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A Naughty Weekend away.

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Lisa has the weekend of her life with her lesbian lover.

Romance / Erotica
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A lovers weekend

Before I was with Leah I was in a committed relationship with my husband, I found him on my sofa naked with another girl fucking her so hard. I went to Leah the moment I found out. It turned out that Ethan had been cheating on me for ten months and I had no idea about it.

You see I went to Leah for help and well, Leah is one of the top lawyers in Seattle and she was also my best friend. We have know each other for a life time, not only did Leah help get a divorce she healed my heart as well. We became lovers, she was as beautiful as ever, her dark red hair cascaded down and over her breasts. Her bright green eyes would twinkle when the sunlight hit them. She was perfect in every sense.

Right now she was down in the hotel conference room for a meeting; no partners were aloud to join so I stayed in our room. Lucky we got the penthouse suit, over looking Seattle city sky line. I grab a bottle of chilled rose wine from the bar fridge and poor myself a glass. I make my way to the bathroom looking at the deep, white oval spa bath and decide to fill it up and tip in a whole load of bubble bath.

Slowly I take off all of my clothes or what little clothes I was wearing, more of a long red satin dress that Leah gave me on our anniversary; a long with a diamond necklaces. I edge myself into the spa bath gingerly as I made the water a little to hot, for my liking.

The bubbles on my skin felt wonderful as I slip into the bath, I hear the door click and I am startled; Leah shouldn’t be back for another few hours. “Hello? Who’s there?” I call out. “It’s just me baby, we finished up early than we should have.” She says as she comes round the corner, her bright red hair shows as she walks into the bathroom. She flashes me her beautiful smile showing her pearly whites and walks up to stand infant of me.

“Room for two in there?” Leah asked with a small wink and a cheeky smile on her ruby lips. “There’s always room for you baby,” I said as I watch her run her hand through the hot water, up and over my breasts, as she slowly circles one finger tip around the nipples. My stomach soon turned in knots and felt butterflies form. She wore a new gucci shoes and a Christian Dior black lace evening gown that clings to her body perfectly. “You look amazing in that dress, but you look even better with out it, so get in here with me,” I said with a smirk on my lips.

With out hesitation she slips the dress off with ease, and let it fall to the floor as it pools at her feet. She stands there in front of me, wearing light green lace underwear. She walks over to me slowly placing her hand under my chin and lifts my head up slowly, and kisses me lightly dipping her tongue in and out of my mouth; and lets out a moan. “I have wanted to do that all day,” Leah said as she walks out of the bathroom, “Lisa, baby where is the wine?” Leah calls out.

I grin slightly more to myself, looking at the side of the spa bath. “I have a glass for you already, baby come back and get in.” I said trying suppress a giggle. I watch as Leah quickly walks back into the bathroom and totally naked, her bare tanned skin so perfect even just looking at her makes my pussy throb. She is tined all over with perfect tits, and her dark bright red hair covers just above them. She gets in the bath with and squirms under the heat of the water. “Jesus baby the water is fucking hot,” she says. I try and hide a smirk. “I know but you will get used to it. Now stop complaining and here.” I said with a small smile playing on my ruby lips.

A laugh emits from her perfect mouth, as she slides herself onto her stomach, and up between my legs; she plants a kiss on my lips and whispers. “Hey sexy angel,” she smiles her bright green eyes looking right into my own brown ones. I smile keeping my lips on hers. “Hey baby girl,” I whisper back as she kisses me deep and hard rolling her tongue deep in my mouth. I let out a small moan, as she runs the back of her up my tummy and over breasts slowly circles my nipples one at a time.

I grab her by arse and pull her closer to me, our pussy lips rubbing against each other, I let my hips move forward grinding my folds into her. I shiver slightly as she kisses me down my neck across my collar bone, as she softly bites down on my shoulder. “Mmm, I love the taste of you smooth skin” she said while running one hand down and over my leg and lifts it up to let it hang over the spa bath.

She slowly runs her hand down between my legs and circles a finger around the top of my clit, I push my hips forward. I see a grin on her lips. “Someone, is a little horny.” She whispers as I wrap my arms around her neck and kiss her with all the passion and love that I have. Leah looked deeply into my eyes and says. “Lisa baby sit up on the edge,”

I do as I was asked and pull myself up and sit my butt, on the edge of the spa. The cold tiles are a nice cool change on my hot skin. “Open yourself for me Lisa,” Leah says in a low sexy tone. I peal myself open for her letting, both of my feet rest on the edge of the bath. I’m now speed open wide and feel so vulnerable. I can feel my slippery liquid gathering at my opening. “Wow baby you are so beautiful” Leah said as she pulls herself closer to me and runs her tongue all over my pussy.

I let out a small moan, “oh my god,” as I grip on to the spa bath. She starts to run her tongue up and down my pussy a few more times then; she targets my sensitive clit nudging as she slightly sucks on it. I could feel my body starting to react to the stimulation, I am receiving. I can feel my skin tingling all over I have a hot build-up; of desire building in the lower part of my body.

Leah moves from farting her tongue around my clit to pushing her tongue way up inside of me. “Oh god fuck me now baby! I want your fingers in me!” I scream feeling everything in my body come alive. She sucks on her two fingers and easily slides them up into my pussy, I feel my body shudder with anticipation as she slides them in and out with ease because I’m am so wet.

