I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 24

We all stayed in Richard's office for a few hours going over everything that had gone down. I watched as Camilla kept herself by Vincent. I knew he had a past with her, but I knew what he was talking about. Even though she kept by his side she never took her eyes off of me. This woman was trouble. With a capital T., her bother didn't seem so bad. He was pretty much quiet. Just listening and going over things. Once we were all excused. I started to head back to Page and So did Vincent. "Where are you two headed?" Camilla said.

"We have someone waiting for us," Vincent said.

"The girl?" She asked.

"If you must know yes," Vincent said to her as he crossed his arms.

"I'd like to meet her," Camilla said. I looked at Vincent.

"Maybe some other time." He told her.

"Come on Vincent. I want to meet the girl who has your heart and his I guess." She said. I just gave her a hard look.

"Fine Camilla, but only for a moment," Vincent said.

"Just let me make sure she wants to meet you first," I said. Camilla nodded her head at me. I knocked lightly on Page's door and stuck my head in. She was dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me. "And where do you think you're going?" I asked her.

"Richard text me and told me to be ready to meet them." She said. I watched her stand up and she took her cane. I walked over to her. "Let me do it." She said softly.

"There's a woman outside your door who wants to meet you. She is the dons daughter." I told her.

"Then let her in." She said. I nodded at her and went to open the bedroom door. Vincent came in with Camilla by his side.

Page's POV,

Vincent walked in with this beautiful woman close to his side. He didn't look too happy about it. He kept his eyes on mine. Spencer also kept his eyes on me. They must think she is pretty. They both seemed nervous. I just smiled and made my way over to her. "Hello," I said. She looked me up and down.

"Hello, I'm Camilla."

"I'm Page," I said and she shook my hand.

"You're a very pretty girl." She said in a very thick Italian accent. Then Richard showed up at my door.

"Princess, please come with me." He said and I nodded at him.

"It was nice to meet you, Camilla," I said and went to Richard's arms. He walked me down towards his office and I realized that Spencer and Vincent followed us. I walked inside and was greeted by two very large men. They looked very much like. Both had jet black hair and blue eyes. Very handsome men. The younger one of the two stepped forward and took my hand in his and kissed it.

"Bellissima." He said. I smiled at him.

"I'm sorry I don't understand," I said.

"He called you beautiful," Spencer said as he came next to me.

"My name is Lorenzo." He said not even looking at Spencer or Vincent who showed up on my other side. The wolves, I said to myself.

"It's very nice to meet you, I'm Page," I said. He smiled at me. I watched Camilla walk over to her father with her arms crossed. She didn't look too happy. I started to feel a little weak in my leg and I looked for a place to sit down. Vincent wrapped his arm around me and I place my arm on him. Camilla's face turned dark as Vincent helped me over to the chair. She must have a thing for Vincent. I thought to myself. Vincent sat right next to me. I leaned over to him.

"Is she an EX of yours or something?" I whispered to him.

"Later." He said. I understood and let it go for now. I watched as Spencer went over to Richard and was talking. That's when Camilla moved closer to Spencer. She was all smiles and puppy dog eyes at him. I kind of laughed. She was being very obvious about it. This bitch, I said to myself. Okay, so let's play. I placed my arm over Vincent's shoulder. He leaned into me like I knew he would. I ran hands through his hair and laid my head on his shoulder. Spencer took a look at me and came to my other side away from her. Just to really piss this woman off. I then turned and laid my head on Spencer's shoulder. He reached over and ran his fingers down my face. Camilla's face was priceless. She walked over to us. She crossed her arms and just stood there. All three of us looked at her.

"So, I'm guessing you're fucking both of them?" She just blurted out. My mouth fell to the ground. Spencer looked shocked and Vincent was getting pissed off.

"Camilla Diego!" Her father shouted.

"What Daddy? I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here." She said.

"You show some respect and mind your own business." He snapped at her. She huffed and walked over to his side. Great, this woman is going to be fun.

"See what I said?" Vincent said out loud. Spencer just shook his head. Camilla's father walked over to me.

"I apologize, for my daughter. Sometimes she doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut." He said taking my hand in his and he kissed it. I smiled up at him. I turned to Vincent.

