Empty Love

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First Story of course it's about vampires cause why not.. So enjoy Victoria wakes up from her strange dream. The same dream she has had for months now. She has had many reoccurring dreams before, but this one felt different. Like it was trying to actually lead her somewhere. 

Romance / Thriller
Star Wilson
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Chapter 1

“I love you.” He whispers to her as he gazes into her piercing blue eyes. He starts to lean in to take up the space between them.

She seems to recognize him although she is not so sure if that is true. Without giving it a second thought she looks down at her feet. “I love you too” She says quietly back to him. “But who are you?” She asks looking up at him.


Victoria wakes up from her strange dream. The same dream she has had for months now. She has had many reoccurring dreams before, but this one felt different. Like it was trying to actually lead her somewhere. She laid in her bed snuggled under her covers for another 10 minutes before looking at the clock on her night stand beside the bed.

“Damn, I’m going to be late again” She groaned as she rubbed her eyes and started to get up out of bed. If she was late for work one more time she wasn’t going to get anymore warnings from her boss. Instead it was going to be straight to picking up unemployment checks again.

She didn’t even have time to get a shower, so instead she just put on her black skirt, work shirt, and her black flats. She brushed the knotted curls that formed in her hair overnight and threw her hair into a messy pony tail and left the house with her keys.

She waited at the bus stop for the bus that takes her straight to work. When she got on the bus she headed towards the back where she was able to put her feet and doze off before arriving at the diner.


She opens her eyes to hear her phone ringing and answers it.

“Hello? ” She asks, her groggy voice cracking with every syllable.

“Victoria where are you? You’re an hour late for your shift”

She looks out the window for a second and realizes she’s half an hour in the opposite way from her work.

“Amanda I’m so sorry I must have fallen asleep on the bus again. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“You better expect to be working overtime tonight” She hears another angry voice yell from the other side of the phone before it hangs up.

She sighs as she signals the bus driver that she wants to get off and stumbles towards the door. Once the bus stops she hops off and onto the ground, then begins walking the other way to work.

She walks through the double doors at the diner and sees her boss cleaning tables. She walks over to the kitchen and grabs the small apron that goes with her uniform, along with her notepad and pen, and some straws and extra silverware to go in the pocket.

Please don’t notice me.. Please don’t notice me..

“Victoria Waters can I have a word with you?” Her boss demands with a slight twinge of anger on his voice.

Damn it

She follows behind him quickly and grabs the plates from him to set them in the sink.

“Uh.. Y-yes sir?” She asks nervously switching which foot she puts her weight on.

“This is the 5th time this month Victoria. I can’t keep having you coming in late because you can’t pay attention to where you are.” He starts off raising his voice. “I need you here at 5 o’clock on the dot every night and of you can’t do that then I think you need to find a new job” He informs her with a softer voice.

“Mr. Dim I promise it will not happen again. Please give me one more chance.” She pleads looking at him waiting for an answer.

“Just get to work Victoria you have a table with 3 families tonight” He tells her as he leads her out of the back.

She sighs with relief and heads over to the table when a familiar face is looking at her from across the room. She freezes and looks back, then continuing to walk over to the table.

She gets there and lays down some silverware and menus on the table and gets out her notepad.

“Hi I’m Tori I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you guys anything to drink?” She asks in a sort of monotone voice due to the fact that she says the same thing almost 100 times every night. Without thought she begins writing down their drinks while looking at him. She then takes their order of drinks and fills them up and puts them on trays.

It comes to the end of her shift and the families are still sitting there. He has been staring at her work all night. She looks at the clock and it about 11 so she takes off her apron and goes to wait at the bus stop.

When she gets back to her apartment she sets her things on her table and goes into the bathroom to get a bath. She turns the water on and looks at herself in the mirror. The curls she brushed out this morning were back to being a knotted mess. The only emotion you could see from her face was exhaustion.

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