A Devastating Circumstance.

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That evening.

After everyone had retired, and David was resting in his chair by the kitchen stove ready to undress when he was alone, and to go to sleep, he got a welcome visitor after being concerned that she would not come to him as she’d said she would.

Molly had said she’d visit him later, and here she was. He was happy to see her as she could see for herself, the way he smiled at her and even began to raise his hand as if in greeting.

He looked tired.

Molly had taken on the first round of kitchen duty for that evening, to keep the laundry boiler stoked up in the next room, ready for the early morning, and the one in the kitchen stove.

There was no one here to see her, usually, or to see any of the girls who shared that duty. Once they’d got ready for bed, they worked in just their nightdresses in that warm kitchen for the little time they were there, before handing off to another girl for a short time. They wouldn’t change any of that, with a youth asleep in that chair, and dead-to-the-world after working most of the day. And if he did notice them in any way, it would not be the end of the world. It was nice to be noticed as a growing woman, especially the way a man liked to notice them; always wanting to touch and explore.

Molly had noticed his injured hands over dinner, seeing how he favored them, and knew what to do about that, bringing some lotion with her to put on his broken skin to soften it up and to ease the blisters and soreness.

She set the candle down by his chair and sat with him, confidently taking his hands into her warm lap without hesitation as she talked to him about what she was going to do, and that he should look after his hands better than he did, with him not used to chopping or sawing wood. He did not mind being gently told off, with what, he hoped, would soon follow that.

He could feel her warmth through her thin cotton nightdress; making him breathless, thinking of what she had done to him earlier. She knew exactly how she was affecting him. She leaned closer into him to focus on his hands. His attention was focused upon her in turn, but in a different place in the front of her nightdress; and even below it, with it riding higher upon her legs.

She revealed even more of herself to him as she worked around seeing to his hands. Her legs drifting apart as she reached for something, sending him even further along into insanity. She knew exactly what she was doing, and how she was disturbing him. She needed to know that, before she took it any further.

“Thank you for helping me dress this morning, Molly. I’m mostly recovered now, except for my hands, and they seem to be sore.” He would not remind her of ‘that other thing’ she had taken him by surprise by doing, and saying.

“You should rest these hands for a while. When I’ve seen to these for you, I’ll get you ready for bed.” She knew he had waited for her, hoping that she would do that for him, but she was still not fully sure how he would respond to her.

Her eyes twinkled at him with hidden meaning. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for her already, his breath catching in his throat with excitement. She could feel him trembling as she touched him.

“You shouldn’t touch anything with that lotion on them, or it will wipe off, and then it won’t do you much good and it will only get on your clothes.”

She adjusted her position with him, with even better effect for them both. It was obvious where this would soon go, and his excitement was building, as she could see for herself. She wouldn’t touch him again there; not just yet. Soon.

“We’ll let that soak in for a few minutes and then I’ll put some more on, but I’ll make up the fires here, and in the laundry, first.”

She wiped her hands off, on her exposed arms and legs, not caring how much she moved her nightdress up on her legs to do so, giving him a glimpse of much more of her than he had seen before.

He was attentive to everything she did, even able to see her nipples poking noticeably behind the thin fabric, and to sense their mutually growing excitement, with him beginning to poke up, too, in an obvious way.

She had other plans for David. She hadn’t scared him too much with that kiss, just that morning, and what she’d done to him that had been even more personally startling to him, so she’d see what else was possible, though everything now was.

They never got a young man like this through here. He certainly wasn’t a boy; not with what she’d seen and touched of him this morning, though her own little brothers sometimes got ‘stemmy’, like that too, as even little baby boys could, but never as impressive as David’s had been, and they were only her brothers and didn’t count.

“I think we’ll get you ready for bed too, before I put the next application of lotion on you, so sit back.”

He wasn’t going to complain. She was forceful; having been used to dealing with younger, rebellious brothers most of her life, and David was a bit younger than she was, though not much younger.

She stood up from him, opened the stove door and threw a couple of logs in, standing full in the light of the open door. What he couldn’t see, with the light shining through her threadbare nightdress and illuminating everything between her legs, would not be worth seeing. Inside his mind, he was screaming in suppressed frustration, impatient to be with her, wanting her so bad he was afraid he might burst out of his skin, like a chrysalis.

