I am pregnant with my best friend's baby

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Liam and Linda are childhood best friend. One day on a party they both get drunk and have a one-night stand. After that day she decided to confess her love to Liam but before she can do it she found out he loves someone else and want her to help him to get her attention. So she hides her love for him and helps him. After someday she got pregnant with his child and everybody ask her who the father is but she denied to tell them for his sake and her mother kicked her out of her house because of this. What happened after this? Will he get to know that it was his child? How will she able to take care of her child?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

(Linda P.O.V)

I was reading my book in my room when I heard my phone rings, I picked it up to see, It's my childhood best friend Liam, so I answer the call.

"Liam?" I ask.

"Yes it's me," he said with a chuckle.

"I don't believe it, I was just thinking about you know," I said with a light chuckle.

"Same here," he said with a light chuckle.

"Really?" I ask shocked.

"I want to talk with you Linda, It is something important," he said becoming serious.

"I have something important to tell you too," I said to him.

*I want to confess my love to you* I thought.

"You were talking in a serious tone is everything okay?" he asks getting worried.

"Something happened that you need to know. I can't keep it to myself anymore," I said referring to the night before yesterday.

"I am really curious what's wrong," he asks.

"Can you come to my home to talk?" I ask.

"Okay I also need your help for something," he said.

"Okay, I will wait for you, please don't be late," I said getting excited to see him.

"Okay, Lin Lin," he said and close the phone. I close the phone and run to my closet to make myself look presentable in front of him, I can't wait to confess my love to him.

As I go downstairs I heard the knock at my door, I brush my hand at my hair for last time and check my clothes then open the door for him.

"Hey," I said shyly and open the door for him.

"Hey Lin," he said and walk to my room.

"Where is Mr. And Mrs. Wardrobe," he asks.

"They were gone in an important business meeting," I said while closing the door of my room.

"So, you are all alone now," he asks while laying down on my bed.

"It's better like that because we need to talk," I said getting serious.

"Well, who start first?" he asks.

"I don't know mine isn't easy to say it," I said and shrugged my shoulder.

"Maybe I can start first," he said sitting up looking really excited.

"Okay," I said and sit on my bed in an Indian style in front of him.

"Linda, I need your help about something," he said while looking intently in my eyes.

"Tell me," I said while smiling at him.

"it has to do with your new friend chole," he said while blushing and looking away from me to hide his blush. I can feel my heart beat becoming faster.

*Please God, it doesn't be what I think it is.* I prayed internally.

"What about her?" I ask while gulping in nervousness.

"I like her," he said and I can feel my world shatters into hundred pieces. I feel the urge to hide from him, curl into a ball and cry my heart out but I compose myself and ask him.

"You like her? really?" I ask him to confirm it.

"Yes, a lot," he said nervously.

"As in girlfriend?" I ask him trying to control the tears and sob which want to come out of me.

"Then what else you dork," he said playfully.

"and what do you want me to do?" I ask composing myself.

"Help me to win my heart, I beg you," he said while looking at me with his puppy dog eyes.

"Are you sure about her?" I ask him hoping he says no.

"Of course, I think she is the girl of my dream, I always liked her," he said shattering my hope and heart into pieces.

"You will help your childhood friend right?" he ask.

"I will see what can I do?" I said with a fake smile.

"Thank you so much Lin," he said and started kissing all over my face.

"Hey, Liam not so close," I shouted at him to make some distance between us.

"I can't hold myself anymore," he said and started kissing all over my face again.

"Please Liam, let me go," I pleaded to him.

"Ok ok, now tell me about you," he said putting me on the bed.

"Forget it, it's nothing important," I said with a fake smile.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes," I said and he hit me with a pillow, then we started a pillow fight with each other.

After some time he gets a call from his mother saying that the dinner is ready and she was waiting for him for dinner. He asks me to come with him for dinner but I denied it. After many protest, he gives up and goes to his house promising that he will come back and stays with me until my parents come back home.

As soon as he left I can't able to control my tears and sob and break down at my room, crying my heart out.

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