Dawn of Wolves

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Chapter 1

My footsteps crunch through the fallen leaves on the forest floor, loudly with each step of my heavy boot. As I make my way past the trees and roots, I carefully take my time to navigate through the familiar terrain. Confident, but cautious. Beside me, my twin brother truts along naturally in his wolf form, huffing loudly

Hurry up you’re not going to fall, Isaac says through our mind link. His tensed voice echoing in my head.

"Says the wolf", I reply out loud and push my glasses back up against the ridge of my nose.

We have to get back before it gets it dark, let alone this far from the perimeter. He whines, hinting at the fact that I successfully persuaded him to taking us a couple miles outside the pack perimeter.

His dark golden eyes looking down at me as he towers over, He huffs with slight frustration and whines.

"Its been a while." I mutter, but trying to pick up the pace.

I mean if you just hop on we can get there fast-

"No I can walk. Just make sure there's no one around. And besides you haven't given me a ride on your back since we were like nine." I say and he huffs again.

I've checked already. Not once, not twice. But three times, don't worry there's no one around.

"Cant ever be too sure." I say to myself quietly.

And baby sis you barely reach my chest, I can carry you easy no problem. He laughs and nudges me again with his snout in a playful manner.

"Here we go, older by a few minutes, full blooded wolf, and you're suddenly in charge." I say sarcastically, trying to pick up my pace for the sake of him shutting up. He shoves against me playfully and I grin shoving back with all my might not moving him an inch. He licks my face and I laugh quietly as he circles me around me excitedly. I make a grab for his fur but he leaps away, downward to the bottom of the slope. I watch in awe as he large frame stretches in the air. He's gotten a lot bigger, now a fully grown wolf at least 7 feet tall by now on all fours probably taller. Larger than all other wolves that's forsure, oddly leveling closely with Alpha Alec. I guess that's what fives years does to a person.

He gracefully reaches the end of the slope with ease and saunters off, not too far ahead. I watch his as his black fur moves and shines beautifully in the sun through the trees, replica of the hair color we both share.

I sigh softly to myself, and admire my brother from afar. As much as I would've liked to be born a wolf, the Moon Goddess had other plans.

Our birth wasn't even supposed to happen as it is. My father is a wolf and my mother is human. It's an extremely uncommon occurrence in our world when a wolf finds a human mate, and majority of the time they cannot even conceive.

The very few times where there was a conception, pups never survived. There isn’t any other information since the last birth, but it’s was so long before Isaac and I it’s information is outdated. No other records are shown.

But by some unknown cause, here is where Isaac and I are. One full blooded wolf and one simple human. Guess I struck out on the winning numbers of us two.

There had never been split children before, not in over a couple centuries. Especially in this case where there is one wolf and one human. This was what led to our first encounter with being in The Council's radar.

Surely they hoped thats all there was to it but we began to show much more than anyone expected.

As infants it was evident there was something greater, our connection. The ability to sense one another. If Isaac was in pain or discomfort I could sense it and vice versa. When we were apart we'd both be inconsolable. It was never seen before and the Council was in disbelief. Our birth was what the Council considered an anamoly in our world and anamolies within wolves, such as these, tend to be scrutinized under their view. But they took our birth as a simple miracle, nothing more but still cautious. Or so what they were led to believe.

Isaac and I possess a bond more profound than anything records have seen before. We not only can sense one another, but we can mindlink and communicate faintly in our dreams.

Our parents first discovered this when we were very young, during a game of hide and seek. Already afraid of the attention we've accumulated, out parents were unable to conceal it and in fear of being reported to The Council they sought Alpha Alec and Luna Mara for refuge. And they welcomed us into their pack as a sanctuary, under there protection and oath to secrecy my brother and I are protected.

As far as we know, we can be imprisoned or put to death for such a unnatural occurrence. No one else in the entire pack knows of this mindlink connection except our parents and our Alpha and Luna. The risk is far too great. Isaac and I only confide in each other and those we trust, never using our ability in front of others. Only when we are alone. If the Council found out it would not only lead to consequences for Isaac and I, but everyone else involved as well. Our pack can be excommunicated or worse.

So far, with the blessing of the Moon Goddess everything can worked out and Isaac and I haven’t been discovered. 22 years and counting.

When the time came when I wanted to attend college, I remember Alpha Alec being hesitant of me leaving even returning, possibly exposing our location to potential lurking enemies. The Council was in a flat out disagreement, being that I was a member that weighed with more information that any other humans like myself and my mother. They never failed to mention the human aspect, marking it a weakness against enemies. And them bringing up the incident that drove me to leave in the first place.

If it wasn't for Alpha Alec, Luna Mara, and Elder Dahlia vouching for me I would have never been allowed to leave. After some time of convincing and set conditions I was granted a temporary leave only on the basis that I would pass off as independent from our world. An orphan, with no family connection. Meaning I was on my own out there. It was difficult at first but I got the hang of it.

I worked myself through school on my own and it was worth it. But that didn't stop Isaac and our best friend Jonah, essentially the unofficial triplet, from sneaking out and visiting at least once a week. If one of us was going to live up the the college wild experience, it’d be them two. I smile to myself from the not too distant memories.

From too much time apart, Isaac and I couldn't be settles. The longest we've gone from seeing each other was during the incident and those three weeks felt like an eternity. Once reunited it was almost like our bond was complete.

But now that I've come back for good again, I've brought something back with me. Inside my backpack is the only thing that is going to determine the outcome of the werewolf lineage forever.

Hellooo come on. We're almost there. My brother says interrupting my deep thought.

I push my glasses back up my nose and secure the backpack containing the delicate secret, and continue my walk with the pressure of my secret pressing against me ready to burst.

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