I Will Call You Daddy Part 2

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Chapter 33

Spencer's POV,

"I want to wait, Spencer, I don't want to take any of the thunder away from Page," Anna said to me.

"But she already knows about us and she is happy with it. I'm tired of hiding." I said.

"You know you like the thrill of us hiding all over the house and doing naughty things to each other." She said winking at me.

"I mean, yes I do, but still I want everyone to know I love you," I said to her. She walked over to me and pressed her lips to mine.

"Mr. Spencer Allan, Are you sure you love me?" She asked.

"Yes, I've told you this over and over. I'm happy, she is happy. I have moved on. I have only ever wanted her to be happy and now I'm happy. Happy with you." She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. The truth was Richard Bailey knew about Anna and me. Before things between us started. I had asked him if it was okay for me to take her out to dinner one night. We slept together that night and Anna just thought she was a rebound for me to get over Page. But the truth was, I had already had that. I must have slept with over eight different women after Page made her choice. At first, I felt broken, like I would never find someone that I could love like I loved Page.

I blamed myself for far too long. If I had never left her she would be my wife with my babies, but it was too late for that and I had to live with my choices. Then I started hanging around Anna and getting to know her. I started to like her and I wanted to be around her more and more. Her heart is true and she is a bit of a spitfire. She likes to argue with me and I let her. She is a hell of a woman under the sheets. We started to see each other every chance we got and it was hot and erotic. It was fun and exciting. After a few months of this, I started to catch feelings for her, but she had a hard time accepting them. She knew what Page meant to me and she knew everything that was going on. I just had to try harder for her to believe that I was over Page.

I think she understands now. She still likes to make little remarks to me, but I think she does that for her own piece of mind. The night I told her that I loved her and I meant it. It took some time before she let me know that she loved me too, but it also came with a death threat. I'm tired of bouncing around from one woman to the next. I love Anna and I want to settle down. I wanted to marry her. When I asked her. It was right after Page found out about the twins. I told Anna if I was still hung up on Page would I want to make Anna my wife?

She accepted my proposal, but Page and Vincent are getting married in a week and Anna wants to wait until after the wedding to tell everyone. She doesn't want to take any happiness away from Page. Anna and Page are like the best of friends and Anna is so worried about how Page is going to feel about us. I tried to tell her how Page has already spoken to me about it and Anna told me how Page talked to her. I just want to tell everyone in our family how we feel so we can stop hiding and just love each other. "Sometimes you can be the sweetest man," Anna said. "But please, let's just wait until after the wedding." She asked me with her lip out.

"Okay sweetheart, whatever you want," I told her. "Now come here and kiss me," I said reaching out for her. She smiled and came into my arms. I picked her up and turned her around and laid her on the bed.

Page's POV,

Today I was getting married. Vincent and I were able to pull off a huge wedding in less than a month. With the help of Anna of course. Who better than to do something this big in a short amount of time. Richard also paid for Abby and Seth to fly out here five days before the wedding. So, the three of us girls have been just having the time of our lives. Were like three young teenagers just bouncing around the house and driving everyone mad. Poor Seth had a hard time fitting in with everyone at first, but now we have a hard time finding him most of the time. I couldn't choose between Anna and Abby to be my maid of honor, so I chose them both.

The night before my wedding, Vincent set me and the girls up in a very fancy hotel room while the men stayed back at home. Of course, we had a ton of security watching over us, but we made the best of it. The three of us just hung out in the room with tons of food and stayed in our pajamas all night. I just knew my girls were going to be born fat with all the food I eat, but the best part of the night was when Anna finally confessed her feelings about Spencer to me. "I'm in love with him Page, please don't hate me." She said. I got up and went over to her and pulled her in my arms.

"I couldn't be happier for both of you. I could never hate you, Anna, you're like a sister to me. He is a good man and your a good woman. You both deserve to be happy and in love. Please enjoy what you two have found." I said to her. She had tears in her eyes and so did I. Abby came running over to us and hugged us both.

"I love you guys." She said. We all started laughing. As I stood in the mirror looking at myself in my wedding dress. I knew my life was only going to get better from here on out. Everything was falling into place and I believe everything had happened for a reason. I started off life in a bad way, things only got worse, but it taught me to be strong and become the woman I am today. I'm marrying a strong badass man who has an even stronger family behind him. I will be his queen and stand beside him and run this family right. I have two beautiful daughters coming who will only know the love and bond of family matters and never feel like they are worth nothing. Because it will be my life duty for them to know they have a mother and a father who will always love them and want them.

It's funny how things turn out in the end and I never thought this was how my life was going to end up. I'm so grateful for what has been given to me and I wouldn't change anything. I was grateful for the day that Spencer Allan walked into my life. I'm also grateful for the times he walked out of my life. I believed he was my future and now I know he was my angel who walked me through life to show me my rightful path. I will always love him for that. I also believe I was meant to help him find his way. He belonged with all of us and I truly believe he is at peace now with himself. Spencer and Vincent are back to being like brothers and I feel this was how it was supposed to be. I don't know how much more happiness I could get in my heart, but I was open to everything that was headed my way.

I took a deep breath and with Richard on my arm. I walked down that aisle to meet my new husband and start my new life. As our eyes met we both smiled at each other and I felt my daughters kick for the first time. I felt a single tear fall down my check, but this time for the first time ever. My tears were happy ones.


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