"I wish to go back to my room," I said. He nodded at me and help me up. Both Spencer and Vincent took me back to my room. I hated needing so much help all the time. I was really enjoying all the attention I was getting from Spencer and Vincent. I also knew just how selfish I was being with them both. Until I was completely better I just didn't care. Spencer owed me and Vincent was the icing on my cake. Both of them were really trying hard to get along and if I kept them at bay and kept them around each other was helping them to both get over there hatred. Then I was going to keep doing what I was doing. I knew in my head that it was a long shot, but I really wanted them to be okay with each other. Maybe even friends someday. We got in my room and I turned to face Vincent. "Explain," I said as I took a seat on my bed. He took a deep breath and walked over to me and had a seat.

"Yeah explain yourself," Spencer said as he took a seat as well. We both shot our faces at Spencer.

"Shut up," Vincent said to him. "There's not much to tell. I banged her a few times and she won't get off my dick." He said.

"Jesus Vincent tells us how you really feel," I said. "You're a damn man whore.” I heard Spencer laugh.

"You have no room to talk so shut up," I said to Spencer. That's when Vincent laughed. I just shook my head. "So is she going to be a problem?" I asked.

"Probably," Vincent said. I looked at Spencer.

"Don't look at me, I just met the damn woman myself," Spencer said. I took a deep breath.

"I don't have the patience for this," I said and laid back on my bed.

"Baby girl, you have nothing to worry about. I don't want her. If I did I would have had her a long time ago." Vincent said.

"My heart belongs to you Page," Spencer said.

"You guys listen to me. I don't own you. You are free to do as you please." I tried to sound as honest as I could, but deep down I was screaming, I will cut a bitch. I may not have made up my mind, but I sure as hell wasn't going to let a bitch make it up for me. I will smack her with my pink cane and laugh about it. Spencer ended up having some things to do so Vincent spent the day in my room with me. There were a ton of people in the house and I didn't want to get in the way. Vincent brought us lunch and after we argued about what to watch. We settled on a scary movie. "Vincent?"

"Yes, baby girl?"

"Is she good in bed?" I asked him. Not really sure where that came from? Vincent set up and looked at me.

"Nope, not even going to go there."

"She is very pretty, Was she?" I asked again.

"Page, baby. I'm not having this conversation." He said. I gave him the lip and he shook his head. He then pounced on top of me and I giggled.

"Your way better." He said. I gave him a funny look.

"You're just saying that to charm me," I said and bit my lip.

"Is it working because we're not going to talk about this. I don't care how much you wine."


"It was a long time ago. I don't look at her like that anymore. I only have eyes for you." He said all cheesy like. I just rolled my eyes at him. Then he started to tickle me.

"Stop it Vincent I swear I'll pee!" I hollered out.

"EWW, that's new." He said and I laughed some more. "Besides baby girl, you're much prettier then she is. In all sorts of ways." I smiled at him. He went to bend down to kiss me and that's when the house alarms went off. I cover my ears and Vincent stood up and pulled his gun. He started to walk towards the door and I sat up.

"Don't leave me," I said. He looked at me and placed his fingers to his lips. I stayed quiet. He went over to the door and opened it. He stuck his head out and that's when I heard gunshots.

"Were under attack, keep Page safe." I heard Richard yell out to Vincent. Vincent nodded and before he could close the door, I heard more gunshots ring out. I was scared and still, I hadn't moved from the bed. Vincent came running over to me and picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bathroom. He closed the door and locked it. He sat me down on the ground and went over to the sink. He reached under it and pulled out a gun. I looked down and saw there was blood on me, but it wasn't mine. I looked back to Vincent and saw the blood falling down his arm.

"Oh my god," I said. He has been shot. "Vincent your arm," I said.

"It's okay baby, It just the arm." He said as he sat next to me. I pulled my shirt off and tied it tight around his arm. He let out a growl as I tightened it even more. He looked at me and I knew he knew I was scared. He handed me the other gun. I took it. "Listen to me carefully. If anything happens, if anyone gets in here. You just shoot. Do you understand?" He asked me. I nodded at him as the tears fell down my eyes. My heart stopped when I realized that Spencer was out there. People I cared about were out there. My family was under attack and I was in this bathroom hiding for my life. With a man I loved who was hurt. That's when we heard banging at the door.

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