The Yellow Rose

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A story about a single yellow rose that brought together two rangers for an endless romance. Conner sends Kira a single yellow rose because he is in love with her. They start to date

Romance / Humor
Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: Prologue: Once Upon a Time

Year 2062-Present Day

Two young teenagers were running through the city of Reefside, California on a bright, sunny day. They were headed to Reefside High School. Brandon McKnight was kicking his soccer ball around while his sister, Emily, was carrying her brand new guitar with her. As soon as they got to the school, they caught up with their friends, Jamie Mercer and Natalie James. Emily sat down and began strumming her guitar while Brandon dribbled his ball around, Jamie drew a picture of his friends, and Natalie was playing a new computer game she got from her dad on her birthday.

The bell rang and school began. The four teenagers grabbed their stuff and headed to class. When they got there, their teacher, Ms. Caldwell, had given the four detention for being late again. This was not how they wanted to start their day.

Later that day, the four friends went to detention. All they did the whole time was stare at that clock hoping it would go faster. No matter how long they stared at that clock, time didn't go by any faster. When it was over, the four began to decide where to go for the day.

"I think of planning on going to class earlier. I'm tired of having to go to detention every single day." said Emily.

"You're telling me! I hate having to sit there for an hour doing nothing. It wastes perfect time to hang out and play." said Brandon.

"Not to mention time to draw…" said Jamie.

"…and play computer games! Man, what a waste!" said Natalie.

"Well, what should we do now? After all we got plenty of time to spare." said Brandon.

"How about we go to the juice bar?" said Jamie.

"Nah, their drinks aren't as good as they used to be. Remember when Nana and Grandpa used to go there. They said the place was great." said Brandon.

"Yeah, Nana used to even play there when she was our age. Man, I miss Nana's stories about her and Grandpa." said Emily.

"Hey, why don't we go visit her? Maybe she has another great story to tell us!" said Natalie.

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea. Okay, let's go!" said Brandon.

They all began to head to the McKnight home, outside of the city. The home was a beautiful, big house that was out in the middle of nowhere. Trees and a pond surrounded the home. It was a quiet and peaceful place to relax at.

A 76 year old woman was sitting in a rocking chair outside on the front porch. She was watching the clouds pass by and held a fresh cut yellow rose in her hand. A gentle breeze blew by and it gently caressed the old woman's skin. A soft voice called out to her. 'Kira…' The voice sounded familiar to the old woman. "Conner?" said Kira softly.

She began to reminisce about the love of her life. Conner was the only one who held her heart. No one else could make her feel the way he did. She remembers when he left her a yellow rose in her locker. All that time she thought it was Trent when really it was Conner. She laughed at that thought. It made her miss him even more. Conner passed away two years ago due to heart failure. She never even had a chance to say goodbye. Kira could remember the last words he told her, 'I love you, Kira, with all my heart. And I will always be with you. No matter what, I'll never leave you, never…'

A tear rolled down her cheek as she heard his voice in her thoughts again. Kira then heard laughing in the distance and it got louder as it got closer. She opened her eyes to see her two grandchildren and their friends headed towards her. She smiled when she saw Brandon and Emily. They reminded her of herself and Conner as teenagers.

"Hello, darlings. I haven't seen you four in a long time." said Kira.

"We missed you too, Nana." said Emily as she hugged Kira.

"It's good to see you again, Nana." said Brandon as he hugged Kira.

"Good to see you too, sweethearts," said Kira, "Jamie, Natalie, come here and give this old woman a hug."

They both smiled and gave her a hug.

"How have things been going, Nana?" asked Emily.

"Well, things are still quiet around here without your Grandpa shouting and yelling at the TV." said Kira jokingly.

They laughed a little at her comment. It was so good to see her cheering up more.

"So what brings you to my side of the forest, children?" asked Kira.

"Nana, we wanted to hear another one of your great stories. You know the ones about you, Grandpa, Uncle Trent, Uncle Ethan, and Dr. O. They were awesome." said Brandon.

Kira smiled. Brandon reminded her so much like Conner. He had his grandfather's smile, charm, and athletic ability. It made her miss Conner even more.

"Well, then get close because I have another story for you. A love story." said Kira smiling.

"A love story? Come on, Nana! I wanna hear more about you guys as Power Rangers, not some mushy, love story!" said Brandon.

"Well, this story is about your Grandpa and I. Don't you want to hear about how you came to be?" said Kira with a smile.

"Not really!" said Brandon.

"Oh I do!" said Emily excitingly.

"Oh I so need to hear this one!" said Natalie sitting next to Emily.

"Maybe this story won't be bad after all." said Jamie who sat on the other side of Emily.

"Brandon?" asked Kira smiling.

"Fine! Tell your story, Nana." said Brandon as he sat down next to Natalie.

Kira smiled and closed her eyes. She brought the yellow rose in her hand up to her nose and sniffed it. The four teenagers looked at her confused.

"Hey Nana, what's with the rose?" asked Brandon.

"Well, this rose is a symbol of my love for your Grandpa. This is what started the whole thing between us." said Kira.

The four teenagers glanced at each other and then back at Kira. She opened her eyes softly and then she began to tell the story.

"My story begins with a single yellow rose…"


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