I am pregnant with my best friend's baby

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Chapter 2

(Linda P.O.V)

I cried my heart out until I heard a shuffling downstairs. I ran to the washroom and wash my face and tried to compose my self when I heard the door of my room open, I grab the towel that was near the sink and wipe my face with it.

“Lin Lin?” Liam call for me.

“In the washroom,” I shouted from the washroom which gets muffled due to the towel.

“Lin Lin?” he called again at the door of the washroom and I turned to see him standing near the washroom door.

“You were crying?” he asks and I shake my head as a no.

“No, I was taking something out from storeroom when the bow full of dust fallen upon me,” I lied.

“But your face and eyes look red, and your nose is also stuffy, which indicate you were crying,” he argued.

“You know, how allergic I’m from the dust right?” I ask and he nodded his head.

“It’s all because of the dust,” I said and fake a sneeze to make him believe me and he believes it.

“Anyway, Today mom has prepared your fav food so I bought some for you, it was on your nightstand,” he said and we walk out of the washroom.

After eating Liam's mom handmade we started pillow fight again. After some fight, he started spinning me around the room and I feel the urge to puke.

“Liam?” I shouted at him.

“You are looking pale, what’s wrong?” he asks worriedly.

“I want to puke,” I said putting my hands on my mouth and runs to the washroom as soon as he puts me down. I puke my guts down on the cupboard while he held my hair back and run his hand on my back to smooth me.

“Linda?” he asked worriedly.

“My stomach,” I said while clutching my stomach.

“You’re sick?” he asks.

“Maybe I’ve eaten something from outside from which I got a stomach ache,” I said while clutching my stomach from pain.

“do you want me to take you to the hospital?” he asks.

“No, don’t worry I feel better now, maybe some rest and I will be good to go tomorrow, I don’t think it’s something important anyway,” I said running my hand on my hair.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Yes, you don’t need to worry,” I said while smiling at him.

“I should go home now, your parents should be here soon, I will see you tomorrow,” He said smiling at me.

“Oh and I will wait for the news,” he said stopping on his.

“Yes sure, bye,” I said waving my hand to him.

“Bye,” he said and walk out of my room. I wash my hands and brush my teeth after that I wash my face and get to sleep praying to the god it’s not what I think it is.

Next day I get up with the urge to puke, I get up from my bed and rush to the washroom and puke my guts out. I got up wash my face and brush my teeth. After that I walk to my room and check the calendar to check the date, it’s past my date.

I take my phone from the charger and called my best friend Mia. After two rings she finally picked up her phone.

“Hello, Mia I’m so sorry to call you at this time of the morning but can you meet me at the park after an hour, I really want to meet you, I need your help,” I said in a shaking voice.

“What’s wrong? is everything alright?” she asks worriedly.

“I will tell when I meet you there, okay?” I ask

“Okay,” she said and I cut hang her off.

I take my clothes from my closet and run to the washroom to take a bath and get ready to meet her. I strip from my clothes and enter the shower after arranging the temperature of the shower. I quickly take a shower and get ready to meet her.

I walk downstairs to the kitchen, make a toast for my self and eat it with some orange juice. After that I take my purse, house and car keys and my mobile then drove away to the park.

It takes me 15 minutes to reach there. I walk towards one of the benches of the park and sit down on it and wait for her arrival.

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