He could not help but wonder about Molly. She was almost out-of-place here; could even read and write, and could bake bread and cakes and pasties to rival any that he’d ever had anywhere. He knew that she’d been taken on, just before he’d arrived himself, and was from a good family that was going through difficult times. He needed to learn more about her, as well as in that other way he most wanted to, at that very moment.

Miss Anna helped a lot of surrounding families that way. David knew that Molly’s younger sister, who also worked here, but still lived at home, had taken a basket of food back home for her mother and brothers, just that same evening. He had learned that her father was still away at sea, but would be home in another few weeks.

Molly soon came back to him. His shoes were already off, so she began on his socks and then started on his shirt and trousers.

She leaned in and kissed him, looking into his eyes, more confident of her reception now.

“You shouldn’t try to help me, David. Keep your hands off your clothing and let that lotion work its way into the skin, and I’ll see to the rest of this for you.”

He was more than happy to put himself in her hands. He liked everything she did for him and would do. They’d taken just that one look at each other that morning, and had developed an understanding right there and then.

She’d taken him by surprise at what she had so boldly done to him, but he was determined not to be shocked by anything she did now, with no one else to see them. He was game for whatever she was ready for.

She left the door to the stove open, to throw out some light as well as warmth, and then helped him off with his shirt and trousers. She’d dig out a nightshirt for him afterward... if it was needed.

She knelt over him, straddling him in the chair, pulling her nightdress free from under her knees to ride higher on her legs, exposing herself to him, letting him see the hair there, as he reached out to touch; feeling her tap him on the arm to remind him.

“In a little while, you naughty boy. There is no need to rush. We have all night."

He was breathless already, knowing what she intended for him; giving him a glimpse of how the evening would unfold for them both.

She leaned down, almost sending her wondrous breasts out of the front of her nightdress and into his face, mesmerizing him. He was already helpless.

“Put your arms around my neck and grip me tightly, David, but don’t use your hands, just your forearms, and I’ll lift you and get these remaining clothes off you.”

She was referring to his ‘smalls’; the last of his clothes. At least he wasn’t fighting her or objecting. He’d gone past that stage that morning.

He did as she asked, pushing his head into her breasts, breathing of them, into them, feeling her take his smalls down his legs and off them, knowing what she would reveal behind there after the torment she had already been for him. She was not disappointed. She lowered him again to the chair, then continued to sink down onto him, lying on him, kissing him again, feeling him hard under her and between her legs as she put his hands on her waist, feeling them move up and under her nightdress, lifting it away from her body, and then rising onto her breasts, as she continued to peel off her nightdress for him, dropping it to one side before they came together with nothing between their bodies now to stop them.

She shocked herself at her audacity. She'd never done anything like this before with any boy or man, though they had wanted to, but there was a first time for everything, and this was so very important.

They were kissing more heatedly now, with a building excitement that neither of them had felt so intensely before.

David may never have had a girl before--certainly not one like her-- but she wouldn’t let that stop her, not now that they’d got a proper start on what was needed; and he was certainly well-enough primed for her, as she’d seen and felt now, determined not to let him see any anxiety about that going into her body this first time.

She wondered if she would be his first. Though she couldn’t be sure of that, and she would try not to let him know that he would be her first, having held off all others who had tried to engage her in the week she’d been here before David had arrived, and then, when he had arrived and she had undressed and bathed him, she had then known exactly what she wanted. Him!

She helped him find her, and guided him slowly to where he needed to be, hoping he would not just charge forward and hurt her by pushing without consideration once she got him started.

He didn’t.

He let her control what happened, happy just to kiss and to caress her, while she decided how this other part of him; the much more intimate and intrusive one, would go forward. He was not going to object; he was already in heaven with everything he was able to touch and to experience.

They were lost like that for about ten minutes. He had ejaculated with excitement in the first minute of getting a start into her, but did not, could not retreat; he was too well primed, too eager, and too excited for that.

She thought she knew what had happened after he had first got started into her, and would ask him about that afterward if she found courage enough.

