I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 30

I was taken to a huge house on the other side of the city. These two idiots didn't even check me to see if I had anything on me. I could tell just by how these two were that this gang wasn't very smart. By now I was being tracked and it would only be a matter of time before my family knew where I was. I knew that if I allowed these people to take me. We would know where my mother was and I was done dealing with it all. I only hoped Anna was okay and that she wouldn't be to upset with me. I was taken inside and sent to a room that had nothing but a bed in it. A box was given to me and I was told to get dressed. "I'll be back for you in about an hour, so be ready," Kale said. I nodded at him. There was no reason to be a bitch right now. I needed to see her.

I did as I was told and got dressed. I found a pretty blue dress in the box and in the bathroom I found a brush. I pulled my hair out of the ponytail and brushed my hair out. I sat down on the bed and waited. A few moments later Kale came walking back into the room. He looked at me for a minute. "It's to bad you're going to die. Your very hot, I'd like to have you for myself." He said. Gross, I said to myself. "Follow me." I was taken to a large office and set in a chair in front of a desk. Kale leaned against the wall next to me and we were quiet. I then heard the door open behind me. I stayed still until I saw them come around the desk. There she was with her arm hooked inside a man's arm. They walked together in front of the desk. The man took a seat and my mother stood next to him.

"Still causing problems I see," I said looking right at her. She just narrowed her eyes at me.

"And what problems has my wife cause you, little girl?" The man said.

"Well sir, My mother has been hurting me and the people I love for a very long time and I'm going to kill her," I said and all I felt was confidence. My mother's eyes got huge and the man just kept his eyes on mine.

"Your a very brave girl to be talking like this. Do you know who I am?" He asked me.

"Yes I do, your the idiot who fell for her stupid fake charms and I'm sure you were dumb enough to fall for whatever story she has given you about me and my family," I said now crossing my arms. He kind of looked at me funny and then looked up at her.

"Page baby, These people have brainwashed you. They took you from me and I have just been trying to get you back. Your my daughter and I love you." She said. This time it was my mouth that fell open.

"I'm sorry, what?" I said. "You're fucking crazy." I spit out. She looked at the man and then back at me.

"You see what I've been telling you. They have turned her against me." She said with tears in her eyes. What the fucking, nuts, is going on right now? I said to myself.

"You're out of your damn mind!" I yelled at her. I looked back at the man.

"Listen to me sir, this woman is going to get you killed and all your family killed. She is out of her fucking mind." He just looked at me and my mother was shaking her head. "You're like her tenth husband. She has tried to kill me twice now. Your just a pawn in her plans." I said. Not that I even thought this man would listen to me, but it did look like I was making his wheels turn in his head. I leaned forward and looked him right in the eyes. "The Bailey's are going to kill you and her and burn this place to the ground," I said and sat back. "But I hope to pull the trigger of the gun pointed at you, mother.”

"Take her back to the room, I don't know if I can pull her out of what they have done to her." She said. I just started laughing. I stood up and ran over to her and body slammed her. She let out a scream and we both fell to the ground. I started to punch and kick as much as I could before I felt arms go around me and lift me into the air. Where I slammed hard to the ground. I felt a little dizzy and got back up and tried to go at her again.

Vincent POV,

I watched quietly from the van as these two assholes were hitting on Anna and Page. We couldn't hear what was being said because Page wasn't wearing her earpiece, but we could see them just fine. We thought they were okay because they weren't sending the signal. They spent most of the day with these two guys and then I saw Page stand up and start to clean their things up. It looked like they were talking until they all moved behind the umbrellas and I couldn't see them anymore. I stood up and Spencer stopped me. "Don't give us away." He said. I waited and that's when I saw Anna's body fall in sight and then they had Page by the arm dragging her away.

I jumped out of the van and took off with Spencer right behind me. I couldn't get to her fast enough and I tried to shoot at the car. Hoping to hit the tires and stop them. Her eyes found mine as she disappeared out of my sight. Spencer came up along side of me. "Come on she has a tracker in her arm. Let's go." He said pulling on my arm.

"I'm going to kill all of them!" I yelled out.

