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“You can't do that with me!" I shouted at him, hoping he'd lose his calm demeanor. “If I do, who will you call? The Prince?” He smirked. Daemon Grey goes to DeadWood, Oregon to have a reunion with 3 of his college friends. His grandmother warned him of some strange occurrences in the town, he didn't pay heed to her. But, soon Daemon realises that, he can't leave that town. The nightmare unfolds, only to reveal that Daemon has 2 choices. Either, he can fight hard to survive, or let eternal darkness consume him. Which will he choose?

Romance / Fantasy
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"No! You're just not going to DeadWood!" My grandmother shouted at me.

"Grandma, I really have to get going!" I said, as I packed up my luggage to leave for DeadWood, Orgeon.

"Daemon, do you really have to go?" She said, as I saw worry flicker in her eyes. What gives?

"Listen to me, okay? Mark, Jamie and me, are having a reunion in Tristan O' Connell's house. It's been 2 years since college ended and I have to go." I tried to reason out with her! I had to meet them, I missed all my friends so much.

"Daemon, please be careful. There are umm...couple of haunting rumours about the town." She said, feeling hesitant.

"Come on, it's 21st Century. And, ever since people started existing, rumours did too. Don't worry about silly rumours." I said, to make her feel safe. To make her feel that I'll be alright.

"Okay. If you really wanna go, then I can't stop you. But remember two things." She proceeded.

"Which are?" I replied as she rummaged a crucifix necklace out of her purse, and fastened it around my neck.

"Rule number 1 : Never open that from your neck. Rule number 2 : There are some the town, who basically rule the town when the night falls. So, don't go out wandering about, at night." I quickly agreed to her terms before she could change her mind about agreeing to let me go.

She bid me goodbye, as I left the house and I kissed her on the cheek and assured her that I'd be back. As soon as possible. I called a cab, which dropped me on the railway station and I successfully caught the train with 15 minutes to spare.

When I was finally settled on the train, I glanced at my watch. It was 3:15 pm. And, the journey was supposed to be of 4 and a half to 5 hours, and I'd be in DeadWood by 8pm, approximately.

The train started in another fifteen minutes, as I plugged my earphones in and got lost in the world of melodious music. I wish I could stay like that forever, I told to myself as I leaned my head against the soft leather seat. I sighed, it was gonna be a long journey.

After about 4 hours 45 minutes, the train came to a halt before the desired platform. Yes! DeadWood is here! I got down from the train, as I felt eerie winds hovering near the distant horizon.

The platform was deserted! And there was not a single human in sight. I hate to admit it, but the vibes are just not right. Something is not right here. I could clearly feel that a powerful, dark force has it's residence here. Perhaps, Grandma was right about those haunting rumours.

Where are Tristan, Mark and Jamie? They were no where to be seen. Jesus, for the first time in the 24 years in my life, I feel like, I should've listened to my Grandma. Have I really gotten myself in a mess?

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