I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 3

We got up early the next morning and I looked over at Aiden who was still sound asleep. He really was a beautiful looking man, but the men in my life always seem to be. I cared a lot about Aiden but I don't think I have ever looked at him as more than a friend. I never really had the time to actually think about it. When he kissed me, my heart was with Vincent at the time. I didn't give it a second thought. I sat up and grab my coat and slipped out of the tent. The morning air was amazing and the sun coming up over the mountains was such a beautiful sight. It was mostly quiet, except a bird or the water moving. I loved every minute of it. I walked over and started to make coffee. I made myself a cup and walked down by the water. The coffee was good and I just watched the water. I felt someone come up behind me. I turned to see Aiden standing there. "Good morning beautiful," Aiden said. "It's nice to see you in the morning." He said. Sometimes Aiden can be so sweet.

"Good morning," I said.

"Are you hungry?" He asked me.

"Not yet. I like it out here." Aiden came up very close to me.

"Look, Page, look across the lake." He pointed out and I followed his fingers. Across the lake was a family of deers drinking water. I started to get so excited.

"Oh my god Aiden, look at them," I said quietly. He put his arms around me slowly. He gave me a little squeeze and I didn't stop him.

"I love to see you smile and be happy." He said in my ear. I placed my hands on his arms and squeezed him back. We stood like that and just watched the deer. I got a glimpse of what things would be like with him. I felt good, but I had to make sure I didn't take it to a place where I gave him hope.

"Thank you for bringing me here," I said to him.

"Anytime Page." He said. Something spooked the deer and they took off back into the woods.

"I wonder what scared them?" I said.

"Who knows, deers are pussies," Aiden said. I laughed out loud.

"Aiden!" I snapped.

"What? It's true." He said as he let me go. I just smiled at him as we both heard the girls start to laugh. "Great here we go," Aiden said as he started to walk back off to the camp. I just smiled and followed him. Aiden started to make breakfast. It smelled great. He was cooking eggs, potatoes, and bacon. My stomach started to growl. He passed out plates to everyone. We all sat down and ate. We talked and had a good morning. The girls wanted to go on a hike. We all got ready and headed off to the trails.

"Aiden, are there bears out here?" I asked him. Before he could answer. Grace spoke up.

"Hell yeah, there are bears out here. That's why you never leave the trail." My mouth fell open and Aiden just closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Grace, have you ever seen a bear out here on this trail?" He said.

"Well no, but you know they are out here." She said.

"Like the one next to you," Aiden shouted. The girls all screamed and took off running. Of course, he was kidding or I would have been running with them. I turned to look at Aiden who was laughing.

"This is not funny," I said crossing my arms. Aiden walked over to me and took my hand.

"Come on sweetheart, I'll protect you." He said. We started walking. The trail took us to some beautiful places. We were out there for around two hours before we started to make our way back to camp. We were all hot and tired and the girls wanted to swim. We got back and I went into the tent to change into my swimsuit and some shorts. I wanted to help Aiden make lunch. I walked out to Aiden to help the girls were already out in the water. He was putting sandwichs together. "I'm so glad I only have one girl to take care of. I'd have to drop out of school and get a job just to feed them all." He said.

"I wish you would of let me help you with the supplies for this trip," I said to him.

"Page, trust me I got this." He said. I just smiled at him. The rest of the day went by good. We swam and fished and just had a great time. Night fell again and we had dinner around the fire and the girl insisted on scary stories. We started to roast marshmallows. I had never had them before and they were so good. The girls ended up giving in and went to bed. We would be headed back home tomorrow and I really had a great time.

"Thank you for this weekend Aiden, I really had a great time," I said. Aiden came and sat next to me.

"What time do you want to head back tomorrow?" He asked me.

"It doesn't matter to me," I said. "It's not like I have a huge social life to get back to," I said and laughed.

"You don't have any plans this summer?" He asked me.

"No, not really," I said.

"Well, then we will have to come back out here at least one more time." He said.

"Yes, I would love that," I said.

"Come on let's go get some sleep." He said. I watched him put the fire out and we crawled into our tent. Once we were settled in our sleeping bags I heard Aiden start to talk.

"Page?" I heard him say.

"Yes, Aiden?" I said.

"Have you found what you're looking for?" He asked me. I sat up on my arms.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Well, you have been home now for a little over a year. Things in your life have been going good. I just wanted to know if you have found what you were looking for yet?" He asked.

"I don't think I have necessarily found what I have been looking for, but I'm at a peace with myself right now and I know that I'm headed in the right direction. I only have one more year of school left and I'm doing very well. I don't know where I'll go after school, but I do know I'm on the right path." I said.

"That's wonderful Page," Aiden said. "I'm very proud of you. I have seen a major change in you. Your a lot stronger than you once were." He said.

"You think so?" I said.

"Yes, very much so." He said. I laid back down and had a smile on my face. That was good to hear. I had hoped I had been doing something right. I still had worries on my mind and there were things I really missed. Like the arms of a man around me. I had to admit being alone was actually very lonely at times. "What's on your mind sweetheart?" Aiden asked me. Like he always did when I did have something on my mind.

"Just thinking about things, is all," I said.

"Do you want to share?" He asked.

"I don't know I guess sometimes I can get a little lonely," I said.

"You don't have to be you know." He said.

"I know that, but... it's just not the right time for me." I said. It made me a little sad because at that moment. Vincent, Spencer, and Aiden popped into my head. I just shook my head. I knew at this moment there were some things I needed to take care. Things that I needed to know if I was ever going to truly move on with my life. Things I knew that had to be done so I could learn to fall in love the right way because I knew I didn't want to be alone forever. I knew I was going to break some hearts, but I couldn't love them all and I needed to know for sure. I took a deep breath and moved closer to Aiden.

"Page what are you doing?" Aiden said as I moved into his sleeping bag.

"I'm kissing you." And our lips met.

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