"We have to have a plan. We can't just go in there with guns blazing. We have no idea how many were dealing with or even what kind of condition Page is in." My father said. I was losing patience and if something wasn't done soon. I might go handle it myself. "We know where is she. They haven't found her tracker yet." He said.

"With all due respect, we need to do something fast. You don't know this woman as I do. She is going to kill Page." Spencer said and it only made my blood boil even more. Anna had been checked out by a doctor and she was lucky enough to only have a bump on her head, but she had to rest and she was mad. She told us how Page let these men know we were watching like she wanted them to take her. We all knew exactly what Page was up to and if I get her back alive. I was going to kill her myself.

"I'm giving you all one hour to figure this out and then I'm doing this myself!" I yelled out and walked out of the room. Spencer followed me.

"We will get her back." He said behind me. I stopped and turned to look at him.

"How do you know that? You don't even know if she is still alive." I said to him.

"But I know Bonnie, she is going to fuck with Page first. She is sloppy and dumb." Spencer said.

"So what your telling me is Page is being tortured right now?" I asked him. He didn't say anything. I lost my shit and turned and punched the wall until I made a hole and my hand was bleeding. Spencer came up to my side and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Calm down brother we will save her." He said. I leaned against the wall and placed my head back.

"I'll die without her," I said and Spencer just looked at me and took a deep breath.

"I know." He said.

Page's POV,

I was taken back to that room and I was in a little pain from hitting the floor so hard. I was only alone for a second when the door opened again. My mother stepped inside and closed the door behind her. "What the fuck are you up to this time?" I asked her. She just stood there a moment with her arms crossed.

"You really think you're better than me, don't you?"

"I know I better than you. I don't think it, I know." I said to her, holding my ground.

"Boy, you have really turned into a little bitch haven't you?" She said. "To bad my bullet didn't kill your ass."

"I knew it was you. Tell me, mother, Why do you hate me so much? Was it because I cost you money? Did your pregnancy with me mess up your body? Was it because no matter what, I would always be younger than you? Tell me, mother, what did I do to make you hate me so much?" I spit out at her. She looked at me and crossed her arms.

"Becuase my plan to have you backfired and I was stuck with you. I had a family willing to pay a million dollars for you and they backed out. The only reason why you stayed, was that dumb father of yours was paying me well. You were so sweet and kind that all my husbands loved you and then left me because of you. I should of let you drowned that day in the lake when you were three." She said. Tears filled my eyes. I remember that day. She took my life jacket off and told me to go play in the water. If it wasn't for my screams and her husband at that time. I would have died.

"Your a hateful bitch and I hope you die slowly," I said to her.

"Haven't you learned by now. I'm not going anywhere and I think I'll keep you around just to fuck with you as much as I want to. These people here worship me. I have everything I want and you will never fuck this for me." She snapped.

"Do you really think I have ever wanted to hurt you in any way? You were my mother. I had to trust you from day one and you did nothing but hurt me. I never wanted anything, but for you to love me, but I grew up from that. I know there is nothing I could ever do to change you. Your a waste of skin to me and my family is going to kill you." I snapped.

"Your family? Please, they don't care about you." She snapped.

"That's where you're wrong. No one cares about you, mother and when these poor people learn who you really are. You will truly be alone. Alone in hell." I spit out. Her fist balled up and she rushed me. I moved aside and kick her right in her back. Thank god for training with Drake. She hit the floor and I jumped onto her back. My hands went around her neck and I started to squeeze her hard. She was kicking hard and trying to get away from me. The door to the bedroom flew open and I was picked up again, but this time I wasn't tossed to the ground and I started to kick and then I heard him.

"Baby, it's me." I turned to see Vincent and I wrapped my arms around him. Spencer had a gun pointed at my mother and then I was hearing gunshots going off like crazy.

"Kill her!" I yelled out. Spencer looked at me and then looked at Vincent. "Fuck this!" I said and ran to Spencer before he could think I grabbed his gun from him and my mother looked me right in the eyes. She stood up and shook her head at me.

"Stupid weak little bitch. You won't kill me and I'll get away and fucking kill you." She snapped. I didn't think as I pulled the trigger and shot her between the eyes.

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