A Devastating Circumstance.

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Riding the Estate.

The next three days were easier for David, though he returned to his self-appointed task, splitting and sawing wood, when they arrived back, later, each afternoon, needing to find where Molly was; eager to see her again and to renew the feelings of what they had found together. He found that he was always thinking of her, as any young man caught up in the agonies and eagerness of first love, would be, though it was much more than that, considering the explosive intimacies that they shared each evening, getting only better with time.

He was not sure how this would unfold for either of them, what his brother or mother and sisters would say about him shamelessly taking advantage of a young woman after knowing her for barely a day or two. He felt it keenly, but he could ask no one for advice, especially not miss Anna, who would surely insist he leave them if she became aware of it, and would ask Molly to leave too, even though he’d seen what others did to each other... almost openly when they could sneak away to be alone. They had been doing what he and Molly did to each other of an evening and overnight, but he hoped he and Molly were more discreet about it... he hoped... and how both Miss Anna and Hetty turned a blind eye to it all happening with others, even though they had been shocked.

He knew how he would deal with that, if they were told to leave. He would take Molly with him to Murton if that happened, and damn the consequences, but then there was Molly’s family to consider, her younger sister, and how that family needed that income that they provided. He had some money of his own, more than anyone usually needed to survive, and he would find some way to see they did not suffer for his follies and weaknesses.

They were difficult problems for a young man to wrestle with

As he and Miss Anna had ridden together, he’d listened as they conversed. He always needed to learn more about her; and learn, he did. She was clearly very much in love with his brother, though she did not directly speak of that, but always skirted around her own feelings, but they were obvious, much like his own where Molly was concerned, and difficult to speak about, but always there.

He would also need to find out more from Molly, and caution her about becoming pregnant with what they were so carelessly and recklessly doing with each other. That, would throw the fox into the hen-house sure enough, if she got caught that way.

He was very careful how he answered Miss Anna’s many searching questions of his own life and memories as they rode together. She was also probing him, very gently, constantly trying to learn more about him, and through him, of his brother, and being too successful about it for his comfort when he thought back about what he’d carelessly divulged without thinking carefully about it.

He wanted to open up to her; tell her everything she wanted to know about Molly, and how he felt for her (whom she never directly asked anything about) and about Henry. He was constantly worried about his brother’s whereabouts, and until he knew more about where his brother was, and what he was doing—while he must be searching for Anna, and not knowing anything about her—he could say very little.

From what he understood, the relationship between his brother and Miss Anna, had been just as explosively expressive, as the relationship between him and Molly had become. It didn’t make him feel any better.

Others, as well as Henry, might also see those posters, and descend upon them before he was ready to deal with them. His mother and sister would not long kick their heels in Murton, but would be concerned about where Henry, as well as his younger brother, had got to.

Anna seemed aware of his growing partiality to Molly, from a couple of questions she’d asked about Molly helping him, and staying obviously close to him (though not too obviously, and not too close), though Molly and he had not been caught together in that difficult way, naked and making love, as they soon got to, within minutes, each night they were alone.

None of the other girls had seen them together, or what they were doing when they’d left their own comfortable beds, and come into the kitchen first thing, to get the kitchen started for the day. Molly had been very careful about that, with her younger sister, Felicity, likely to arrive very early each morning from home, and just itching to ‘squeak, beef’ on her sister, and tell her mother about Molly and a boy, and what she’d seen them doing together with not a stitch of clothing to be seen on either of them, and going at each other like those two dogs in the yard did that day; disgusting, intent beggars.

The bitch had just stood there and let him push that alarmingly stiff thing into her as often as he could get it into her rear end; tongue lolling out, panting, caring about nothing, barely pausing for breath... much as David had done with Molly most of the night... (Molly chuckled at that suddenly exciting thought).

If her sister ever got a whiff of any of what they were doing with each other...?

Before she’d gone back to her bed, she’d got a basin of warm water and tenderly washed that still eager and very-much-alive part of his, kissing it often and handling it with a new-born reverence; with him returning the favor and washing her there between her legs as she lay still for him with her legs wide apart, as he kissed and explored her too, getting all evidence and lingering, intimate smells off them both, that others might notice, while advancing their knowledge, familiarity, and confidence with each other.

