I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 10

"Wait, you're telling me that Richard knew this all along?" I asked him.

"Yes, baby." He said. I felt betrayed. My heart felt broken. Why, how could he do this to me? He knew how broken I was. "Don't be to upset with him," Spencer said.

"Are you kidding me? Both of you betrayed me. Both of you lied to me. This is my life! I'm the one that gets to decide my life." I was so upset. The only person in this whole world that has been upfront and real with me has been Vincent, and I left him. I said to myself. What the hell is going on? I stood up, I needed to get out of there. Spencer stood up with me. "I need to go," I said.

"Please Page, don't leave, not like this." He said.

"I need to call a car, I've got to go. I can't be here with you right now." I was starting to have a panic attack. I needed to get away from everyone. Spencer, the Bailey's. I just needed to go. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Spencer could see the panic in my eyes.

"Okay baby, I'll get my driver to take you wherever you need to go." He said. I looked up at him.

"Do it now!" I said and went out the front door and took a seat on the steps. My head was so messed up. I swear all the people in my life are crazy. Why can't I just have normal problems with normal people? All I wanted to do was pack up all my shit and run. Run far away from all of this, but I just couldn't do it. I wanted to finish school. It was the one normal thing in my life that was just mine. How the hell was I going to look at Richard the same way after this? I didn't even know how I was feeling about Spencer after hearing this. I felt even more fucked up than before. Fuck men, fuck them all. Gangsters, lawyers, college guys. Screw them all. I'm switching to women. I laughed at myself. I made up my mind right then and there. No men, I don't care what I've got to do. I'm staying single till I finish school. I don't even want to think about a man now. Spencer's driver took me home and I went inside my apartment and just laid in my bed. I meant what I said. My life is going to change. I hid all my feelings deep inside myself and push through it.

A year in a half later...

I pulled my graduation hat off and tossed it into the air. "It's over and we did it," Abby yelled as she ran into my arms for a big hug.

"Finally right?" Seth hollered. I had tears in my eyes. I was so proud of myself and my friends. Aiden still had one more year of med school to go, but he was here for us. Aiden has been seeing a woman for around six months now and they are very happy and she is very good to him. At first we just sort of sat back and kept an eye on her, but she turned out to be a good friend. The Bailey family all showed up for my big day and I was truly grateful. The only person who wasn't here, of course, was Vincent, but then again I was very okay with that too.

Let's back up just a bit. So, after that night with Spencer. I became a complete bitch. I'm surprised I didn't lose my friends in the process. I never confronted Richard with Spencer's story. I felt like there really wasn't a point and I believed Spencer, but that didn't stop me from letting everyone know I meant business and turned into a bitch. Richard knew something was wrong, but he never pressured me about it. Instead, he gave me my space. That surprised me. I had basically pushed everyone in my life aside and did nothing but worry about myself.

Spencer tried to see me. He even sat outside my apartment for days. Thanks to his driver who showed him where I lived. I moved out of that place and went in search of a place of my own without anyone's help. For a few months, I didn't tell anyone where I was. Not that the Bailey's didn't know, but I didn't tell them. I mean I know Richard better than that. It was a bit of a fight when I told him I was moving into my own place, but I always get my way. I even asked him to back off when it came to my bodyguards. He did everything I asked of him. For a good six months, I pushed everyone away. Even Abby, Seth, Chris and Aiden backed off. After a while, Spencer backed off. I haven't heard from him in a year and I didn't hear anything from Vincent. Not that I thought that I would. I haven't spoken to him since the day I left Russia. I was completely and utterly alone and I liked it.

Well, at least at first. When things in my life were just the way I wanted them to be. I did start to miss my friends. Abby was the first one I reached out to. She and I spent an evening with me pouring my whole heart out to her. She is amazing as she completely understood. I was ready to come out of my shell and move forward with my life. I took the bar exam and passed my first time. I have also been offered a job with a small firm in Huston Texas. I had never been to Texas and even though it meant leaving everyone. I just wanted to do it. So I took the job. Abby and Seth will be getting married at the end of September and I promised not to leave until after their wedding.

I had a long talk with Richard about my choice to go and even though he was sad and upset about it. He knew there was no changing my mind. He did, of course, want to help, but I wouldn't let him. I know where to go if I ever needed him. I just wanted to do my life on my own. Abby and Seth took a week off to go with me out to Huston. Just to check the place out and to help me find a place to live.

I really liked the place, but the heat sucked. It was very hot in the summertime. I ended up buying a two bedroom condo in the area that the firm was that I was going to be working at. I mean it still took me a good ten minutes to get there, but at least it was in walking distance. Richard came walking up to me with Mickey and Drake at his sides. Big ass men, I said to myself. Richard pulled me into his arms for a big hug. "I'm very proud of you princess." He said to me.

"Thank you," I said to him. After the night of a huge celebration dinner at Richard's. I finally made it home to where I could relax. It was a very big day and in one month, I will be moving to Texas. I couldn't wait for my new start to start. New adventures, new people. This was going to be very good for me. Most of the wedding stuff for Abby and Seth was all ready to go. They were having a large wedding in the park. Abby made both me and Cris bridesmaids and her little sister was her maid of honor.

"You look so beautiful," I said as Abby came out of the bathroom and we started to do her hair.

"I still can't get over the fact that your marring Seth," Chris said. I shot Chris a look.

"What? The man has been a man whore for as long as I can remember." She said. Both Abby and I just nodded along and laughed.

"It's so weird, but I love him so very much," Abby said. The wedding went beautifully. We all gathered in a huge outdoor covered area. I was watching Abby and Seth dance and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Aiden all very handsome dressed in his tux. I smiled at him.

"You look very hot Aiden," I said and winked at him.

"So do you beautiful." He said.

"Where's Alissa?" I asked him.

"She left after the ceremony. She has been fighting a huge headache." He said.

"That's too bad," I said.

"Would you like to dance with me Page?" Aiden asked me. I smiled at him and nodded. He took my hand and we walked out to the dance floor. He took me in his arms and I wrapped my arms around him and we danced most of the night together. We didn't talk much we just danced. It felt good to be in someone's arms. We all watched as Abby and Seth climbed into a limo and drove away. There were some stragglers still drinking and dancing. I walked away from the party and found a pretty good sized pond. The moonlight hit off the water just right and it was so pretty. I kind of lost myself.

"You look beautiful tonight." I heard a voice say. I turned and my mouth fell open.

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