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The Ecstasy of Love

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Chapter Two.

Lisa had prepared for the entrapment of the demonic fallen angel, and after repairing the original damage, which had enabled the beast to escape, Lisa had made a misjudgement of her own, in that if the beast was ever re-captured, Lisa set the rune’s and magical wards to take a thirty second snap shoot video recording of what was inside…, and for it to be sent into the minds of King Oberon, Queen Morgan la Fay and the Merlin himself.

As it happened this turned against her, when the beast set off the trap it had pulled Lisa inside with it and the recording showed Lisa trapped inside and the fallen angel alive and carrying Merlin’s magical staff, As such not even King Oberon a demi god, would authorise the extraction of Lisa, or of the opening to the enchanted prison…, for fear the Fallen Angel could once again escape.

Unknown to them the beast had killed itself and left Lisa alive inside, and she knew that her friends would have no way of knowing she was now alone and could be rescued for the next ten years, when the wards would sent yet another video shoot thirty second recording of whom was inside. So Lisa had laid upon the shelf which had once held the coffin and gone into a hibernation type sleep, and knowing her rescue would eventually arrive…, but by then she herself…, would be long dead.

It had been a slow night in the general ward, with most admissions been in the A&E from self-inflicted injuries from over consumption of alcohol…, and I breathed in deeply and exhaled…, and then yawned, I disliked the night shifts as they messed up my sleep rhythms. I looked at the clock and saw I still had a few minutes to spare.

I was tired and rested my head into my hands, “No” I said to myself “I must not close my eyes,” so I got up and left via the rest room doors…, and as I made my way towards the general ward, I felt him before I saw him…, and he placed his hands over my eyes.

I shuddered…, turned and kneed the doctor in his groin. Doctor Lewis screamed in agony and as he bent downwards with his hands gripping his groin…, I then head butted the bridge of his nose.

Dear Lord, the blood went everywhere, and I heard the cartilage crunch. “Get your filthy hands off me you pervert…, you’re a turd and a disgrace to your office”

I screamed at him, and I wanted to shove my fist into his face. It was then I awoke with a jolt…, “Dear Lord no” I said to myself, as I had fallen asleep…, looking over towards the clock, I saw I was already a few minutes late.

I got up and made my way to my ward…, as I entered the duty nurse smiled, and we chatted some and then she left for her lunch break, as she left I checked the key pad was active and ensured no one could enter without alerting us within the office.

Then I rested my head and slept. At least I tried to sleep or cat nap as we call it, but the buzzer sounded and I looked along the ward…, it was Mr Blair again, and I guessed he needed his urine bottle emptied. I had guessed correctly and emptied it for him, so he could use it again. After checking he was OK, I did my rounds and ensured all were asleep…, but I avoided the private rooms as only one was occupied and the patient within had his own security team quietly sitting outside and two private nurses within his room.

We were rated as a class A-plus hospital which catered for both private and National Health customers, apparently the private section was full and there had been an emergency and the only bed within this hospital was within the rooms attached to this ward…, so it was accepted on the understanding the patient could bring in his own nurses and security team.

The moon was full, and the night was bright for this time, as its rays lit the surrounding area, and other than the occasional freaks who for whatever reason reacted upon the full moon it was quiet. Dam I spoke to soon, as noises started coming from the private room, but the security seemed unconcerned.

It was then I recognised one of the guards was DC Lewis dressed in a smart suit and apparently doing a bit of so-called moon lighting. He raised his head as if he sensed I was observing him, and when he saw it was me, he grinned and nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Hi DC Lewis, don’t they pay you enough at the station…,” I joked. He just quietly laughed and turned to speak with his partner, he nodded indicating yes…, and Lewis got up and walked over into the general ward.

“Hi…, its Maggie isn’t it”…, he quietly said, “I never realised you were a nurse or at that worked here.” He spoke as we walked to the vending machine and he purchased two cups of hot chocolate and offered to buy me a drink. “Whom do you guard tonight” I enquired, “Sorry Maggie but I am not permitted to tell.”

Just then there was a loud sound as if glass was breaking and we looked towards the private room, suddenly the door thumped and shuddered as if someone had been thrown against it, and we heard a scream. I had never seen someone move so fast, in the way DC Lewis ran to the door speaking into a hidden microphone.

“Code Green…, Code Green” he repeated…, and then the two guards withdrew hand guns and remained standing guard by the door. After some seconds the sounds faded and within a minute or two the door was unlocked and a nurse staggered out…, she was bleeding and looked as if she had been in a fight and lost.

Suddenly there was the sound of sirens and I heard the sound of feet running towards the ward’s double doors, quickly I unlocked the key pad and a team of what appeared to be Riot Police ran past me and entered the room. Seconds later a doctor arrived whom I did not recognise and two medics pushing a gurney on wheels. After some seconds a nurse was brought out evidently alive, but she had what appeared…, huge bites upon her upper arms…, and some of her fingers were missing…, and there was blood, so much blood.

I automatically rested my hand upon her and became contaminated by the blood, and I saw the look of sheer horror upon the medics faces. The doctor turned to face me and without speaking he flicked his head sideways at DC Lewis…, and I had some kind of spray go into my face and then all went dark.

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