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The Ecstasy of Love

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Humorous and fun, young adult coming into powers, Were-wolves living among and defending humanity, The walking dead amidst a story of love........... Warning contains sexually explicit scenes, “O boys have you come out to play with me…, you know it’s not quite time for a full moon don’t you boys, and I looked directly at one of the men. “You need to get that boil on your dick lanced or it will become septic and you could lose your dick,” I told one of them, his eyes flared in anger as his mates laughed at him, and then turning to what appeared to be their leader I told him, “That infection in your butt is from unprotected sex and is highly contagious…, do you fags here know you are gay.” His eyes widened in utter shock and by his reaction his buddies realised I was accurate, I then looked at yet another, “and you…, yes you, you little twerp that septic tooth needs to come out or you will get blood poisoning and it could kill you.” Now they were concerned and looking worried as they knew of the tooth pain but had not known of the other issues, and then one of the men shouted, “What about my dick…, I can show it to you intimately,” and they laughed feeling a bit more united and confident, “I would need tweezers and a magnifying glass to find it,” I retorted and said, “but I can show you my teeth”. .................... *

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

Lisa & Lewis

Book Four.

The Ecstasy of Love

By John R A Smith.


In Book three Lisa was left trapped within a prison originally created to hold a fallen angel, and she knew even the demi gods would fear to open the cell for fear the angel still was alive and inside.

Now almost ten years on, Lisa’s only surviving daughter had moved on with her life, and due to the knowledge and sheer shock of having lost so many friends and her only surviving parent her mother, and as Elsa had suffered an emotional breakdown. As her younger sister had died as had Elsa’s first love, and to have then also lost her mother, was just too much for her teenage mind to take in.

As an act of kindness Queen Morgan la Fay, the Fay Queen and oldest daughter of King Oberon, had closed her memories to her past and given her a new identity, enabling her to forget and to rebuild her life, and in her mind her name is Maggie…, and has grown into a healthy active young woman, sexually active and having qualified as a nurse and rebuilt her life unaware of whom she was…, or of her Fay connections and abilities. Only now, as she gets on with her life, events start to unfold, which could undo all she has achieved and unravel her future.

I shuddered at his touch, and with feelings of sensual spasms of pleasure surging through my body, his kisses were soft and they covered every available inch of my exposed skin, even my toes…, and as he made his way back up along the sole of my feet…, it was as if various parts of me were coming independently alive, I was in heaven, and it felt as if angels were singing…, and I simply truly never knew such pleasure could be found…, and for so long. We rested some minutes and talked…, but my entire body was so sensitive, that even the slightest kiss made me shudder…, and then Pedro started over again.

Dear Goodness I thought if we could bottle this man’s energy and sensual drive, then Viagra would go out of business…, and he would become a billionaire many times over, and over and over…, dear lord “stop”…, I shouted I can’t take any more, “No…, no don’t stop…, ah dear god” I screamed…, as I reached yet another climax. I lay exhausted upon my bed and my body was dripping with sweat…, and even the silk sheets were soaked…, and I laughed…, yes would you believe it I fricking well laughed.

It was the thought of Mrs Louis who lived next door in our block of flats…, she was a spinster…, and I knew she had heard our love making…, heck the whole neighbourhood must have heard my screams of ecstasy and delight. I just giggled at what she must be thinking, I needed a shower and to cool down.

So together we got up and stripped the bed from its sheets and entered the showers warm flowing water. It was a mistake and I should have known better…, but dear lord he was such a hunk…, and I couldn’t be parted, as just viewing his firm tight butt, and naked body…, turned me on…, and was true candy to my eyes.

As the water flowed over us we applied soap and washed each other…, I know, I should have known better, as we made love yet again, and I thought poor Mrs Louis will change rooms after this one as it was kind of loud, well just a bit too loud. But when your body reaches climax after climax…, it reaches the levels of Mount Everest…, the problem was that happened in the bed…, now within my mind I was passing the moon, and it’s kind of difficult to not scream in delight.

It was then we were interrupted by a heavy thumping upon the door and the doorbell been rung. “Police open up,” came the call, “I already had,” I thought, and giggled, but the thumping increased. “Police is everything alright in there,” said a raised voice…, and apparently in concern for my safety.

Pedro muttered something in Spanish…, “Oops I think we went a bit too far” I told Pedro, and we laughed. I reached up and wrapped a bathrobe around my wet body and went over to the door and placed the chain on to prevent the door from been forced open. Slowly I opened it just a few inches and spoke.

“I do apologise officers we kind of got carried away.”

“Are you alright Mam…, we have received several complaints of hearing a woman screaming from your apartment.” I gulped…, was I really that loud, I thought to myself. “Yes, I’m fine,” I told the officers, “I am sorry Mam, but we need to enter so we can check you are not under duress”, came the reply.

Dear god how embarrassing, and I guessed Mrs Louis got her revenge. As I opened the door and the police entered, Pedro chose that moment to walk into my living room dressed in only a towel around his waist. The lead cop stopped and looked at him…, “Hi Lewis” said Pedro, “You know me I like my exercise,” and the cops laughed.

“Sorry Mam officer Pedro is known to us…, and we can talk to him when he is on duty.” Pedro grinned, “Talk you mean seek advice…, you know I’m better in bed than all of you together.” We laughed, and one of the cops faced me, “Is he Mam,” he queried. “Oh” I said, “he is a little small in size…, but not where it counts…, and I would give him from 0 to 10…, let’s say 100, so yes I would say I have no complaints.”

“To right bitch…, I have women cuing to enjoy my company,” replied Pedro, “ya…, ya…, ya…,” said one of the officer “we have heard that from you before”, then the officer faced me, “I’m sorry Mam but your statement is not quite true about having no complaints…, we have received a few dozen this evening alone,” he said grinning.

Pedro laughed “Yes they are complaining it’s not them under me,” he said all proudly. “No actually…, it was from the males complaining they were not under your young lady here,” stated officer Lewis.

At that we laughed some more and the cops apologised. “OK it is evident this is consensual…, and we will at this point leave you lovers to enjoy what’s left of the night…, but if I might suggest…, buy a tent and find an empty field…, and then you can howl under the moon to your hearts delight…, and at that…, they left.

At that Pedro embraced me, and whispered, “Let’s see if we can upset them one more time, I grinned and bit his ear…, “Why not try for a hat trick,” I said.

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