I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 22

It's been three weeks since Page opened her eyes. Today we finally get to take her home. I have already given up my house and moved in with the Bailey's. The night I sat down with the family was one I'll never forget. As Vincent lost his damn mind. Most of the team agreed with me being there, but Mickey and Vincent thought otherwise. Until Richard reminded them that this wasn't about them. One man was dead and Page was hurt. Things with Mickey and Vincent got a little better. I don't mean that Vincent and I became the best of friends, but at least there was peace and maturity between us, mostly around Page.

Most of the time it was Vincent and me at the hospital with Page. She treated us both with the same respect and love. She always knew when one of us was getting upset with the other and somehow calmed us both down. She watched over the two of us. When the nurses came in to bathe her. She would make both of us leave the room. Any major decisions were left in Richards hands only. I think she trusted him the most. Richard came in as I was brushing Page's hair and Vincent was helping her with her sweater. "Well princess, I don't think you're going to be able to do anything for yourself with these two wolfs at your sides," Richard said with a huge smile. Page just laughed a little and then grabbed her side.

"Do you hurt love?" I asked her.

"Just a little, but it's okay." She said as her eyes smiled at me. I brushed some of her hair behind her ear with my hand.

"Well, boys. Let's get this girl home." Richard said. Page stood up and Vincent and I were at her sides. We helped her get into the wheelchair. Only one person could push. Vincent and I both looked at each other and we knew what would happen if we fought. So, I stepped aside and let Vincent push her out. If we fight at all then Page goes to Richard. Page is still weak and she can't deal with Vincent and I. We have had only three fights in front of her. One time the nurses had to kick us out of the hospital. The other two times she stopped talking to us and Richard threatened to kick us out of the house. Since then we have done our best to behave ourselves.

Richard purposely put Vincent and me at the other end of the house away from Page. Her room was next to Richard's. The two of us got her settled and she was set up with a nurse to help her throughout the day. The shot to her stomach did some nerve damage to her right leg and she was having a hard time walking still. She could stand, but not for long periods of time and she could walk but only with help. She was still the most beautiful woman and she was the kindest person when it came to anything she had to do.

She was never hateful and never argued. All the doctors and nurses just loved her. Even when it came to Vincent and me. She never got mad at us. I mean she would go to Richard and tell on us like we were five, but she never raised her voice. Richard protected her not only from the world but from Vincent and myself at all times. Not only did he threaten to kick us out of the house, but he told us he would keep her from us if we didn't come to an understanding. Once she was home we never visited her at the same time. We took turns and if we weren't with her we were working our asses off. Trying to find out who was behind this and trying to keep Richard out of prison.

Vincent had to change his name while he was in America. He was still wanted by the police and he didn't go out of the house much. I had a plan to try and overturn his conviction, but even if I was able to do that. He would still do time for escaping prison. Outside of the home, we called him Doug. Page hated the name and refused to call him that. "How are you feeling today love?" I asked her while she was watching a rerun of the Golden Girls. The damn show she had me watching with her.

"I feel good. How are you doing? Is everyone treating you okay?" She asked me.

"Everyone is fine, love. Don't worry about me. I'm a big boy." I said. She smiled at me and I kissed her head. "Vincent is having lunch with you today. I have some business I've got to take care of and I won't be back until tonight. I'll have dinner with you." I told her. She nodded her head at me and went back to her show. Vincent hated the Golden Girls and I laughed once I realized she found all the seasons and that would be what they watched with lunch. At least he won't enjoy this today. I said to myself. I kissed her head once more before I told her I would be back and left the room. Vincent was waiting outside of the door. We both nodded our heads and he went inside as I made my way to Richard's office.

Vincents POV,

I walked inside her room and there she set with that damn show on. "I'll give you one million dollars if we can watch anything but the Golden girls," I said to her. She just laughed at me. Damn it I was serious. I crawled into the bed with her. I laid my head on her lap. I watched as she laughed with her show she didn't change. "Baby why do you hate me?" I asked her.

"What makes you think I hate you?" She asked me as she looked down at me. I looked at the T.V. "Really?" She said. "I'll make you a deal if you take me outside today. I will not have this on when you're with me." She said knowing damn well she wasn't allowed outside.

"So you want to get me in trouble?" I asked her.

"Vincent you're always in trouble. What's the difference?"

"True," I said and she smiled. The smile I live for. "Okay baby girl. I will take you outside, but there are two rules. We don't leave the grounds and only if you walk with me."

"Deal." She said and her eyes lit up like fireworks. I helped her stand and gave her the pink cane my father got her. She took the cane and then took my arm and we headed out. It took us around ten minutes just to get to the back door. Page had to take a seat once we got out the door. She had to rest. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. My father didn't want her outside because he was worried someone would get her again. Even with all the extra security, he hired. I took a seat next to her. "How are you doing?"

"I'm good, why are you asking?"

"I'm just wondering how you're doing with Spencer around." She asked. My face hardened. I looked away from her. "That good?"

"I'm doing my best.”

"I know and I'm proud of you for that." She said. "I know this is not my place and I have never talked with you about it, but I wish you would try to let it go. Try to remember when you and him were friends. Best friends I might add. He lost her too and he hurt, but he lost you too and that hurt him." She said. Her words made me angry and lost feeling at the same time.

"I don't want to talk about it.”

"I understand, but maybe you can think about it. It's time to let it go and move on," She said. Her voice was firm. It wasn't to feel sorry for me. She was letting me know she meant it.

"Are you ready to walk more?" I asked her. She nodded at me and I got up and went to her. She placed both her hands into mine and stood up. We walked around the gardens and she only sat down once. She was doing so well and I was very proud of her. Then she tripped and I grabbed her before she hit the ground. Her beautiful worried eyes were looking up into mine and I just couldn't help myself. I brought my lips to hers. She didn't stop me as I kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and I pulled her up and she then wrapped her legs around me.

I stood there holding onto her little body as we kissed. I could feel the hunger in her as she kissed me. I wanted nothing more than to lay her down in the grass and make her body feel wonderful, but I knew I couldn't do that. Not now, I knew how she felt about Spencer and myself. I knew she loved us both in her own ways. Spencer and I had a long talk about it. We both came to an understanding and I was good to my word. We both agreed not to sleep with her until she decided who she wanted to be with. I was tried and I really didn't want to fight with Spencer anymore. I had to release most of my anger when my father decided to let Spencer in.

It hasn't been easy for me since my sister died. I hated Spencer with everything I had and I would have killed him a hundred times over if I had it my way. It's not like I don't know that he didn't kill her himself. It's the simple fact that she was with him. He was supposed to watch her and protect her and he didn't. So in my eyes, he may as well have killed her himself. He was my best friend. He meant just as much to me as my own sister did. He never once came to me and told me how he felt about her. He didn't trust me enough to let me know they loved each other. He went behind my back and my trust.

I broke our kiss and held her tightly in my arms. I wanted her to pick me so bad that it hurt. All I wanted to do was protect her and make her my queen. I wanted to have babies with her. I wanted to watch her care for my children and I wanted to watch her sleep and wake up in my arms. I wanted her by my side when I had to make tough decisions. I had never in all my life felt this way about a woman before. She was my everything, but sadly she was his everything too and her heart was tore in two.

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