It took them a further few minutes to get all of him into her before he ejaculated again with a little cry, feeling her moving on him, kissing him, sobbing in relief that the most difficult part was now over for them both, and never wanting him to come out of her until morning.

He’d read of this moment in that book by Apuleius; The Golden Ass, when Fotis, the concubine, had spent the evening with her master’s honored guest in exactly this same way; tormenting him in unbelievable ways as they’d made love.

David felt equally honored that Molly had blessed him with the gift of her virginity. Why him? Had she been as attracted to him as he had been to her? They would need to talk about this, before the evening ended and she had to leave him, and they would talk a lifetime in those few hours, as they continued to make love.

The pair of them were breathless after that as they sat together, laughing gently; her sitting full upon him now. She could feel all of him in her body, his hands holding her breasts--never wanting to leave them--and encouraging her to kiss him; kissing each other. They smiled easily at each other now as she put more lotion on his hands, even if most of it wound up on her breasts or behind her. They would continue this same ritual all night; making love, snuggling together, talking, making plans as they learned about each other.

She didn't have to ask what had happened earlier. She now knew, and was aware that it would soon happen again.

He had no difficulty using his hands now to hold her warm breasts. He would hold them all night if he could, and even stay exactly where he was, in her body, never wanting to come out of her; waiting for the next time when his feelings would rise to fever pitch as he ejaculated once more.

Molly was supposed to wake up the girl that shared her bed, and to get her to continue looking after the fires when Molly retired in another couple of hours, but she wouldn’t bother doing that tonight; not wanting to leave David, or have him leave her. One or two of those girls were even bold enough to approach David for themselves and she didn't want that. He was hers, and he must only have her this way; but none of the other girls.

They would wake often enough to continue this, and she could make up the fires again at that time.

She would spend the night here with David, and never mind what anyone else might say or think if they were discovered in the morning, lying naked together, still engaging each other. It was not as though such a union was not common, as it was, wherever one looked, if one knew what to look for and to observe.

When they woke up again, from time to time to continue together what they’d started, she’d make up the fires again, and get enough rest too, coming back to him as they laid together on that chair, making love, talking, and learning about each other’s bodies and what they could do for each other as the night progressed.

Both of their lives had changed just as quickly as his brother Henry’s life had, with Anna coming into his life as suddenly as she had--just as Molly had come into his-- and in such an obvious and intimate way as those drawings told, and as Miss Anna's developing pregnancy did too.

He’d never been with a woman like Molly before, and he liked what she'd done, and was doing for him; emptying his brain of all cares but her, each time he came.

She liked what he did for her too; the first man ever allowed past those initial overtures of exploratory love; smiling at each other and kissing; or a gentle, familiar touch, and to be let into the temple of her magnificent body to blow his mind away.

He decided that he wouldn’t be going anywhere away from here anytime soon. He’d be more than happy to wait for Henry, here, if this was what he could look forward to every night. And he knew he could look forward to it. They had already decided that, without a word being spoken, about what tomorrow and subsequent days would bring.

“You should try and rest now, David, and build your strength up again, but you don’t have to come out of me yet."

He had no intention of coming out of her until he was good and ready; in a few more hours if he had his way.

She played with his ear, as he played with her breasts and kissed her.

"I will see that you are well-enough fed, David (as her body fed another part of him), otherwise you will not have enough energy to work during the day, and to do this with me of an evening too. We may be able to meet somewhere out of the way during the day to do it too."

He liked the way she was thinking.

He agreed with everything she was saying. Apuleius’s, Fotis, had nothing on Molly, and nothing to teach her. It was as though them coming together like this had instilled them with all of the knowledge they would need to get them started as they had, and to go forward in life with each other.

It would not be a difficult day tomorrow if all he had to do was sit a horse and accompany Miss Anna as she visited some of the outer farms. He could easily open gates and see to the horses. As long as he didn't fall asleep with exhaustion and fall off the horse.

Neither of them noticed Miss Anna come downstairs for a glass of lemonade, pausing to watch and to listen to them both as they'd made love, before she went back up to her bed without being detected. She knew about that kind of love, and would not stand in their way.

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