Molly was careful in everything she did, being scared of them being caught and her being turned off without a job. She’d reluctantly left David, and his bed by the stove-- long before the rest of the house was stirring-- to go back to her own bed; waking another girl (one she could trust to leave David alone) for the last half hour, to take over getting the kitchen duties begun for the day, as though there had been no interruption to the usual schedule. But the other girls were grateful to her for being allowed to sleep.

David had been as reluctant to see her leave his side and his body; his hand following her, caressing her breasts or touching gently between her legs as she stood there, letting him, seeing her take the sheet, which told its own tale of what they had been doing with each other all night long whenever they had awoken, into the laundry.

She’d put it into the water there, pushing it into the water with that stick, to soak the stains and a little blood out of it (it had alarmed her to see that, though she knew it was normal the first time for the woman to spot some blood after that wonderful male weapon had been into her body, stretching and opening up her vagina), bringing a clean one back with her. He wanted to pick up, one last time with her, before she left, but too many soiled sheets in the laundry would have told their own tale for others to question where they had come from, but... with so many young women around... it might not be that obvious, so she had given in to him easily, again, after that.

He was also capable of dressing himself now, but she got him started on it before she left him for the last time, putting his undershorts from that previous night, or a clean pair, back on him, as they’d played with each other, still kissing.

As Anna and he had ridden out those first mornings, aware that Molly had watched him go (he dare not wave; that, would have been too obvious), David noticed others, also riding the estate at the edges, on neighboring properties, conducting their own business. He saw them rarely after that first time. It was the season when everyone was busy getting the last of the harvest in; preparing for another hard winter; or so those older-than-he, had confidently stated, having seen all of the signs that nature let slip, about the coming season.

It had never been so cold when they had been growing up, and never had anyone remembered the Thames freezing up as it now had a tendency to do each winter. Cold enough to freeze the piss in the pisspots, and to have trees shattering with a noise like a gunshot during the night, with frost in them, waking people up as though a big gun had been fired off somewhere close! However, no one would be out in that cold. Not willingly.

The riders he’d seen must have been the neighbors on the adjoining properties, some of whom—the Barringers, brother and sister, Anna dealt with; buying produce from them that their own estate did not grow, but which ‘they’ could grow in their hot-houses. They were good at what they did, and Anna helped them, as she did her own tenants.

They had glassed-in succession-houses in which they grew lemons, limes, oranges; citrus fruits in general, for marmalades, and to use in cooking. It gave one of their neighbors a secure source of income when Anna bought all they could sell her each week, seeing that anything they could not soon use, was taken to London whenever anyone was going down that far, and where a better price could be obtained for it. She was always careful to pass her profit from that sale, back to that family, and was always ready to help them out in whichever way she could, even providing them with wood to keep a few of those hot-houses warm over the cold winter months, ready for spring again, and the longer hours of daylight, when they could expand once more.

David soon learned that Anna had a good business sense that way, with that family, and with those of her tenants that he met with in her company, and they always seemed pleased to see her.

They were usually invited for a lunch or refreshments of some kind. David liked the hospitality he saw of these people toward each other. One didn’t usually see such consideration or neighborliness in the city.

On the fourth day, Miss Anna did not have far to go, so she did not mind riding alone; seeing how David was eager to get back; and with Molly, keeping an anxious eye, open for them to come back each of those days, and welcoming him wordlessly, in ways that were not always obvious unless you watched carefully and saw how they looked at each other, smiled, or touched.

She wasn’t fooled. Molly had been watching for David to come back, not watching for her. She’d seen them steal a kiss too, on that third day, when he first walked into the kitchen. If he was not careful.... But they'd not been careful. Anna had heard them!

She’d better have a word with Molly and warn her about a few things that she’d recently discovered for herself. It was difficult for those so deeply in love not to want to express it; sometimes incautiously and without thought of consequences, and she knew what she’d seen when he and Molly had touched hands, and touching somewhere else too; somewhere unexpected and private, startling Molly as she waited on them at table soon after they'd returned.

David had got back to getting wood, sawn and split after that (now that his hands had healed); with a smile on his face, and a promise to Molly, of more to follow that, later; putting a spring in his step.

Molly and he were certainly busy together, whenever they could be private.

They’d also get him started on doing something else around the farm if he was so keen to help out and had so much energy.

He seemed more than ready to learn whatever they could teach him when it was clear that he wasn’t so proud that he couldn’t buckle down to hard or dirty work when it was needed, no matter what his social background was.

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