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Noah was a half another soul of the dragon who created the dragon magic realm but he was too obvious to it until Olivia comes to his life and turn his life in the roller coaster ride full of adventure and emotions. Join this roller coaster ride of adventure and emotions with Noah and discover many hidden secrets with him.

Romance / Fantasy
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" People say if your love is true, it will always find a way to return back to you no matter how many obstetrical they face in their way, it will always find its way to you.

And that's true in our story." Noah Knight.

Hello, My name is Noha Knight and this story is about the girl of my dream.

You see today is my wedding and well she is soon to be my wife, her name is Olivia Anderson.

But before I say yes, let us go back to the beginning.

So our story starts before 2 years back on my Graduation day in Downingtown High school.

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