I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 21

"We're losing her." I heard them yell. "No!" I hollered. I watched as the paramedics pumped on her chest. Everything was going in slow motion. I pulled my cell phone out and called Richard.

"Spencer, what can I do for you."

"She has been shot,"

"Who has been shot?" Richard asked.


"What the fuck do you mean she has been shot?" Richard yelled.

"They are taking her to Mercy hospital now. I just thought you should know." I said and hung up the phone. I watched them load her into the ambulance. I jumped into my car and followed them. "Please God, please don't take her." I kept saying over and over again. I parked right behind them and followed them inside. The doctors stopped me and wouldn't let me go any farther. I hit the wall and slid down it. That's when I heard them.

"Where the fuck is Page Walker?" I heard Richard yell at the woman at the desk. I looked up and him and Vincent looked at me. Vincent started to come to me. When Richard reached out and snatched him up. "Nows not the fucking time." He snapped at Vincent. Richard walked up to me and looked down at me. "What happened?" He asked me.

"I don't know Richard. I woke up and she wasn't in bed. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I found her on the balcony. I don't know how long she was there." I said as I placed my head in my hands.

"You stupid son of a bitch. Why can't you protect the ones you love?" Vincent yelled at me. "She was never hurt with me. Everyone you love dies." He said.

"You're still alive," I said quietly to myself.

"What was that?" Vincent asked me. I didn't even look at him. "You should have just stayed gone and let me take care of her." He said again.

"I'll never leave her again. Unless she asks me to." I said. Vincent just rolled his eyes.

"Enough!" Richard yelled. "Someone get me a fucking doctor," Richard yelled again. Just then more of Richards men showed up. We all sat in the waiting room for over eight hours. No word was given. Richard had already lost his shit with about ten different doctors and nurses, but still, we were getting no answers. Finally, a doctor came walking into the room.

"Who is responsible for Page Walker. Richard, Vincent and I all stood up and said "Me." The doctor looked at the three of us. We walked closer to him. I was at Richards left and Vincent was on his right. "Miss Walker suffered a lot of blood loss and she was technically dead when she arrived, but she is one hell of a fighter. We got her heart beating again. She flatlined on us one more time on the table, but once again we got her back. She wants to live. She took a bullet to her abdomen. Lucky for her it missed her vital organs. There was an entrance and an exit hole. Which caused her to bleed out so much. She is in a medically induced coma right now and is stable, but the next twenty-four hours are very critical." The doctor said.

"When can we see her?" Richard asked.

"Who is Spencer?" The doctor asked us.

"I am," I said.

"Yours is the only name she said." He said. Vincent took a deep breath and went and set down. "Why don't you come with me, sir." The doctor said. I looked at Richard who nodded his head at me. He then went and took a seat next to Vincent. I followed the doctor into her room. The room was dark and there were a lot of different beeps and noises going on. Page looked so small and so pale. She was covered in lots of wires and tubes.

"Is she going to make it?" I asked him.

"This is now up to her, but like I said before. She is one hell of a fighter." He said and left the room. I walked over to her side of the bed. I took a deep breath.

"Page, baby. Please pull through this. I'll never leave your side again. I love you so much it hurts. You are everything to me. I'm so very sorry." I said to her as I kissed her hand and the tears fell from my eyes. "I promise you that I will find who did this and I will kill them myself. I believe you, sweetheart. I don't believe Richard took Josh's life, but I need your help to prove that now. I need you to wake up for all of us. We all love you so very much." I said. I laid my hand down on her bed and just held onto her hand.

Days turned into weeks and Page had so many people with her. It seems as though Vincent and myself set aside our differences. We didn't really talk to each other, but we also had some sort of respect towards each other. Page was removed from the medically induced coma about a week ago, but she still hadn't woken up. Everything was in her hands now. "Son, you should go home for a while. If something changes we will call you." Richard said as I was getting myself some coffee in the hospital cafeteria.

"I can't leave," I said. I hadn't left the hospital since she got here. Richard shook his head.

"I have to give you credit son. I will make sure she knows what you have done." Richard said. I just smiled at him.

"I promised her I wouldn't ever leave her side again. I won't unless she asks me to." I said. He smiled at me.

"That's a good thing." He said.

"I don't believe it was you," I said to him.

"What?" Richard asked me.

"I don't believe you killed Josh," I said. Richard took a deep breath.

"Then who is doing this to us?" He asked me.

"That's the thing, I've got no fucking idea," I said.

"Then maybe it's time to put aside our differences and work together," Richard said. I nodded at him.

"Then you had better have a long talk with your son," I said. "Becuase I can't keep having to watch my back constantly. Besides I don't want to stress out Page when she wakes up and him and I fighting will drive her mad." I said.

"I agree, Spencer I'd like to bring Page home when she gets out of here." He said to me.

"I agree, she is safer with your protection, but I want to be there too," I said. "Please don't shut me away from her," I said.

"Spencer, if we're going to work together I need you with my team. I won't keep her from you. Besides, she wouldn't allow it and she can be pretty persuasive when she wants to be." He said with a smile. I smiled back at him. We grabbed our coffees and headed back towards her room. Vincent was inside with her and I took a seat outside of her room. Richard went inside. I always gave Vincent time alone with her. I knew in my heart that she cared a lot about him. I don't know the Vincent of this time, but the kid that was my best friend was a good person. I know he is not the same guy I grew up with, but I know he loves her and I had to respect that.

I looked up when they both came walking out of the room. "We're going to run home. We will be back in a few hours." Richard said. I nodded at them and watched them go. I went back into Page's room. She still looked the same. Her color was much better and I could see the beautiful pink in her cheeks. I knew she was going to come out of this. I had to have my hope. Besides she is a stubborn ass. Once she gets something in her mind there is no changing it. One of the things I loved about her. She is also a little spitfire when she wants to be. I lead down and kissed her head.

"What do you want to watch, baby?" I asked her as I flipped through the channels on the T.V.

"Not sports." I heard her tiny little voice say. I turned my head and her beautiful eyes were looking right at me.

"Page? Baby?" I said. She gave me a little smile.

"Water?" She said. I ran to the table where I had water bottles sitting. I grabbed one and took it to her. I placed it on her lips and she slowly drank.

"Please give me a minute to get the doctor," I said to her and she nodded her head at me. While the doctors were looking over her. I called Richard and let them know she was awake. After the doctors left the room I went to her side. I looked at her for a few moments and then I laid my head next to her. I lost it and started to cry. I felt her fingers go through my hair.

"It's okay Spencer. I'm still here." I heard her say.

"I'm so sorry baby, I love you so much," I said. I reached out for her hand and she took it.

"I know, I love you to Spencer." She said to me. I took her words straight to my heart. About forty-five minutes later Richard and Vincent showed up. I watched as Pages eyes lit up when they came into the room. I set back in the corner and just watched. Richard was the first to approach her. They hugged and he kissed her forehead. He took a step back and then Vincent went to her side. She reached her hand out to him and he took her into his arms. She closed her eyes and placed her head into the nap of his neck. My heart skipped a beat when he told her he loved her and she said it back to him. I then realized she loved us both.

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