood over my dark, brownish, almost red hair, and jump from the tree. I land gracefully, almost silently like I was taught, and quietly start walking over. I spot Rain instantly due to her sitting alone and noticeably weak figure.

I make my way through the laughing and talkative crowd towards Rain, trying my best to be unnoticed. But to no avail, soon enough glances are being sent my way and the whispering starts. Some even showed their teeth at me in aggression and disgust. I just ignore them all and give them a slight smile.

Once I'm close I sneak up behind the unsuspecting Rain and slap her on the back. She jumps and yelps in surprise. I laughed out "Sorry Rain."

"Jesus Allona you scared the crap out of me. You know I'm easily scarred." I just give her a smile and sat down. Rain was a pretty girl with bleach blond hair and blue eyes. With her being the omega she is short, extremely thin, fragile, and easily gets picked on by the rest of the Pack.

"Happy birthday bro." She hugged me.

"Thanks, not quite yet though."

"Close enough." She giggled.

"I've never been to a choosing this close before." I say quietly as watch Roman, the future Alpha, playfully push his best friend, the future Beta. Roman was every teenaged girls dream and nightmare. He was strong, dominant and hella attractive, with cholate brown hair, stormy gray eyes and a fit body. But he was also a fuck boy, who has major anger issues. He is said to be the most primal wolf in the Pack.

Every shifter has a strong primal side to them due to their animal spirit, and Romans was extremely strong.

"I hope Sabre wins." Rain points to the only girl trying for Alpha this year, wearing a sports bra and leggings with the traditional paint decorating her. "We haven't had a female Alpha aka Luna in over fifty years, pulse she's beautiful, very dominant, and would make a great Alpha." She excitedly breathed out.

"I think she'll win." I lied to her with a smile on my face giving her false hope. I can't let her know what I know. I was glad lying was so easy for foxes, its like breathing for us, we do it all the time.

Drums suddenly stared playing signifying that the choosing was about to start. Wolves settled down on the logs as more wood was added to the fire.

Then Alpha Nathan stood up stomping his foot, silencing the drums and everyone. They all stood up like they were supposed to, so did I. Only the sound of the fire crackling was heard. He then let out a growl. Everyone immediately kneeled on the ground out of respect bowing there heads. Everyone accept me and the Luna. The Luna was considered almost the Alphas equal, so she didn't have too, but I was definitely supposed to.

The Alpha whipped his head towards me as anger flared through him. Foxes bowed to no one, and refused to respect someone just because of their status, but I did nod to him, something to show that I did respect him in a way, not enough to bow. He was a good Alpha and provided me a home for the last ten years. That seemed to have calmed him down a bit, because he turned his attention to the rest of the crowd.

"It's time for the Choosing, the most important part of Alpha night." His voice boomed through the silence. "I have won the last 11 years in a row, and I intend to win again..." He paused. My fox and I see in his eyes he knew he wouldn't win this year and, may be even be killed. But what we didn't see in his eyes, was fear.

"The first fight will be Reed vs Roman." He backs up and takes a seat. With that, everyone relaxes and settles down once again.

I got tons of deathly looks from the crowd when they stopped bowing, including Roman. He looked like he wants to rip my head off.

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