I let my head fling back as I feel her working hard, on my walls sucking and rolling her tongue on my clit while she rams her finger in and out of me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and let out loud moan. “Oh god baby! Oh fuck yes oh god right there.”

I hear her whisper to me, “that’s my girl cum for me” I soon cum on her command as my body convulse, hard I orgasm for what felt like an eternity. I let my legs slide back down and slip back into the hot water, my body is alive with the aftermath of my orgasm. Leah slides up between my legs, our breath touching she’s slippery from the bubbles and water.

I grab her ass and try to pull back up to me, but she slides straight off my body and back down into the water. I let out a small chuckle. “You’re a slippery little sucker aren’t you?” I said with a grin on my lips. I sit up on my knees and push her on her.

“Now it’s my turn” I say with a devilish grin. Leah looks into my eyes, I push strand of her dark red hair that was clinging to her face, and tuck it behind her ear. “My god you are stunning how did I get so lucky?” a grin creeps across her face, “I don’t know?” she said. I playfully poke in the ribs, she lets out a squeal I quickly but gently cover her mouth with mine, with a long deep passionate kiss, her squeal transforms into a small lustful sigh.

Slowly I pull away from her and kiss her neck, slowly moving my head down and start to suck on her nipple. I give it a light nip with my teeth, I know this drives her crazy I hear her groan a little louder as I put my knees under her arse; pulling her into me. I put both her legs over my shoulders and engulf my face in her pussy. I feel her squirm under my tongue, and holds herself open wider for me as I flick; my tongue as far up as her as I could get it and wiggle it around inside of her walls.

I could taste her sweet justice, running over my tongue and down my chin. I hear her breathing heavy as I work my around her walls even harder. I soon slowly slide my two fingers up inside of her as she takes in a sharp breath. I know she is close but I didn’t want her to cum just yet. I stop rubbing her clit and lick up the inside of her leg, I could see it creating goosebumps on her skin.

I take my free hand and squeeze one of her nipples with some pressure as I feel her pussy; be come tight around my fingers, I decide she won’t hold on any longer. So I roll my tongue around on her clit I suck gently on her sensitive, hood and lick quickly as I flutter my tongue on top of it.

I hear a familiar sound, half grunt half moan I feel her body become stiff as she yes. “Oh god baby, don’t stop!” I can feel the wall of her pussy contract and soon release with her crushing orgasm. Her nipples become rock hard as she pushes my hand away I knew she was done.

I put her legs down and Leah slowly turns her back on me, slides up close so her back is now against my stomach and breast. She turns her head and presses her lips on mine kisses with passion and love, as she whispers. “I love you Lisa Grey,” I look into her green sparkling eyes and declare my love for her; and hand her a glass of the rose wine. We don’t need to say anything we just sit in comfortable silence and drink our wine. I kiss down the side of her neck and Leah lets out a laugh and squirms. “Don’t start again baby we have the whole weekend here, we haven’t even tried the bed yet” she said as she looks up into my eyes.

Sitting on the bed, I wait for Leah to come with more wine, I laid down on my back with my hand over my stomach splayed out; I move hand further down, feeling even more horny and turned on after out time in the spa bath. My index finger soon makes it way down to my clit, slowly rubbing it making my pussy throb and ache.

Bitting my bottom lip, to hide a moan that wanted to escape my lips; my fingers soon made their way upside of me moving in and out of my pussy. Arching my back I rub my clit more with my thumb, my other hand slowly moves up and over my breasts pinching my nipples a little making the hard. I soon let out the moan and scream Leah’s name.

“Blody hell, some is really horny,” A familiar voice said, it made stop exactly what I was doing and look up to see Leah there naked with a smile on her lips. I watch as she moves towards me and lays down next to me, one of her hand slowly and gently moves toward my sex cupping it. “Hmmm so wet baby.” She said in that low sexy husky voice of hers, I can feel my pussy lips throbbing again just with her hand covering my sex. Her thumb starts to circle and massage my clit while she leans in and starts to kiss my neck and down to my collar bone.

“I want you so bad baby,” I moan as she gets off the bed and walks into the bathroom. Less that two minutes later Leah comes back with something in her had, a small devilish smile playing on her lips. She slowly gets back on the bed and begins to straddle me. Leah leans over our breath touching each others, I moan as her hand gently slides up my right arm, I feel our fingers lace together. But I soon feel something soft around my wrist, she dose the same to my left arm and wrist and I’m soon finding that I am now tied up.

I watch as Leah bites her bottom lip, even that jut makes me want to cum. I feel her kiss my collar bone and slowly moves down, as she kisses my left breast and nibbles my nipple slowly she moves to my right breast and dose the same motion. But this time she bites a little bit harder making me moan from the love and pain that I was now feeling.

I soon feel something between my legs, a rubber type object, a small sting was soon felt but the sting felt amazing, I let out a moan and arch my back as Leah slapped my clit with rubber object. “That’’s it baby cum for me.” Leah said in her low sexy husky voice that made me quiver and tremble. I feel her lips on mine. I soon feel her index and middle finger were now up inside me I felt her push them harder and faster as I feel the build up in the pit of my stomach. I wanted move my hands and touch Leah so much but I was tied up. I moan even louder and even more I cum screaming her name at the top of my lungs.

My breath was heavy as I lay still my eyes on Leah’s as she unties me. “You are so amazing when you cum baby” she whispers in my ear.

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