The Mystery of Elizabeth

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What happens when Elizabeth and Sophie Austin travil across the country from England to America in Washington to go to high school. All the attention will be drawn to them. Sophie, the one who seems to be the cheerful one. And Elizabeth, the one who seems to be the quiet one. Also Rude to everyone who talks to her. But what if there's another story to all of this. Theo, the one who will reveal Elizabeth's real cheerful self. Thomas, the one who will show Sophie another good world. And all the unsaid truths will be said.

Romance / Other
Mariam Elsawah
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•Lily Collins as Elizabeth Rose Austin, aka Lizzie.

•Jamie Campel Bower as Theodore Anderson, aka Theo.

•Bridget Statrlee as Sophie Jain Austin.

•Kevin Zegers as Thomas Pattinson.

•Zack Efron as Elis Williams.

•Sam Claflin as Jimmy Williams.

•Emma Watson as Fryia Jacobs.

•Robert Shehan as Hardin Jackson.

•Dave Franco as Jack Daves.

•Dylan O'Brien as Louise Ackles.

•Matt Daddrio as Jason Roberts.

•Annasophia Robb as Lucy Way.

•Barbara Palvin as Amelie Young.

•Harry Shum Jr. as Marcus Stefans.

•Kristen Stewart as Alyssa Stefans.

•Zoey Deutsch as Sandra McAdams.

•Lily James as Elle McAdams.

• Nicholas Hoult as Jace Adams.

•Richard Williams: Lizzie's uncle. Jimmy and Elis's dad.

•Nina Stefans: Marcus and Alyssa's mother.

•Mrs. Mary Jax: the art teacher.

•Mr. Dimitri Watson: the music teacher.

•Coach Black: the coach of the sports in the school.

•Sarah: Marcus's Assistant.

•Drayton: the cashier in the coffee shop.

•Ash Brown: Lizzie's best friend.

•Jana Waleed: Lizzie's other best friend.


Tell me your opinions about my choice in the characters.

Ash's name is taken from my dearly friend Ash. I love you Ash❤️


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